Sky Poker Sucks - Join Unibet and Grab Your Free Cash Game Tickets Now!

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We are no longer working with Sky Poker!

This is because Sky have basically reneged on all deals that were in place "for life". They are no longer paying players out, even on deals which have been in place for a long time (Starting Oct 1st)! To put it short... Sky Poker Sucks! This is a decision Sky have took across the board, not just us!

So we are moving players onto Unibet...

Why Unibet?

SUPER soft games!
HUDless tables - cash games full of recreational players!
Around 60% returns monthly (details below)
Great new software!

Unibet VIP

Earn cashback through the Unibet VIP Club - Earn rakeback and 'Challenge Points' by playing ring games and completing monthly challenges and missions to earn extra cash rewards and tickets, you also earn Challenge Points for playing in tournaments! Total cashback between 10 - 60% depending on rake amount (Averages around 28%)

€200 New Player Deposit Bonus - Clears at 24%

The PokerVIP Challenge - Returns between 7 and 25%

You can easily get around 59%++ rakeback, it all depends on rake amount... if you message me your average rake amount per month I can tell you more accurately what your returns will be on Unibet!


If you start playing on Unibet NOW, we can give you cash game ticket for your specific stake!

If you are a 100 or 200 No Limit or Omaha player and sign up to Unibet this week, we will credit you with a 100 buy-in ticket for your level (Potentially a €400 ticket for 400NL players - please contact me)!

If you are a lower stakes player, new or existing, deposit €200 (or equivalent), this week and we will credit you with a 25NL ticket!

Tickets are restricted to one a player.
Tickets become actual withdrawable cash when:
- €25 tickets = 300 flops seen
- €100, €200 and €400 tickets = after 400 flops seen.
Tickets available for either NL or Omaha.
Players must sign up/register their interest in this promo between Monday 2nd October-Sunday 8th October in order to be eligible, and that tickets will be credited at Unibet’s discretion on or after Monday 9th October"

CLICK HERE to sign up to Unibet now, and message me with your details so I can get your bonuses credited!

Any questions comment or PM me. If you have Skype you can add me at: ash.180vita

Happy Grinding!

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Posted 2 years ago
AshVIP: We are no longer working with Sky Poker!

Because it has drove some of our customers to want to throw themselves through a fucking window.
Posted 2 years ago
We have a few cash game tickets remaining - up to 200NL - get in touch with me to claim your free buy-ins!
Posted 2 years ago
Hey Ash! I created an account on Unibet about 2 years ago through yourselves but have never deposited! Am I eligible for this?
Posted 2 years ago
Certainly am mate!

PM your account details, make a deposit and I'll get you a ticket credited!

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