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So figured I best start this as UFC is just getting so good but also is events like Bellator!

Main reason for opening it this second is Paul Daley's flying knee knockout this weekend


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Posted 2 years ago
Yeah, that was an insane knockout! Great idea for a thread too.

When it comes to UFC related subjects I'm still interested in what's in store for Ronda. On the one hand, it's hard to get back to the ring after getting knocked out back to back with insane head-kick and barrage of punches on the other her decreased popularity in UFC will no doubt result in fewer movie/show business opportunities. I'm curious to see what she does next.
Posted 2 years ago
Lots has been said about here recently and Dana has come out a few times on TMZ now and said it is game over for her. She is apparently looking for a new place to live somewhere more discreet than LA and is just gona have a peaceful life


She does not seem the type to just give up and run away from the spotlight. I also think she could do insanely well in other areas of the UFC and even comeback and fight perhaps one day if she dedicates herself to it.
Posted 2 years ago
This was quite shocking

Posted 2 years ago
Problem with MMA videos is they all get taken down at some point so embed is fucked!

Just seen this elbows video...dang they are lethal

Posted 2 years ago
I'm hearing more and more rumors lately about the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight. Do you think there's any chance it's going to happen?
Posted 2 years ago*
Did anyone saw the UFC 211? What a great show that was (spoilers ahead). The first fight was among the most boring MMA matches I've ever seen, but things improved considerably after that. Yair Rodríguez is one of the most exciting fighters in the sport right now, but his lack of experience showed as his game was really deconstructed by the elite grappler Frankie Edgar. Maia vs. Masvidal was actually kinda similar to the first fight of the night if we compared the approaches of both fighters, except it was actually really good, at least as far as technical fighting is concerned. Speaking of technical fighting, Joanna gave us another masterclass in striking, but the amount of punishment Andrade was able to endure was truly exceptional. And lastly, Stipe Miocic is becoming my favorite MMA fighter. I absolutely love his fighting style. He's almost like a slower but a few times more powerful version of Cody Garbrandt (who I also like very much). Both fighters are elite at boxing and great at wrestling, they are able to stay on their feet for the majority of their fights and I love watching their matches. Miocic also seems like an extremely good guy, a true blue collar fighter and I really appreciate that.

Overall, if you skipped the UFC 211 you might want to correct that mistake Smile
Posted 2 years ago
I don't disagree with your write-up, but I'm guessing you missed the prelims? As often happens, some of the best action was there. The Poirer-Alvarez match was shaping up to be fight of the year candidate, until the terrible ending. And two replacement dudes I've never heard or (Sherman and Coulter) put on a heavyweight slobberknocker.

Edgar was awesome. Both champs looked good, but I didn't find their fights to be very engrossing. Joanna, it was clear she was superior by the 2nd, and never lost control. Stipe, he's a beast. Maia was def interesting to watch, I like the BJJ techniques even though I know almost nothing about it.

Looking ahead, next two cards aren't too compelling (though Aldo/Holloway should be a good fight). Thank fucking god Bisping will (eventually) have to fight Romero, who is the scariest dude in MMA.
Posted 1 year ago
If people want to watch the McDonald-Daley fight, tx to our Russian friends, it's on the youtube. Though tbh, it's not a super compelling watch, Rory's on him virtually the entire fight.
Posted 1 year ago
Exactly the reason why he signed up to Bellator...barely gonna get tested or scratched and can just dominate like this. Just cashing the cheques!
Posted 1 year ago
If the best competition was on pokerstars, but 888 wants to pay me 100% rakeback, bet yo ass I'm switchin' promotions.
Posted 1 year ago
Cody vs Dillashaw off.....Dillashaw vs Mighty Mouse...On?
Posted 1 year ago
Given how Might Mouse practically cleared out his division this fight sounds kinda interesting.
Posted 1 year ago
I'm much more of a casual vs 'real' MMA fan, but I've never understood how Mighty Mouse hasn't taken off. He's fucking electric, and clearly in the discussion for best ever. I'd watch him fight anyone.
Posted 1 year ago
I'm not an expert either but I can wholeheartedly agree. He makes fighting 125lbs killers look like the safest job on earth. He never get's hit, his stand up game and ground are both on an expert level. The guy is a joy to watch. The only issue is that he doesn't really have anyone in his weightless left to fight him.
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Posted 1 year ago*
Yeah, that knockout was insane. Gustafsson gave Teixeira a real beating and I wonder what will happen in this division after JJ vs DC fight.

Did anyone watch the UFC 212? It was over in a heartbeat. Lots of dynamic fights, lots of KO's. Kinda reminds you why at some point people complained about pay per view's featuring the Iron Mike ("It's going to be over in 90 seconds anyway!").
Posted 1 year ago
I missed it, and haven't found a good quality YT video of the fights yet. I do want to see the Aldo match, though at this point, we may have to start calling it the Holloway match. Aldo was one of the greatest ever, I hope people don't forget that. And who knows, maybe he'll be able to add to his game and keep on.
Posted 1 year ago
A classic tale of an old champion a little bit past his prime, losing to an extremely talented, extremely explosive and extremely hungry contender. There's a moment in this fight that you probably wouldn't care for but on the whole, it was close enough that I could see Aldo winning this on a different day. Oh well, getting old is something that not even the best of us are free from.
Posted 1 year ago
Now that it's official, what do you guys think about the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor fight? It's really hard to bet against Floyd, boxing is so different from MMA and Conor won't be able to use such a huge part of his arsenal but equally, he has youth and force of will on his side which probably raise the odds of the upset a good few percentage points. I'm really excited for the fight though I fear that it might be disappointing for the viewers. The most likely scenario is that McGregor - like so many others before him - will fail to penetrate Mayweather's defense, but I really hope that he manages to land a big one early, which should make things really interesting.

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