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Poker Strategy Articles

Hundreds of Poker Strategy Articles by the Pros

Whether you're completely new to poker or an experienced player, our Beginner section is a great place to brush up on the fundamentals of poker.

Rules of Poker

VIP FREE 2 years ago 4352

This article will demonstrate the rules of poker. No Limit Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game and is played by...

Poker Hand Rankings

VIP FREE 2 years ago 2960

Find out poker hand rankings and your odds of making certain hands!

Starting Hand Charts

VIP FREE 3 years ago 4666

Our starting hand charts will help you find your feet. We have itemised every poker hand, across each position and prefl...

Bankroll Management

VIP FREE 3 years ago 1643

Basic rules for Bankroll management

The Intermediate Strategy article section is your platform to poker success. Learn the fundamental strategy needed to crush the games!

What are "Ranges" in Poker?

VIP FREE 2 years ago 843

What is a "Range" in Poker & Why is it so important to think in terms of an opponent's "Range"?

Betting for value

VIP 1 2 years ago 504

We likely have the best hand and believe that our opponent is calling with a worse hand often enough.

Playing on the Flop

VIP FREE 2 years ago 739

A beginner foundation for winning post flop poker strategy.

Betting as a Bluff & Semi-Bluff

VIP FREE 2 years ago 707

When carefully selected, bluffing can be extremely profitable. In this strategy article we consider an opportune time to...

Our Advanced category provides strategy articles to those who are firmly aware of the fundamentals of solid poker.

The strategy and concepts in this section will help take your game to the next level.

Preflop Steals

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1374

How can I make profitable pre-flop steals?


VIP 2 2 years ago 772

What is Semi-Bluffing? We’ve seen in the article on “bluffing” that the goal of a bluff is to get our opponent to ...

Hand Reading: A Logical Process

VIP 3 2 years ago 756

Hand reading is another essential skill and is especially useful in playing against other good poker players. The key is...

Hand Reading: Types of Hand Ranges

VIP 3 2 years ago 755

In order to help us describe/understand various types of hand ranges, we are going to consider some useful terminology.

This section focuses on strategy specific to Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT's) and Sit'nGo's (SNG's).

Comprehensive Sit n Go Strategy

VIP FREE 3 years ago 1364

A basic yet comprehensive guide to Sit N' Go strategy and structure.

ICM Explained

VIP FREE 3 years ago 1425

the Independent Chip Model for tournament poker is a fundamental concept for any serious tournament player.

How to use ICM

VIP FREE 3 years ago 833

Help make decisions during your poker tournament using the Independent Chip Model (ICM)

Playing your opponent, by UK Pro player Jake Cody

VIP FREE 2 years ago 975

Jake Cody, a young British pro with a WSOP bracelet and $millions of tournament winnings under his belt, considers some ...

Pot Limit Omaha is a relatively new and exciting game, where profits lay in wait for those willing to learn the game.

Introduction, Position & Hand Structure

VIP FREE 3 years ago 879

Fancy learning PLO? Look no further.

6-Max PLO Basic Starting Hand Chart

VIP FREE 3 years ago 2652

The basic starting hand chart for PLO.

Pairs & Rundowns in PLO

VIP FREE 3 years ago 2264

How to play Pairs and Rundowns in Omaha.

PLO Best 30 Starting Hands

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1161

The Top 30 Starting Hands in PLO

Psychology and mental strength are key to being a successful poker player and an underrated aspect of the game, as is the ability to plan your goals outside of poker. Improve your mental game with help from our articles.

How to Review a Poker Session

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1281

The road to financial success in poker begins with reviewing your play and minimizing your mistakes. This article provid...

Minimizing stress in poker

VIP FREE 1 year ago 842

Poker players can sometimes get stressed out. This article will help you to minimize that stress and get positive!

Levelling in Poker

VIP FREE 2 years ago 999

Just as knowledge of maths and statistics are necessary to beat the games, so too are the psychological skills needed to...

Top 10 Poker Brain Foods

VIP FREE 1 year ago 1542

The top 10 brain foods to help your mental poker game!

Rules of Telesina

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1011

An introduction to Telesina including how betting rounds work, the deck and other rules of the game.

Telesina Hand Rankings

VIP FREE 2 years ago 606

Telesina hand rankings are different to those of other poker games. Be careful and pay attention! Suits Value Suits are ...

Often a player's actions off the poker table can have a big impact on their poker career, and ultimately lead to increased success.

The miscellnaeous section contains articles aimed at ensuring our user's select the right site to play at, deposit in the right currency, take advantage of promotions and more.

Share Scheme Explained

VIP FREE 3 years ago 716

Here's how it works

How Much is a Rake Race Worth?

VIP FREE 3 years ago 649

Rake races are undoubtedly an important tool in every affiliate's arsenal, but what do they mean for a player?

What Currency Should I Deposit In?

VIP FREE 3 years ago 704

Why you should always deposit in your native currency

Rake Methods Explained

VIP FREE 3 years ago 1076

How are the different rake methods calculated?

If you've ever read much from some of the most successful online poker player's, then you'll have noticed that they talk A LOT about EV (Expected Value). It's important to think in terms of EV at all times when playing poker. 

EV Calculations Part 1 - Basic Maths

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1558

Basic Maths EV Calculations

EV Calculations Part 2 - Fold Equity

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1396

This time we take EV calculations to the next level focusing on Fold Equity

EV Calculations Part 3 - Semi-Bluffing

VIP FREE 2 years ago 1152

Thus far we have considered EV calculations in 2 scenarios.   In the first article we calculated the expectation of cal...

Heads Up Button Opening Ranges

VIP FREE 9 months ago 1025

Heads-Up Button Opening Strategy

Defending the Big Blind Heads Up

VIP FREE 5 months ago 522

Heads Up Poker - Defending the Big Blind

3-Betting in Heads-Up Poker

VIP FREE 5 months ago 739

3-Betting in Heads-Up Poker as a bluff and for value

4-Betting in Heads-Up Poker

VIP FREE 5 months ago 610

4-Betting Ranges Explained for Heads-Up Poker

Looking to join the ever growing world of Fast Fold Poker world? We have all the very best strategy articles and videos to get you going.

TAG Speed Poker Opening Strategy

VIP FREE 4 months ago 1177

Speed / Zoom Poker Opening Range TAG Strategy

Fast Poker Tips - Do's and Don'ts

VIP FREE 4 months ago 1038

Some beginner tips on how to play the increasingly popular fast poker variant available online.

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