Win Your Way to Morroco!

Posted 2 years ago

Win your way to the MPN Morocco with Stan James!

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Compete in the exclusive freebuy tournament that takes place on the 28th December by completing missions that award entry plus rebuy tickets!

**Please Note** - Only tickets won by completing missions can be used in this tournament, no cash is accepted!

Qualification starts on 27th November and you have a month to complete as many missions as you can to earn as many rebuy and add-on tickets as you can!

To earn entry you simply need to play 200 raked hands on the real money Omaha or NLHE cash tables at stakes €0.05/0.10 or higher.

You can earn up to 4x €5 rebuy tickets and a €3 add-on by completing additional missions - your progress of which can be tracked in your account area within the Stan James client.

Sign up to Stan James HERE

If you have any questions please PM me or add me on Skype @ ash.180vita

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Posted 2 years ago
Simpler missions have just been added:

1. Play 200 cash game raked hands at 0.05/0.10 and above and you get a ticket to enter the €3,500 added

2. While you're playing, win 10 hands with A9 off suit and 10 hands with A9 suited and you get a €5 rebuy ticket.

3. Win 20 fish Party games and you get another €5 rebuy ticket.

4. Win 30 hands with KK as your hole cards at cash game tables 0.05/0.10 or above and you get another €5 ticket.

5. Bust two or more opponents in SNGs or MTTs with buyins of €3.30 or more 10 times and get another €5 ticket.

6. Win 60 hands at blaze poker (pre or post flop) and win a €3 add on ticket.


If you win rebuy or add-on tickets and do not play the €3.5k added - you lose them!
If you play the tournie, any unused rebuy tickets will be refunded.
Unused add-on tickets will not be refunded.

If you have a ticket to enter the €3.5k added you can play the freerolls and tournies they'll be running which will reward rebuy and add-on tickets.
If you win a package and cannot go, you can sell it for no more than €750.
If you don't sell by 2nd Jan, you lose it and it's offered to someone else.

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