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PokerVIP Pros are seasoned veterans and proven poker winners. With experience in all formats of poker including no limit hold’em cash, tournaments and sit ‘n go’s as well as pot limit omaha cash experts, you can be sure to find someone that resonates with you throughout our large roster of poker coaches.


Thomas Tiroch

TwiceT joins PokerVIP! Heyho Boys & Girls! TwiceT is in tha house :)             Who am I? T ... Twice T!  I consider myself a life enjoying person, who (inspired by KingJulien XIII) likes to do crazy monkeystyle shit. However, I am also a hard working entrepreneur and venture capitalist as well as a dedicated poker professional. Poker  I love the game. While doing an ...

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Tyler Coates

Tyler Coates, Coach at My name is Tyler Coates and I go primarily under the alias “ACE_ROCK.” I am 23 years old, and my extensive background in athletics has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to crush online poker. Most people scoff at the notion of considering poker a sport, but learning to approach it in this manner is undeniably conducive to higher win-rates and more consistent perf...

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Jack Boobyer

Jack Boobyer, Small stakes tournament coach at > From London, England > Law Student > Started playing online in 2009 > Low/Midstakes NLH MTTs > Winner on every site played on > Published content for, geared towards a more strategic stance for low stakes players > Used to primarily play on FTP pre black friday - now Stars, 888 and Carbon. > Good analyst of s...

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Daniel Sá

Daniel comes from Portugal and has been playing SSNL 6max since late 2008, after a short period playing SNGs. He built the foundations of his game with the help of coaching sites, but it was thanks to the personal coaching of the well-known pros Peter “Marshall28” Jennings, James “Dzoo” Hartt and Grant “Balbomb” Coombs that his game cut loose from the robotic style that many regs were using to make money ...

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Vinh Dao

Vinh Dao, Small stakes cash game coach at I work in the software industry, and back in 2007, I was introduced to poker by a friend of mine who played a lot of limit poker in the golden days (pre UIGEA).  I played the game for a bit and was a huge nit, didn't play a ton and just messed around when I had a chance.  A bit later in 2009 I started to put in a bit more volume and play mor...

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Peter William

Pete is a full time Mid-High stakes NLHE 6-Max player coached by BobbFittos (all well respected poker theorist in the poker community).A proven & consistent winner of the games, Pete's videos here on iPokerVIP are a great place to start for any aspiring NLHE 6-max player.Enjoy!

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Nicole SGT RJ

Nicole Rejiester, Mental Game Coach at Hello, I am Nicole “SGT RJ” Rejiester, and I have decided to bring my knowledge and experience in the world of counseling and psychology and use it to help people become better at a game I love to play. Poker. But since this is a poker website, you probably guessed that. Academic background: My background in psychology began when I minored in the subject as an...

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Matt Ranger

Matt Ranger, Small-Stakes PLO Coach at Matt Ranger is a small stakes PLO player and coach from Montréal, Canada. He is also an economics student and claims to “have the rap patrol on gat patrol” (Editor’s note: we have no clue what this means either) He started playing poker in 2010, and after mild success in live and online play, he eventually decided to play seriously. He started out at nano s...

PLO 13 Articles 5 Videos 4/5 (1 Review)

Al McClenahan

Al McClenahan, Sit N Go Coach at Al received $20 in an UltimateBet account for his 18th birthday, and has never had to deposit again. He played to pay for his car, holidays and to fund university, where he studied Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek studies) at Cambridge University, specialising in literature and history. Originally intending to become an accountant, he was lured by the freedom, flexibili...

SNG 6 Videos No Reviews

Mike Brady

Mike Brady, Heads-Up Sit 'N' Go Coach at Mike plays primarily HUSnGs, and was on the Merge leaderboard in 2011 despite only playing on the site for about 6 months out of the year. Mike has been playing poker professionally for the past 3 years. Originally playing cash games, he switched to HUSNGs in early 2011. He suffered a big hit in action in after Black Friday, eventually being forced to flee th...

SNG 2 Videos No Reviews

Paul "Internet" Otto

Paul 'lnternet' Otto, Mid-High Stakes 6-Max & Heads-Up Cash Game Coach & All Around Soul-Destroyer at Paul Otto has consistently been within the top 10 winners at Ongame throughout 2010/2011. He Plays the 6-max, 3-max as well as the occasional Heads Up games at stakes 2/4 - 5/10, with higher stakes mixed in on occasion.  He’s also enjoyed a few EPT cashes, making him a very well rounded ...

NLHE 19 Videos 5/5 (4 Reviews)

Matthew Wakeman

Matt "mjw006" Wakeman is an Australian poker professional. Starting out in 2006 he eventually became full time player in January 2006, becoming a winning regular in the $200-500 Heads Up SnG’s. He became friends with many of the world’s best heads up SnG players, including Spamz0r, PrimordialAA, h2olga, and Hokiegreg, citing these relationships as the cornerstone to his advance in to the poker elite and current...

MTT 1 Video No Reviews

Ashley Lapiz

Ashley Lapiz, PLO Expert at Ashley “Ash05” Lapiz is a 27 year old full-time poker player with a long and successful career spanning 6 years. He worked his way up to the midstakes in Fixed Limit Hold’em, SnGs before moving on the No Limit Hold’em. He now plays Pot Limit Omaha cash exclusively, both 6-max and Heads Up, and has done so for the past 3 years. Ash plays from PLO50 up to PLO200 depen...

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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards, Heads-Up cash game coach at Chris Edwards (AKA Floppynuts09) is a heads-up cash game specialist, playing anywhere from 50nl to 400nl. He started his poker career in 2009, where he occasionally played both live and online. Although his real poker career didn’t begin until late 2010, where he began watching training sites and working harder on his game. He began grinding 6max SNG’s unti...

NLHE 5 Articles 10 Videos 5/5 (2 Reviews)

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