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On the table: Cutting edge Interactive Poker School

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Poker Rules

This article will demonstrate the rules of poker. No Limit Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game and is played by millions worldwide.

Added on 8/3/12

Poker Rules Lesson 1

Lesson: VIP Level 1


Guide to Multi Tabling in online poker

The ultimate guide on how to mult-table online poker!

Added on 9/8/12

Poker Table Etiquette - Don't Berate the Fish!

Nobody likes being sucked out on, especially when your 'fish' opponent has made a terrible play. It's important to remember why we shouldn't berate the fish.

Added on 22/8/13

Continuation Betting #1

Lesson: VIP Level 2

Strategy Articles

Poker Room Selection

Proper selection of the online poker room is very important for you overall success. There are several factors you need to pay attention to during this process, as outlined in this article.

Added 3 days ago

No April Fools at PokerVIP – Over $90k in Promotions

No April Fools at PokerVIP – Over $90k in Promotions

Added 1 week ago

PokerVIP March Nearing the Finish Line

PokerVIP March Nearing the Finish Line

Added 3 weeks ago

Poker Training

Learn about the tools and poker training techniques that will help you keep your game razor sharp.

Added 4 weeks ago

PokerVIP March Halfway Checkpoint

PokerVIP March Halfway Checkpoint

Added on 19/3/15

Coaching Videos

Top Secret Money Making Site: Europe-Bet

Europe-Bet is a new room on the scene that we're getting excited about. In this video, Jon checks out the software, traffic, available games and the level of competition. Sign up with PokerVIP  and receive 30% Rakeback + 10% Bonus - You would normally need to rake over €500 to receive 30%!1) Traffic: Double the traffic of PKR, same traffic as entire Merge network. Games running at 10NL-200NL equivalent at all hours! 2) Safety: We've deemed this site extremely safe. Here's a few reasons why;Backed by Georgian governmentOne of the biggest companies in Georgia - Basically the WilliamHill of Georgia - They have over 50 betting shops.Some huge gaming companies like Betsson and even Pokerstars are rumoured to be  interested in buying them - Generally a sign that they're a safe and secure company doing well. 3) Currency: OK the currency has to be in Georgian currency, but that's actually not too different from having your currency in Euros. The currency barely fluctuates and it's backed on the Euro, so it stays pretty much exactly in line with the Euro. 4) Depositing options: Accepts all major forms of deposit and withdrawal. Full Deposit / Withdrawal options here. Min deposit via Skrill = 25GEL = £9 or €12 Or if you use your VISA card to deposit, you can deposit minimum 10GEL = £3.50 or €5 roughly! ---- 4) Soft games! - Average players to flop % is around 30-40% - There's no denying how loose the games are -  Check it out.

Added 1 day ago

Hero Folding at the Micros: Part 2 - Common Postflop Spots

Good folding is extremely important to micro-stakes success! In this 2-Part video series from coach Adam 'w34z3l' Jones, we look to Increase our win rate by successfully finding folds in some close situations. Part 2 covers other common postflop situations, including those which occur on the flop and turn. We need to be conscious of any hand that is purely a bluff catcher, and to be able to define our opponents value range.We will look at some lines which often mean our opponent has a nutted hand and some examples.Watch Part 1 here (River folds)

Added 2 days ago

Hero Folding at the Micros: Part 1 - The River

Good folding is extremely important to micro-stakes success! In this 2-Part video series from coach Adam 'w34z3l' Jones, we look to Increase our win rate by successfully finding folds in some close situations. Part 1 covers River Play, and our efficiency of calling on the river and other river spots.Watch Part 2 here (Other postflop spots)

Added 2 days ago

What is Rakeback?

PokerVIP resident coach Jon explains Rakeback and why it's so important to any player. This video was originally intended for YouTube, but we've decided to share it on PokerVIP too.Transcript:Hello everyone this is John from PokerVIP coaching and today I am going to talk about rakeback.We are going to cover:What is rakeback?How does it work?What are the benefits and Where can I get itRakeback overview. Its' going to be very simple straight forward run through for people that don't use it. People that might be a little bit curious about it or might be a little tempted to try it but they don't know how it's going to work for them. What is it? Well basically I'll explain what Rake is first. Rake is how the casinos/site makes their money. Every time you play a pot or every time there is a pot they take a small percentage. You must have noticed if gone all in and both people add 50 dollars you won’t get back 100 dollars when you win, you will get back around 98, 99 dollars depending what site you use. They just take that dollar or two, a couple of percent out offit. And basically what rakeback is, is you getting a slice of that back, so everytime you pay rake, the site will pay you back. It's just the way of them keeping customers, keeping you happy and it's not just for the massive volume players anyone can get this at any stakes now sites are generally offering a range from 20%-100%+ and i know you kind think "well if it's a hundred percent plus how does the site makes their money?" Well when they use a 100%+ the site will basically doing a big promotion and that 100%+ may last from a month to 3 or 4 maybe because we get bonuses as well on top of that and that's just a way of them to get you on their site and then maybe after a while that 100% go 50% but in that time you can definitely do a lot of money or lose less money from rakeback.On the low end of it 20% this might be a more recreational site where you might have to hit certain targets to get it. But like I said it varies and between 50-60% is a standard.Also if you start on a site and play more and more they might increase your VIP level and VIP level just means you get more rakeback as you move up VIP level.How does it Work?Well basically after agreeing on what kind of Rakeback you are going to get and what percentage you are going to receive, the poker site itself is going to pay it into your poker account, into your bankroll and basically just there for you to see. You will probably get a message saying "here is your rakeback payment" and it's yours to go. Now this isn't a gimmick, very simple they are giving you back for playing on their site. A lot of you would say that "well you need to play it off" and what is played off means, well it basically means that if you have a bonus you have to play maybe 500 hands to release a dollar, maybe.This isn't like that, this is just simple - It’s your money. You can withdraw it. They are not going to stop it from being withdrawn or you can play with it. It's totally up to you. You can leave it in there you can do whatever you want with it.What are the BenefitsOk so what are the benefits and I've kind of put here very simple MoneyProfitLess LossesMoney, obviously everyone loves, and you know that's what we want back so aside who is actually giving back rather than say just take take take it's obviously a good thing for us. Now when i say profit well, we all know that poker is really tough to beat nowadays and is getting harder, and a lot of players actually you'll hear them being referred as a "rakeback pro" and that basically means that they’re break even at the games, maybe even losing on the games but when they get their rakeback they are actually in profit and that's how they make their wage.Someone could lose a thousand dollars on the tables each month but be raking $10,000 so they're just gonna average 50% percent rakeback deal they are going to get $5000 paid into their account so the net profit is four thousand dollars. Okay I know that sounds a little bit crazy but it's as simple as that. But they are making money from losing but they are putting in a lot effort for playing.Now Less Losses - If you are just starting out, you are learning the game you might be losing, I means it happens to us all you can’t just start and crushing the games and being the best. So if you are losing a couple hundred dollars a month after you get rakeback you might only be losing fifty dollars a month, but if you are enjoying the game and you know you get money back it's keeping you in the game and that's not hurting you financially then well it's better losing 200 hundred isn't it? so you know, no matter who you are if you wanna be a pro or a semi-pro if you just enjoying it and you try to learn it all, if you don't mind losing for having fun still get the rakeback it’s free money and you can easily get on any site.Where can I get it?Well you want to find Reputable affiliates and PokerVIP Deals - that's obviously the coaching site I'm making this video for and it's the company I’ve actually used for the last seven years for my rakeback. I have actually rakeback $200,000 under PokerVIP sites and I've received over $100,000 back. That's not a lie. It's as simple as that. I've had deals ranging anywhere from 30% to recently getting a 115% back. These really are the best places to get rakeback deals also you can go to PokerTube Deals on here you will find other sites as well. It might even good for you if you are a tournament player wanting to rakeback as well. Because they also have deals for value added tournaments so you get free money thrown at you left right and centre from thereWhen you are on these sites you can just sign up directly and there going to be a big list (of deals) for you there and that can range from anywhere iPoker, Micrograming, Pokerstars any poker site you've ever seen we pretty much have a deal for and if you want to question this and see what you can get and how it works, to see a little bit of help basically, just ask on the live support. The team is there for you in a pretty much 24/7. So ask and they will sign you up to the best place suited for you. We really do have the best deals on the net over a number of non-reputable sites who will promise you stupid percentages never return it, it will be on sites that are too small. We have the biggest sites and the best deals.OverviewThe little overview here:Rakeback makes you money. Well obviously we spoke about losing you less or making you more but say you actually are a pro and you never received rakeback which is very possible because you just didn't know it existed. Well if you are raking $5000 a month, that's 60 grand a year and you've done this for 5 years. That's $300,000 of rake you paid if you just had a rakeback deal you would have at least taken $150,000 of that back. So imagine how much you going to be losing over the next 10 years if you don't sign up. It is Easy to Get, simply go to these websites ,, click the link and there you go. You get your rakeback. Now this really is a must. And as I've just said if you are a pro and you've been without it, you are crazy, you are just completely not doing this right. Being a pro is finding any edge you can and this is THE biggest Edge you'll ever find in poker after your skill level. Now being honest not having it (rakeback) is burning money or not having the best deal is burning money. So you might be with affiliate now who's giving you 30% and that could be a great deal in your eyes you know, you get a couple of grand back a month, happy days - but maybe we could actually give you more ,so shop around with us see if we can beat your deal because I am 99.9% sure we can and the main thing is sign up now. You are on here it takes two minutes to go up to those sites and get on with it.Anyone can make money from Poker, anyone can lose at poker from learning or being bad. This just makes you money and gets your money back. This really is a must so I really hope you enjoyed this explaination of what a rake or a rakeback is and I can't wait to see you on the tables and I am pretty sure you'll be making even more money because of this now. So don't be scared and head on over!This is John for PokerVIP coaching.

Added 2 days ago

Leak Finder Review - 'TensTT' $25NL ZOOM

Jon reviews a session played by new PokerVIP member 'TensTT' on Pokerstars - 2 Tables of $25NL Zoom Cash. Watch right to the end for an actionable conclusion of his leaks!Poker Room: PokerstarsStakes: $0.10/0.25Format: No Limit Hold'em ZOOM

Added 3 days ago

Strategy Articles

Poker Coaching

All You Need to Know to Fine Tune Your Online Poker Game

Free 1079

Modern Blind Defence in Poker

How to Defend Your Blinds in Tough Games of the Modern Online Poker Era

Free 1907

The Gap Concept in Poker

Make sure your hand is good enough to call with

Free 2924

Missing Value in Hands

Missing Value - Don't let slowplaying and scary cards lower your win rate - Play smart.

Free 1984

Coaching Videos

PKR $50NL Action Session

Jon plays a live session of 4 Tables at PKR $50NL Tables. This is quite an action packed session! Guess what Jon's screen name means and win $25 + a bag of PokerVIP merchandise.Poker Room: PKRStakes: $0.25/0.50 No Limit

Free 1588

HOT $75 MTT Win Review: Early Stage Part 1

Luke won the HOT $75 on Pokerstars and is going to share his hh with you. Explaining why he did what he did using tools such as range charts whilst showing how this maths actually works. An indepth look at how you can win $26k+. Its a Must Watch!  Site: PokerStars Buy in: $75 Structure: Turbo Stage: Early Part 2 of the seriesPart 3 of the seriesPart 4 of the series 

Free 2933

HOT $75 MTT Win Review: In The Money Part 3

Luke won the HOT $75 on Pokerstars and is going to share his hh with you. Explaining why he did what he did using tools such as range charts whilst showing how this maths actually works. An indepth look at how you can win $26k+. Its a Must Watch!  Site: PokerStars Buy in: $75 Structure: Turbo Stage: In The MoneyPart 1 of the seriesPart 2 of the seriesPart 4 of the series

Free 2270

Speed Poker €5NL on iPoker - Part 2

Part 2 (Watch Part 1 here). Jon plays €5NL Speed on iPoker showing you 'How I would play these games'. In Part 2, Jon progresses more about his general strategy and picks up some new spots. He's using the PokerVIP Table Mod.Poker Room: PaddyPowerGame / Stakes: €0.02/0.05 NLHE Speed

Free 1699

WellPlayedBuddy €50NL Session Review

Jon Records a free forum member review for PokerVIP User 'WellPlayedBuddy' at €20NL and €50NL on BetVictor. As always, Jon helps plug leaks and gives advice to help him crush the games. Get your gameplay reviewed here.Poker Room: BetVictor (Microgaming)Game / Stakes: €0.10/0.20 and €0.25/0.50 NLHE 

Free 1701

Strategy Articles

What do millionaire online poker pros have in common?

We reveal the strategies and 'secrets' of top pros.

Free 12404

5 Skills that Top Poker Players Share

Top Skills and traits that the best poker players have in common!

Free 9433

Poker Rules

This article will demonstrate the rules of poker. No Limit Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game and is played by millions worldwide.

Free 7536

Coaching Videos

James 'skolsuper' Keys GTO Introduction: Part 1

Game Theory Optimal. Everything you need to know about one of pokers best kept secrets. 

Free 6839

Small Stakes MTT - $11 Freezeout

$11 Freeze Out - Part 1 of this 2 Part MTT Review: Jack reviews the early stage MTT game from one of his students and identifies glaring leaks.

Free 6012

Poker Maths For Beginners: Part 1

Don't be scared! Watch this video for a simple break down for poker mathematics. 

Free 4419

"How I moved Up" - €4NL

1st Part of Jon's new series 'How I moved up'  $4NL 6-Max, Which shows him playing through all the micro stakes up to 100NL. The series shows you how the games change depending on stakes and the necessary adjustments we have to make to be successful at each level. Follow Jon's blog on the series in the forum.Part 2 €10NL HerePart 3 €20NL HerePart 4 €50NL HerePart 5 €100NL Here

Free 4270

Crushing Poker: Playing In Late Position

Late position is where we make the majority of our money from. This video will guide you through opening ranges, sizing and post flop play.  Site: Party Poker Stakes: $10nl Format: Fast Forward Poker Aim: To boost your profitability in poker by not missing out on this simple play! 

Free 4137

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