Posted 3 years ago
Thank You for advices mr. F, I think You always pick the right words.
Posted 3 years ago
Guys you owe me 12 $, today I decided to play only on the advice of your website and loss only the English fish. Contact opanents with garbage hands 100%. Think how you money comes back to me:)
Posted 3 years ago
I operate a strict "No Refunds" policy on any losses. I'll take a % of your winnings happily though Wink
Posted 3 years ago
:DI'm willing to pay%, but I have all the time minus. Let you pay me right now and I'll Smile
Posted 3 years ago
I have justed started playing and am trying to educate myself, I play a lot and read a lot especially regarding playing at microstakes.

I am trying to play with a raise or fold mentallity however i have noticed in a number of sessions i slip into just calling and believing i can out play on the following streets - I am trying to eleminate this as i know its not the best way to play.

What I have found is that I seem to spend ages waiting for cards in my opening range it is tight (still learning) but loosens up around the button, one trick that works for me is every time i get nothing I just use it as one more hand closer to something to play with.

I dont have yissues with losing to fish, even in my relatively small playing time I have seen miracles happen regularly to me again I just mentally think have I played the best way and got it in good if so then they are only loaning it for a little while before it comes back home.

Posted 3 years ago
@castigers222 then even if you are losing at the moment, you are already a winner SmileBowing

gl Smile
Posted 3 years ago
@castigers222 - When you say you are playing with a raise of fold mentality, I presume you mean when you are first to put money in the pot? If so, then yes, I never open limp. However, if somebody has raised before you then not having a calling range is a mistake.

Glglgl with your journey, feel free to post any questions you have.

Posted 3 years ago
Sorry not very clear yes opening a pot raise or fold....I tend to have a calling range which i try to adjust to the players Iam against and the table micro level I have quickly learnt that sometimes no matter raise or call the flop will often be seen by 2,3 others, 3 bet works against 'thinking' players but again at this level there are loads of action players in to see some flops.

At the moment my playing range is relatively tight AA - 88, AK-A9s/os, KQ/KJs/os 89s -KTs- COand BUT I will add A8 - A5s/os and lower suited connectors to around 56s - at present not introducing gap suited cards ( my reading skills are not good enough yet)

Happy to steal against uber tight players and know if they play back to not get sucked in.

other than that I am concentrating on figuring out my opponents range (again not easy at micro level as they basically can have any two cards) I follow Blackrains79 strategy aggressive pre flop 85% CB on flop....unless got a nut hand against micro players who show strength on turn/river they usually have the nuts learn to lay down even AA. (this is a bg learning curve but heyho at this level Ill pay to get better lol)

thanks for all the advice


Posted 3 years ago
I play poker since around 10 years. I was playing tournament in my early's then I switch to cash game. When I begin to play tournament, i had read harrigngton's volume. Now, I know this strategy don't work anymore because you need a more complex strategy to win tournament. But Lastly, I decided to focus my energy on cash game. I think, the most important things about poker si to have a solid strategy,
Posted 3 years ago
@LecrystalQC I disagree 100% with the idea that tournaments require a more complex strategy than cash games. Tournaments are often played at stack depths of ~20bb for the majority of them, the majority of decisions are whether to go all in preflop a pretty % of the time in the later stages. I'm not saying tournaments are necessarily easy, but it is generally accepted that cash game strategy is more complex as you are frequently dealing with 100bb+ stack sizes which allow for multiple streets of action.
Posted 3 years ago
What I mean was, the strategy that I learned in Harrington's volume don't work anymore.
Posted 3 years ago
LecrystalQC: What I mean was, the strategy that I learned in Harrington's volume don't work anymore.

I'm sure that @fergrberger will have no problem agreeing with that. Harrington is fairly outdated now. It's obviously not totally useless since you can still learn from it about poker fundamentals, but you're better off learning from other sources.
Posted 3 years ago
After reading back on your message I absolutely misunderstood what you were saying, my bad!!

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