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Texas Hold'em No Limit Advanced

30 Articles

Mixing up your game

VIP FREE 2 months ago 307

Mixing up your game is imperative

5 Skills that Top Poker Players Share

VIP FREE 2 months ago 796

Top Skills and traits that the best poker players have in common!

Poker HUD Stats Advanced

VIP FREE 2 months ago 573

Advanced Poker HUD Stats Explained

Deepstack Poker

VIP FREE 6 months ago 668

Deepstack Poker - How do we play differently?

4-Betting in Poker - What, When & Why

VIP FREE 6 months ago 706

4-Betting in Poker - What is a 4-Bet and Why Should we 4-Bet?

3-Bet Bluffing Pre-Flop and When to do it

VIP 4 6 months ago 450

3Bet Bluffing in Poker - An Essential Preflop Play to increase your win rate.

Bluffing on the River

VIP 1 6 months ago 566

Bluffing on the River - You've got to tell a story!

Metagame in Poker

VIP 3 8 months ago 472

Metagame in Poker - Use your opponents level of thinking to your advantage and exploit them.

Over-betting the river

VIP 2 2 years ago 530

With some of the World's most aggressive and popular high stakes players such as Isildur1 utilizing the river overbet, i...

Dominated Hands

VIP 5 2 years ago 496

Dominated Hands - Avoid getting in to situations with 'Decent' hands in bad situations

Preflop Steals

VIP FREE 2 years ago 983

How can I make profitable pre-flop steals?

Way Ahead or Way Behind?

VIP 4 2 years ago 529

Am I way ahead of this guy or way behind him?


VIP 2 2 years ago 631

What is Semi-Bluffing? We’ve seen in the article on “bluffing” that the goal of a bluff is to get our opponent to ...

Defense vs. Polarized & Merged 3-Bet Ranges

VIP 1 2 years ago 789

Here we examine the more complicated concept of defending against tricky opponents who mix up their pre-flop 3 betting r...

Betting for Protection

VIP 3 2 years ago 511

Betting for protection is important in situations which may not be so clear cut.

Block-Bets and Bets to induce

VIP 4 2 years ago 595

We can utilize block bets and bets to induce in order to both minimize our risk & maximize our profit - Here's how!

Double Barrelling

VIP FREE 2 years ago 740

We examine the 3 reasons to double barrel: For value, protection and as a bluff and evaluate the reasons for using each.

Isaac 'Ike' Haxton on Isildur1 & an insight to HighStakes Poker

VIP FREE 2 years ago 583

An insightful & candid interview with high-stakes pro player Isaac 'Ike' Haxton

Stack-to-Pot Ratios

VIP 3 2 years ago 643

What is a Stack-to-Pot ratio? What is the relevance of SPRs? Categories of Hands. Specific SPR estimates. Formulating st...


VIP FREE 2 years ago 530

Here we examine the different types of 'float' and the optimal situations to use this play.

Limitations of a HUD & Configuring your HUD

VIP 3 2 years ago 730

While a HUD is a very useful tool, there are some pitfalls that come in the form of certain limitations.

Hand Reading: Types of Hand Ranges

VIP 3 2 years ago 554

In order to help us describe/understand various types of hand ranges, we are going to consider some useful terminology.

Hand Reading: A Logical Process

VIP 3 2 years ago 613

Hand reading is another essential skill and is especially useful in playing against other good poker players. The key is...

An Introduction to Game Theory

VIP 2 2 years ago 434

How does it relate to poker?

Showdown Value

VIP FREE 2 years ago 474

What is showdown value and how can we utilize it?

Turning Made Hands in to Bluffs

VIP FREE 2 years ago 377

This play is especially effective against smart opponents who are less liable to call river bets. In this article we exa...

Range Merging

VIP 5 2 years ago 650

What does this 'forum term' mean and how can I use it to profit in NLHE?

Thin Value

VIP 4 2 years ago 483

The top savvy poker players are experts at earning thin value.

Implied Odds

VIP FREE 2 years ago 791

Implied odds take in to consideration the potential of our hand and the style of our opponents to help us make the most ...

Fold Equity

VIP 2 2 years ago 477

In this article we'll examine the concept of 'fold equity' in detail.

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