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Hello guys! Im a PLO player playing at the 5max-10max(I know, not that high, YET!), and I have one question about my Pokertracker/leaktracker.

All of my numbers are well within the "right" numbers to have, according to the LeakTracker, except fold to flop bet, fold to turn bet and fold to river bet. I know the easy answer to this question will be: "dont fold that much!"
But in my mind I dont fold hands I dont have the right odds to call, I, off course, dont fold the hands I think im holding the best hands in, and I often don`t fold when I think I`m up against a bluff.

Can some of you guys help me clarify this leak, and what is the best way to do something about it. How am I gonna turn it around? As i startet the thread with, all of the other numbers are well withing the "right" numbers, but all of my fold-stats are WAY too low. Need some help here guys!

Also, I think the microlimits PLO at Pokerstars are very possible too crush, and I think I`m on the right track, but do some of you guys have some good tips and tricks, some guidelines to crushing the micros in PLO, they will be very appriciated?



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Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
So the simple answer, is there's no simple answer, go through the database you have on HM2/PT4 and tag spots where the folds could be considered marginal, run it through odds oracle or similar, I would focus on HU spots to begin with, as multiway you should be tighter anyway, consider if you should be using blockers/floating when in position more.

In answer to the second point, yes it's very beatable, but with high rake, and low rakeback, if you can beat plo on stars, you would likely be better off playing elsewhere
Posted 3 years ago
When you say the numbers are out, what kind of deviation are you looking to correct from what you think the optimal should be? There are a lot of alternative possibilities as to why the numbers are out.

Leakbuster helped me a bit with PLO, but I personally did not continue to try and guide my game to what it deemed to be optimal ranges for all the stats it looked at.
Posted 3 years ago
It is possible to crush micros, no doubt about that.

What comes to leakbuster, I would say that the smaller the stakes are, the less useful it is. If you play PLO5 Zoom the optimal strategy is totally different than some PLO20/PLO50 games with mostly other reg players.

PLO is such a fun game that it is not completely "solved". You can make money in different styles, and as stats always correlate are dependable on other stats and game strategy, we might get false information if we just focus on one stat and forget all the others.

I would say that leakbuster probably gives good information if you have big fundamental leaks, but it's not a bible that says you HAVE to play like it suggests.

And in PLO your number might be right, but not the content. I have seen really nice preflop opening raise stats, but the actual hand selection was way off. Like with 3betting, your frequency might be good but the hand selection is not.

You can post the stats here for starters. Smile

P.S. If you fold a lot, then you can't fix it by "not folding so much". The core reasoning for folding is deeper, and you have to work on that to change the outcome. You have to find out which folds are bad and why. And when you understand that, you can start to work on correcting it.

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