Posted 3 years ago
I try to ask can i add more HDD + SDD to that laptop.
Posted 3 years ago*
It depends on the laptop. Most modern laptops usually have one M.2 slot for SSD and one (very rarely 2) 2.5'' bay where you can place either a 2.5'' HDD or 2.5'' SSD. So for example in the previous laptop that you linked ( there's one free M.2 slot where you can add SSD later though you have to have some degree of computer knowledge in order to do that.

As a general rule if there's only one SSD or HDD included in a laptop there's usually place for the second one but that's not always true so make sure to link me the laptop that you chose before buying it so I can make sure that it has a free slot for an additional SSD or HDD.
Posted 3 years ago

I appreciate it. I'm going to look at the computers you gave me as soon as possible.
Posted 3 years ago*
@MattVIP Whats your choice between them? And why can you explaiın me?


2. LENOVO V510

3. HP 15
Posted 3 years ago
I'd definitely skip HP laptop. It has the weakest processor of the three and that's really important for poker. It has more RAM than the other two but you don't need 16GB for poker, 8GB is enough and you can always add more RAM later. Lastly, out of all the laptops that I used to own in the past HP ones had the most issues so personally, I'm not too fond of the company.

Lenovo V510 and Dell Inspiron 3567 are fairly similar except for two things. Lenovo has more storage space out of the box (128GB SSD + 1GB HDD) compared to Dell's single 256GB SSD. However, Dell is a more reliable company in my eyes and I know that 256GB storage space should be enough for me so I'd go with Dell. If you need more storage Lenovo V510 wouldn't be a wrong choice either.

Remember that none of the laptops that you linked has windows included so you'll have to install it on your own.

Posted 3 years ago
TY man. Ok now i will wait four 2 days maybe black friday can hit Turkey. After that i will go for dell.
Posted 3 years ago
I am thinking about building a new computer next month, but unfortunately am not going to be able to upgrade my monitor. I want to have a monitor where it can display 9 tables and I dont have to squint to see them, could you tell what parts do I need to look at with regard to my monitor. I have tried googling this, but am still unsure what parts you need to look at with regard to the monitor, is it the mobo or graphics card?.

Posted 3 years ago
I'm not sure if I understand the question. Can you try to rephrase it? So you won't be able to upgrade your monitor? What's your monitor model then? And as far as which parts affect your monitor it's always a graphics card (either dedicated that you buy separately or the one integrated into your CPU in which case you connect your monitor via a port on your motherboard) but you won't be able to affect the resolution of your monitor by changing a graphics card. In other words, provided that both PC's have minimal specs to run certain monitor the display will look the same on both very weak and very powerful PC.

Again I'm not sure if I understand what the question is so I'd be glad if you could follow up on it and I'll set you up sir Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Sorry mate, knew I should of left posting this til today after I had some Sleepy . I was gonna buy a new computer and a monitor, but now I can only afford to get a new computer, but I want to make sure the build will be able to support a really good monitor in future that I can at least 9 table without having to screw up my eyes, someone told me they got a 2560x1440 27in monitor, that was pretty cheap, so I was looking at these, but then I noticed this

Does this mean I would be able to fit even more tables on the screen compared to that 2560x1440?.

The reason I was asking about the parts was because I just thought you only need a graphics card to get your monitor working, but then I read somewhere about some special port you need to be able to use monitors with resolutions bigger than 2560x1440, so then I was thinking maybe you needed a special motherboard for this.

The CPU am looking to build my computer around is a Ryzen 7 1700.
Posted 3 years ago
Gus Fring: but now I can only afford to get a new computer

Though this is making me rethink that.

Do you think this is a decent monitor, and would it enable me to have 9+ tables up?.
Posted 2 years ago
Hey @Gus Fring. 2560x1440 should allow you to play 9 tables with minimal to no overlap but this will vary depending on the poker room. The monitor that you linked looks decent though given that display is something that can outlive one or two pc upgrades I'd invest in something with a mat IPS display. Let me know if you still need help with your PC build.
Posted 2 years ago*
@Gus Fring I just got this for £270 in the boxing day sales, stuck it on a wall bracket
Posted 2 years ago
@hedonhiney Do you enjoy this kind of setup? Which poker room do you play at? And if you use a few different ones, is the Windows scaling in 4k resolution ever an issue for you (tables/cards/fonts are too small etc.)?
Posted 2 years ago
Set up works well, works fine on a number of rooms, resolution is 3840*2160 and everything is crystal clear

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