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$40,000 PokerVIP Top 350 July 2015

$40,000 PokerVIP Top 350 July 2015

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Yachting Poker5thgazzasflag53,7821000
Betfred Poker7thbinkage1flag50,389800
Party Poker8thskm19flag49,186700
Paddy Power9thwonanddoneitflag46,012650
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Poker Rules

This article will demonstrate the rules of poker. No Limit Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game and is played by millions worldwide.

Added on 8/3/12


Guide to Multi Tabling in online poker

The ultimate guide on how to mult-table online poker!

Added on 9/8/12

Poker Table Etiquette - Don't Berate the Fish!

Nobody likes being sucked out on, especially when your 'fish' opponent has made a terrible play. It's important to remember why we shouldn't berate the fish.

Added on 22/8/13

Top Beginner Poker Content

PokerVIP Coaching
Our Info-graphic video showing you the hand rankings in Texas Hold'Em Poker - The World's most popular format of poker. Share this with your friends who are interested in learning poker! Watch 'The Rules of Poker Made Easy'
Coach: PokerVIP Coaching on 30/9/14
Game TypeNLHE
PokerVIP Coaching
Our Info-graphic video making the rules of Texas Hold 'Em Poker easy for anyone to pick up and learn - Share this with friends who are interested in learning how to play poker! Learn Poker Hand Rankings Here.For more in depth analysis of the Poker Rules check out these articlesTexas Holdem Poker RulesOmaha Poker RulesRazz Poker RulesStud Poker Rules
Coach: PokerVIP Coaching on 30/9/14
Game TypeNLHE
Jon Lundy
Jon is back with another "How I moved Up Stakes" series, but this time he's playing at Sky Poker. This room is available to players who reside in the UK, Ireland and Finland - All PokerVIP players who sign up receive an automatic upgrade to 30% rakeback along with full access to PokerVIP promotions. Follow Jons forum thread on this video series here. Part 2 £8NLPart 3 £10NLPart 4 £20NL
Coach: Jon Lundy on 1/9/14
Game TypeNLHE
Strategy Articles

Understanding Poker Opponents and Exploiting Them Using Stats: Postflop Domination Part 1

Understanding your opponents and exploiting their tendencies reading into their stats can give you a significant edge when it comes to postflop play.

Added 1 week ago

Coaching Videos

ImFromSweden Plays 10NL Micros Cash - Part 1

Oscar 'ImFromSweden' steps down to play 10NL cash in this episode. Why? Because you guys requested it! You've said it's impossible to make bluffs and advanced plays because of the opposition. The bottom line is that people believe bluffs don't work at lower stakes. We are here to test that theory! In this video we'll try to make as many bluffs as possible and see how people will react to this - Will opposition play very tight? Will they call everything? We will play our normal game (OK, slightly more aggressive than normal) for the most part because we want to truly see how our opponents will react.

Added 1 day ago

Poker Mindset Advantage Ep06 - Jeninifer Shahade

Episode 4 of the Poker Mindset Advantage - With a guest professional every week, designed to improve your poker mental game. Episode 5 features Jeniffer Shahade, a well-known professional poker player and chessmaster. To her credentials, she is a two-time American chess champion and currently a coach at Run It Once. She's the mind sports ambassador for PokerStars, and undoubtedly has one of the strongest minds in the game as far as focus, determination and strength. She's given TED talks on poker and decision making, and won the first Open Face High Roller event in 2014. An impressive person, and one we can most definitely learn from in this episode!

Added 1 day ago

PedroKL Crushing $500nl Zoom On PokerStars Part 1

Re-Release: PedroKL 3 * Pokerstars SuperNovaElite takes to the $500nl Zoom tables to show you how a balanced approach can make even the best players react incorrectly. Focusing on bet sizing, timing tells and aggression Pedro shows why he is one of the most admired players online today. 

Added 1 day ago

Leakfinder Review for Fizzics - 10nl Blaze Cash on Betvictor

Jon reviews PokerVIP staked player Fizzics' game looking for leaks and ways to fix them. Fizzics showed signs of poor opening ranges, fancy play syndrome and lack of thought process. Jon however sees Fizzics being a 50nl player within in 3 months if he works hard and follows the program. 

Added 1 day ago

Live Play Cash Poker - 6 Tables 200NL On BetVictor

Jon is back with another 200nl live play video over on Bet Victor commentating on all his hands whilst heavily focusing on a balanced bet sizing strategy. 

Added 5 days ago

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