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Fergal Brophy, NLHE Expert at

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Fergal Brophy
Fergal is a micro stakes cash game grinder with close to a million hands under his belt. He has been playing poker for over a decade now and has always been passionate about the game, but for the majority of his career was a complete recreational player.

After discovering Twitch poker he expanded his knowledge of the game rapidly and over the past 12 months has gone from a break even player, to a micro-stakes cash game crusher. After taking a brief hiatus from poker at the beginning of the year due to exams, he deposited a small roll to grind 10NL in March and is now playing 25NL as his main game with an aim to moving up to 50NL shortly.

He now streams his play regularly via Twitch at and also offers coaching to other micro-stakes players. He treats poker as a side income alongside his full-time job working in IT.


4.8/5 (21 Reviews)

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Beeing a breakeven 10NL player, I discovered Fergal on Twitch and was quite impressed by its game. I saw in it a lot of skills that clearly were lacking in mine. I so decided to have a few coaching sessions with him and don't regret it at all. He is very kind and explains very well all of its thinking process. He helps me a lot making my game more loose and agressive. And all of that with a lot of fun ! Many thanks to him !

on 2/6/16

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