Posted 2 years ago
I think if you dig into any networks T&Cs you will find similar. No network wants this kind of behaviour and these are standard terms, nothing to worry about.
Posted 2 years ago
These are not standard terms for a poker site. They do ban winners (but really they more dislike bumhunting). If your a mass bumhunter than in time depending on win rate they'll ban you. If you start tables etc then there much less likely to do this. Behave well and if you don't sit out as soon as the fish busts then there more likely to tolerate you.
Posted 2 years ago
Yeah, I find these terms and conditions encouraging, not worrying. More importantly, never seen a player have cashout difficulties or anything like that on N8.

Better than 888, where they will welcome you in with open arms and then steal your money!
Posted 2 years ago
They should improve their PokerCraft system... It does not take rake off from the profits...
Posted 2 years ago
Did anyone receive a successful cashout in the past week?
Posted 2 years ago
HI @zillas ,

Have you had an issue?

There have been no problems with cashouts recently, I have spoken with Natural8 and if you need to make a withdrawal you can message them on their Facebook page HERE

Send me a PM if you do have any issues and we can help you out, or hit the "Lets Talk Poker!" Button on the right >>
Posted 2 years ago
Hi, I'm from the UK and would like to give N8 a go, and was wondering what the best method of deposit is? IE the one with the lowest fees?

I don't have a skrill or netteller account, but I do have PayPal, do they accept paypal?

Posted 2 years ago*
Also copy/paste doesn't seem to be working on the Mac software, I know it says 'beta' on the icon, does anyone else have this issue?

I'm trying to put in my password and without copy/paste I can't seem to login
Posted 2 years ago
Hey @HypnoToad we can possibly help you out with a deposit on Paypal, I have PMd you.

For the issue logging in I would recommend you contact their Facebook support here, they will be able to help you with that.
Posted 2 years ago*
Thanks, I don't have a Facebook account, I really should make one. Anyway I finally managed to login, turns out my password was too long! I've PM'ed you back about depositing. Smile
Posted 2 years ago
Even if you just make one to contact them would be a good idea. Their support are very good and you will find it useful I am sure. Have PMd you back!
Posted 2 years ago
Hi, is still possible to deposit/withdraw via Skrill and do they accept players from Austria?
Posted 2 years ago
HI @Mad_Max

They do accept players from Austria, however I would reccomend you create an account on All In Asia instead.

All in Asia is a collection of 7 poker networks under 1 account. The GG network (same as Natural8) is included. You can easily deposit/withdraw using skrill on the All in Asia website and you get 35% rakeback paid into your account every Monday

CLICK HERE to create your account and let me know if you do!

Any questions let me know

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