Posted 6 years ago
Duran: Mexican here, obv Corona. i wish we could get beers from the international field, the most international we get are maybe budweiser and guiness.

haha all i ever imagine is your bbqing and drinking corona whilst maybe sniffing something ;). Does this make me racist?
Posted 3 years ago*
A thread that never should have been allowed to die.

I'm a summertime, fruity beer guy, and this one is a Gose (wheat beer) from a local microbrewery. It's so good, in a semi-buzzed state I wrote them the following letter:

Dear Driftwood:

It's summer and I'd like to look semi-decent in a bathing suit. But your Gose is so good that I can't stop drinking it. I'm never going to lose the last 5 pounds this way. So fuck you, Driftwood, for making such an awesome beer.

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Posted 3 years ago
Anything apart from Carling and Fosters! Puke

Warsteiner is probably my favourite. Used to have it on tap in the pub I worked at when I was 18. Must have spent half my weekly wage on pints of that stuff. It was like rocket fuel though. Vaguely remember having to close up the pub on a Sunday night after me and a few mates had knocked back a fair few. A 20 minute task turned into an hour long mission trying to get deadbolts into shutters!
Posted 3 years ago
@CycleVancouver The art on the bottle alone would be enough to convince me to try it. So good.

I have a love-hate relationship with stimulants and depressants. I'm still in my twenties (though at this point I'm hanging in by the skin of my teeth), but in the last year or two, I became super sensitive to both alcohol and caffeine. I suspect it's because of the fact that I lost something like one third of my bodyweight, but the effect was so profound that I decided to cut stimulants and depressants from my diet in 2017. However, if I decide to go back I'm pretty sure I'll break my alcohol fast with a nice fruity stout.
Posted 3 years ago*
Inability to tolerate my likka hit me in early-mid 30s. Anything 2+ beers and I can't sleep through the night. More of the BS that "won't happen to me!" but happens to all of us.

But yeah the artwork is incredible.

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