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How I Beat Poker: 888 $200nl SNAP Part 3

Darius Wajda 3,625 Views 45:01 Duration

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Darius Wajda
Darius Wajda
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My name is Darius Wajda and I'm 26 year old cash grinder from Canada. I've been playing for 8 years and developed my poker skills playing sit'n'goes and then later on moved to cash games. I play mainly the 6max NLHE 100NL and 200NL games on Pokerstars under the name "CzarDariusz". I play poker part time alongside working as a structural analyst.I stream many of my sessions and discuss strategy on my Twitch stream,

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This series sees Twitch sensation and top poker coach KomodoDragonJesus take on the $200nl SNAP games over on 888Poker. Bringing his 5+ years of experience to the table and playing on conventionally 'tougher' sites KDJ breaks down the players, game feel and uses a mix of strategies to help him make the best in game decisions. Give it a try: Deposit $10 and receive $10 FREE instantly using code PT10FREE - Here


(1 Review)

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Komododragonjesus coming in with the nl200 Snap and playing like Pac-Man. Lots of info in here, thinking a little deeper than me in my games for sure! Nice to hear a coach taking it easy and explaining things in a manner even I think I can assimilate. Not much to say about this guy except for my skill level I rate it the standard 5. Keep 'em coming please!

on 22/9/16


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Pwllon 25/9/16

Nice, tyvm :)


Pwllon 22/9/16

18:50 table 2 QhQc because of hero's weak line villain could be quite wide here but it does look likely they have Jx rather than Kx as well as a lot of other stuff we beat. Would our hero still raise if the flush didn't hit? I thought QQ was easily good enough to call a river bet with otherwise.


Pwllon 22/9/16

20:00 You talked about very small cbet sizes being useful and I agree totally. I've seen you do these a lot and I've taken the idea to the trenches in mini-micros and it does work even there, but I pick the opponents carefully; like versus weak reg fit/fold guys, on a dry board they are obvious candidates, etc etc.


Komododragonjesuson 25/9/16

I think whether or not I raise on a non-flush river would depend on the river quite a bit. The Tx river brings in a couple 2 pairs, plus I think since it'll interact moderately well with my checking back range on the flop villain will often vbet tighter on the Tx compared to a random deuce. It's tough to find worse hands villain is betting for value (do we expect AJ?) so to call he needs to be bluffing quite a bit for a QQ call to be profitable. That would require villain to be bluffing some combination of undercards to the board and underpairs and with no HUD I wasn't sure how often I would see that.

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