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Oscar "ImFromSweden" Bergling is a popular NLHE online pro from Sweden.

He rose to prominence through one of the most popular blogs on TwoPlusTwo called 'I'll play nosebleeds by the end of the year' and has consistently beaten 6-Max and Heads-Up mid stakes to high stakes games online for years.

Having briefly coached at PokerStrategy, Oscar joins the PokerVIP coaching team with the aim of helping our 6-Max regulars reach their full potential.

Six MaxNLHEMid
ImFromSweden - Overbetting Strategy

Overbetting is a very under-utilised concept, people do it wrong and it's something that is very powerful if you learn t...

Oscar Bergling 7,642 Views on 7/7/15

Six MaxNLHESmall
ImFromSweden Poker Concept - Spots as PFR Part 2

Here's part one incase you missed it. In this follow up concept video on playing postflop as the pre-flop raiser, we wil...

Oscar Bergling 6,163 Views on 22/6/15

Six MaxNLHEMid
ImFromSweden Poker Concept - 3bet Pots in Position

Oscar 'ImFromSweden' Bergling (One of the most consistent midstakes NLHE cash game crushers of the last 5 years, and cre...

Oscar Bergling 5,958 Views on 4/6/15