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Hi guys,

First a quick intro: What is (aka BPC)?

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We're a team of poker coaches, professionals and recreational players. Our main way of helping people is Coaching for Profits (CFP = you only pay us for coaching, if you win). We also have poker courses, and a huge library of strategy videos for our students. You can find out more about us in this thread.

We will be using this thread to share some mindset videos, general poker talk, how to approach poker aka "metagame", and so on. All things that we find super important, and make a HUGE difference to how well our students perform at the tables (especially over the long run).

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Click below to watch the opening speech by Gordon BPC at our 4-day poker seminar we organized for our best students and coaches. (We organize meet-ups at least once per year, this year we had it in Malta, but the video below is actually from our last year's seminar in Croatia).

It will give you a good idea of the approach we take in poker, what factors we consider important (outside strategy), and how you can start thinking about poker in a more professional way, let's say. If you just play poker for fun, then you don't have to do all of this, though it will still help - and it definitely applies to ANYTHING you do in your life.


- If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting the same results
- Change is the hardest thing in the world
- Don't run away from challenges - whatever scares you the most, you probably need it more than anything
- If you get poker coaching, do it learn how to CRUSH poker, not to be "happy" and "feel good". A coach should kick your ass if/when needed, so be careful of guys who are always nice to you. This applies to any other discipline - if you follow sports, look around and you see the most successful coaches like to scream often Wink Could say the same for friends (i.e. if they don't kick your ass when you fcking up your life, they are not real friends), for example, but that's another topic.
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What do you guys think of mindset coaches such as Elliot Roe?
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Haven't bought any of his products personally, but from what students who did try it said, my understanding is he is good for short-term focus, whereas we focus on building a long-term solution, more of a mindset change that will keep on evolving even after the student leaves the program. Many said they came out completely transformed personally, though that happens in all good intensive coaching programs.

So, let's say you watch a couple of motivational videos on Youtube, with Rocky, guys pumping weights in the gym, motivational music, etc. You will feel motivated for a few hours for sure. And that's helpful to get you started, or over a slump, or whatever.

But, whereas motivation gets you started, habits keep you going. We focus on building habits.

I see Elliot has a review from Fedor, saying " I listened to his hypnosis mp3 before playing tournament xyz, and it helped me focus", etc. That's kind of my understanding. It's like that motivational video on youtube, it will pump you up and keep you focused for a while, then you listen to it again next time I suppose.

For long-lasting change, I think you need to work more closely and long-term with somebody to really change his personality.

I don't think you can get that from mp3 hypnosis. Not trying to hate on Elliot, good luck to him and like I said I'm sure his stuff helps and has a purpose. Maybe he does other things in personal coaching, I don't know.

I like Jared Tendler's stuff, wrote an article about it a while back, his books are great imo, also these 2 videos explain his theory very well: LINK to blog with his 2 videos

In general, it's good that people are focusing on that side of poker, but I have a feeling many "mental coaches" even outside of poker simply try to sell things "your taxi driver could tell you for free", as Gordon said in one vid.

Gordon actually made a video on mental coaches, not saying it applies to Elliot or anything, but it gives a clue about BPC's perspective on this. You can watch the video here:

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Jon-PokerVIP: What do you guys think of mindset coaches such as Elliot Roe?

I gave myself a policy to never comment negatively on a "competing" coach/business (altho Elliot is not really competing with us) unless somebody gets out of line. I might say most training sites suck, but i would never say training site XXX sucks.
So the fact i say something is positive Wink

We have sold some of his MP3's a while ago, people like his Hypnosis method. I never "got it", but many other people i know love it. So it's not an endorsement, but he's also personally respectable from our interactions we had so if you're not into the hammer-hammer-push-hard method that i use, checking out Elliot is certainly something people should do.

What i generally laugh at is how micro or even low stakes players book individual 1-1 coaching with ANY mindset coach. They are needy attention whores ( i know how many people just want to TALK) who usually just need to be slapped. You don't need a poker therapist... it's something for rich people. Like peak performance coaching.... u do that when u already perform and not when you're a low stakes sucker.
It's a weird form of narcism.

My view is that most psychological "illnesses" are illusions and deep down just ways to crave for attention OR a way to excuse inaction. That's very simplistic, but it's a shame because they make those look ridiculous who really DO HAVE issues that are serious.

I personally can easily (and have done it!!!) "heal" 99% of psychological stuff.

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Every player tilts, it's natural. But most don't realize or do anything about it.

At BPC we put a lot of emphasis on the mindset of a poker player. All of our students receive systematic training, a series of videos which often completely change the way they see poker. The video below is a sample of the mindset training we give to our students.

In this video, Gordon explains how and why his method works, and gives you practical daily exercises you can apply to your game, that will make a big difference.

>>> Watch Simple System to Stop Tilting here

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Needless to say i would NEVER call myself a mindset coach. Although that's ironically what some people say was their biggest value working with BPC and myself in person.

What i think they got is a WINNER mentality, which you can only get from somebody who has DONE what you want to do.
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How to play a hand: mindset. This is a short sample from our coaching courses, giving you a quick insight into how you can approach poker in general, if you are in it for the money (which you should be, at least partly - if not mostly).
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The #1 most important thing for aspiring poker professionals:

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Visions, Goals and Dreams for Poker Players
This is a lecture from last years 4-day BPC seminar in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Watch it, and take notes! Wink There are some legendary stories about students exploding after this 4-day seminar event, coming home, changing their environment, getting their shit together and starting to absolutely crush the tables.

Steezy, for example, made 30k in 12 months before the seminar, and in his first month after this seminar made $30k (hard to believe, but true!!). Here's a blog post we made about him: LINK.

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Really cool video!
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Coach m1ndCtrl makes a speech about mindset to a student:

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Are bots in online poker a problem?

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Merry Christmas!

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Is online poker rigged?

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I don't agree with this. This is not the right solution. If this was to be raised then only call, and if we did not have to raise what we must do raise.

Sorry that I spread on this topic but I can not find where to start a conversation on this subject.:)
...and my english, horrible .... I know ....sorry.
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Hi, @BigBigWolf, what kind of conversation you want to start? What hands to open preflop?
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