Unibet & Bet365

Posted 3 years ago

Anyone playing on these sites, how is the poker there, playerpools, rakeback?
Also does HUDs work or not?

Thanks Kim.

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Posted 3 years ago
I played unibet but almost 100% plo so no info on HE. No HUDs. Clearing bonuses is hard below NL25, this is prob true at most sites but iirc there aren't keyboard shortcuts on unibet so multitable grinding is difficult. That does make the player pop less skilled which is helpful.

Cash in and out no problems.
Posted 3 years ago
Cool thanks.
How do you "keep track" of your winrate or winnings? Just keeping an eye on balance before and after sessions?
Posted 3 years ago*
Hey @PokerKim I play a lot on Unibet. Very soft player pool there and under PokerVIP you will get some good returns. Up to 60% through VIP rewards + €200 new player bonus which clears at 24% + Entry to the PokerVIP $55,000 rake race (av 10% extra rb). Definitely a site I would recommend!

What games and stakes do you play? And yes as there is no tracking software allowed there isn't really a way to track your winnings other than checking your balance. You can however track how much you rake here on the PokerVIP website. Just create your Unibet account here and then add your login name to your dashboard under poker rooms. As soon as the next report is in you will see your rake data there.

I haven't played a whole lot on Bet365 myself but I hear the exclusive cash game tables there are very soft. These are not available anywhere else on the ipoker network and seem to attract a lot of fish! You can use a HUD there also.
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you for the reply!
I already have one account on Unibet so I guess I cant track my rakeback?
Unibet seems soft, havent played any on Bet365 yet. Smile
Posted 3 years ago*
If you haven't used your Unibet account for a while, PM me your login name + email please and I can request for a retag for you to get you under our deal Smile

Are you in the UK by the way?
Posted 3 years ago
Well I have used it quite abit but thanks anyway!

Im in Sweden.
Posted 3 years ago
You have used it within the last 3 months yes?

Party Poker is also another good option for Swedish players. Nice soft games and a good amount of traffic. You will get up to 40% rakeback paid weekly + $55k Rake Race (av 10%) + 100% up to $500 fd bonus (20%) so you can get some decent returns.

Again if you have an old account we can possibly get you a retag there!
Posted 3 years ago
I just opened my bankroll on bet365 (actually mostly because i wanted to stream some sports over their betting site)

Software is fine, but i have seen better
playerpool is extreemly soft - including me of course Smile
HUD works, I experience some compatibility problems with HM2 as the active session does not get refreshed the way it should, but everything else works fine
first deposit bonus clears very nice.
Missions start to be interesting when playing NL10 or when you are willing to play tournaments with a buy in of 5 or more

unfortunatly my bet365 screenname is still unconfirmed here Crying
Posted 3 years ago
Hi mate, I have addressed your Bet365 issue via e-mail Smile

Any more questions let me know

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