*** OPL Season 9 -- Starts Saturday 12th May! ***

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After a hugely successful Season 8 of the worlds biggest Online Poker League, it's a quick turnaround as we kick off Season 9 THIS SATURDAY 12th MAY!

This season is going to be a little different as it will be a quick one! We are packing each night chock full of events and the whole league will run from the 12th - 20th May with between 3 and 5 tournaments each and every night!

We have some new and familiar names this season, as well as the introduction of crypto currency poker sites to the league!

The exciting line-up this season is:

Party Poker
Guts Poker
High Stakes
Coin Poker*
Breakout Poker
Ultima Poker

* Denotes cryptocurrency room

We know that cryptocurrency poker sites are still very new, so to encourage people to get involved here they will primarily be freerolls on both Coin Poker and BetKing! The first 2 events on Coin Poker will be freerolls with $250 added and $500 added. On Betking the first THREE events will be freerolls, with $250, $500, and $750 prizepools!

As always, the new season off with freerolls, and we have no less than SEVEN taking place this Saturday and Sunday, each with $250 prizepools

Attached Image

Attached Image

For the full OPL Season 8 schedule Click Here, and don't forget to add your username for each room to your OPL account!


As always, you will be playing for your Top 10 scores throughout the season to try and top the leaderboard, which will see 1st place awarded tournament tickets worth a huge $3000!

To see the full list of prizes Click Here


Any questions please comment, message me, email hello@pokervip.com, add me on Skype: ash.180vita or if you would like to be added to the Official OPL Whatsapp group, please send me a message with your mobile number!

Good luck all!

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Congrats to all cashers and points scorers over the weekend!

Unfortunately there was an issue with the Ultima Poker freeroll which froze during play

1) This event has been cancelled and will NOT count towards the leaderboard.
2) All remaining players are being paid $62.50 according to 1st place prize..

Sorry for anyone who wasted their time and didn't get the points. It is one of those things which we cannot control and happens.


Moving on to tonight, we move onto the $5 buy-ins, each with $500 added!

Attached Image


We have also just announced all the DOUBLE POINTS events:

May 14th Breakout $500 Added
May 14th GUTS €500 Added
May 15th Ultima Poker $750 Added
May 16th Party Poker $750 Added
May 17th HighStakes $750 Added
May 18th Party Poker $1000 Added
May 18th GUTS €1000 Added
May 20th CoinPoker $1000 Added

That's TWO events tonight that are double points so make sure you get involved and really make a launch on the leaderboard!

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We are well into Season 9 of the OPL, and we don't let up tonight as we have another THREE events for you to get stuck into!

Attached Image

All 3 start at 1900 BST -

Betking continue with their freeroll offerings, this time with a $500 prizepool! Password: BKOPL2
Sign up here


High Stakes come in with a $5 buy-in, again with a nice $500 added - the equivalent of 100 entrants in added value! Password: HSOPL2
Sign Up Here


Introducing our new $10 buy-ins, Ultima Poker's offering tonight also comes with double leaderboard awarded as well as the $750 added prize money! Password: UPOPL3
Sign up here


That's a possible 400 points to be won tonight!

Good Luck!
Posted 2 years ago
Happy Hump Day!

Half way through the week and we are half way through Season 9 of the OPL!

We do not let up, as like every night this Season, we are jam packed full of online poker league action!

Tonights Lineup:

Attached Image

We have three $10 buy-ins to sink your online teeth into, starting with:

DOUBLE POINTS event on PartyPoker $750 Added
Password: PPOPL3 - Sign Up Here

$750 Added on BreakOut Poker
Password: BOOPL3 - Sign Up Here

and €10 buy-in on Guts with €750 Added!
Password: GOPL3 - Sign Up Here

Then we have Ultima's final event of the season, coming with a $25 buy-in and $1000 added!
Password: UPOPL4 - Sign Up Here


Now would also be a good time to take stock of the current leaderboard standings.

These are the current Top 6 places:

Attached Image

As you can see, there is no runaway leader and it's all pretty close, and with a potential 100/200 points to be won in each tournament, it is very much open for anyone to take down!

Check the full standings HERE
Posted 2 years ago
Another day and another $2000 in added money to be won!

The best thing about it, is that the events on both Coin Poker and BetKing are freerolls!

Highstakes is just a $10 buy-in with a nice $750 added. TOO MUCH VALUE! MuscleCash

Attached Image


Talking of High Stakes, we have added a super high roller tournament to the final day of Season 9 this Sunday evening!

It's a $55 buy-in with a massive $2,500 added with a TURBO structure and bounties to boot! We expect first place to be around $1,500 and a field of roughly 40 players, so get involved and end the season with a BANG!

Attached Image

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Is High Stakes not open to UK players?
Posted 2 years ago
jongordon84: Is High Stakes not open to UK players?

Fraid not
Posted 2 years ago
Now the festivities of the Royal Wedding are over, we can look ahead to tonight's penultimate events of the OPL!

Two tonight, both at 1900BST, both $25 buy-in and both come with $1000 ADDED!

Attached Image

See where you are in the current Leaderboard to see where you stand and what you need to do over this final weekend!
Posted 2 years ago
It's been a quick season and we are upon the final night!

We have two tournaments to finish off Season 9, including the added 'Super High Roller' Bounty event on High Stakes!

Attached Image

Both events also award double points, so a potential 400 points to be won which could REALLY change things at the top of the Leaderboard!
with 5 places being paid in the leaderboard with a mincash of $750, there is LOTS to play for, on top of the $3,500 in added prize money!

Attached Image

Posted 2 years ago
jongordon84: Is High Stakes not open to UK players?

Fraid not

I was able to sign up with a UK address, and deposit with GBP, and only when I download the client and login does it tell me I cannot play. Now to get my money back I have to verify my identity. It's very annoying!

Maybe stick something above sign up links saying who is eligible to play.
Posted 2 years ago
I understand the frustration.

The main issue is that dealing with a number of poker rooms, each of that have very differing restrictions and eligibilty and obviously there's a lot of countries, who also each have their own legality and restrictions!

The best way is the Poker Rooms page on the OPL website, which will only show rooms which you are able to play on based on your location given via your IP address.

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