High Stakes $200K Hold'em Festival - June 2018

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It's a new month, which means new promotions, and the perfect time to start playing on High Stakes

The $200,000 Hold'em Festival takes place throughout the whole of June. and you could win your share of the massive giveaway just by playing your regular cash games!

Earn points by playing no limit hold'em cash games at the stakes listed below and be amongst the top players within that stake bracket to win some top dollar!

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You can see that some stakes have a points multiplier attached to them, the majority of which are the brand new "3 Blind" tables, which also have an ante which means that the pots are bigger straight away and so is the action!

There are also points multipliers in play on certain days, see the calendar below to plan the best days to play!

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Grind hard for the 30 days and this is what you are playing for!

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What are you waiting for?

Sign Up Now and as well as this sick promotion you also get the exclusive High Stakes loyalty program (better than any other on the GG Network) and entry into the PokerVIP Challenge

For full info on the Hold'em FestivalClick Here or if you have any questions, or issues with creating your High Stakes account, fire them here or send me a PM or add me on Skype: Ash.180vita


- Earn points between 01/06/2018 00:00 - 30/06/2018 23:59
- Earn 1 point per $0.01 of rake paid
- Hold'em cash tables only
- The points generated from different stakes (Featured, High, Middle, and Low) will be summed up independently
- Points multiplied as per the stakes and days detailed above
- Prizes will be transferred to players account soon after the end of the month

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Its easy, simply register with one of the rooms below and add your username to your PokerVIP account.
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