888 vs PokerStars - Best Place To Play?

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It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the cash games at PokerStars are currently the most popular cash games on the internet. But what is the reason for this? Are players actually making more money on Stars? Or is it more of a case that people simply want to do what is popular?

We are going to run a simple experiment to help us compare 888 and Pokerstars. The details are as follows.


To play 12,000 hands on each network and keep a log of our progress. When we have sufficient data we will run some analysis, taking in to account the following:

- Softness of the games and our winrate over the sample
- How much rake we paid and what the VIP system is like
- General tendencies of the population
- Any other factors that may influence the profitability of our play

Take a look here for all of the information on the challenge, including analysis and conclusion.

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Posted 3 years ago
So which would you all choose? Pokerstars or 888?
Posted 3 years ago
Looking forward to seeing how this plays out!
Posted 3 years ago
Both have pros and cons IMO, depends on what your goals are.

With regards to the profitability, I think you are not going to find any significant difference between the two, and if you wanted to be able to accurately prove which site will give a bigger win rate etc; it would have to be a large in depth study.
Posted 3 years ago*


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