£10,000 by June 1st 2019

Posted 2 years ago

Whats up guys and girls! I haven't been on PVIP for ages and haven't really been grinding since 2016, but after a long time out trying some new things and making no real progress I had a Summer working abroad to reset and am planning to come back with a new plan of action. As part of my plan involved poker, and this was my favorite poker forum when I used to play I figured this would be the best place to update my journey.

The end goal is simple, have £10,000 in my bank account before June 1st 2019. This is not limited to poker, I have a part time job which pays fairly well, and I'm planning on finding other sources of income that I can do on the side. But, I really want to try and include poker in here as I believe it gives me the best chance to push myself to the £10k goal.

A little about myself now:

My name is Nick, I'm 24yo, I used to play 20nl/50nl for many years before I decided to quit and focus on learning to trade the stock market. Unfortunately I fell into the trap so many do with stock trading: an online guru shows how easy it is to make millions, buy into it, lose most of the initial investment and spend the next year working part time and not making any money trading. At the start of 2018 I actually began to make some money in the market before I made some stupid changes lost again and lost a lot of confidence in myself.

The £10k goal is really about me trying to be in a position next year to start trading again with a larger account after I have spent time researching and practicing with no money risk. It would also allow me to play higher live stakes poker which would also be cool and hopefully either poker or trading can one day provide me with an income that will not require me to have a real job.

I won't actually be back in the UK until September 7th and don't see myself playing much poker until after a month of work to build my bank account back up from my summer abroad! But I will spending a few nights in Vegas next week and although I'm going in with the attitude that the money I have for poker is entertainment value (and if I lose it all it's fine), if I do make profit that will start off my challenge earlier and give me a chance to start playing sooner when I get home.

As for the plan back home: I want to mix live and online poker with two separate bankrolls. I will probably start with around 400 online to get my feet wet playing 10nl when I can, and aim for 20k hands/month. My shots will be at 20BI and each time I'll have two BI to play with at the higher stake. Live my goal is to wait until my bank account is at £2,500 and to take £500 as my live shot. If I lose this I will wait until my account hits £2,500 again. If I run good early on and build up I will take shots at 1/3 when my account makes it to around £5,000 with £600 shot. My goal is to play live once or twice a week depending on my work and on the bankroll - I won't over play if I'm at £2,500, that is when I want to preserve capital for when I get paid again and can have a larger live cushion.

I will probably only update weekly or something as I won't play enough online to make daily updates worthwhile, maybe I'll make live updates Laugh

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Posted 2 years ago
Welcome back Nick!

This sounds awesome. I don't know much about stock market but I have been in crypto for around 12 months now and it's been a tough few months so I can see where you're coming from!

Where are you planning on playing online? 20k hands is a nice monthly target
Posted 2 years ago
Yeah I stayed away from cryptos, its pretty crazy the swings in there!

I think I may try and play on GGPoker, that looks like a nice soft site, although I'm fine to shop around a bit Laugh Live is going to be my main focus I think, more chance of running something up to get me to 10k! If Vegas does go well, which I'm hopeful but not expecting lol, then I will have the roll earlier to play live which would be really cool to come back to!
Posted 2 years ago
GG is insane! Are you signed up with us?

I'm sure you will crush in Vegas, get on there with some tourists and I'm sure you can kick start this challenge!
Posted 2 years ago
Not yet, when I get back home I'll sort out accounts and everything.

I'm hoping I get some run good early v the tourists and can really spin it up. I'm going incognito: Hawaiian shirt with top three buttons undone, so hopefully will get some action :'D
Posted 2 years ago
gl boss. really looking forward to reading progress.
Posted 2 years ago


Updating a little late because I wanted to catch some extra sleep! Last night I played poker for the first time in Vegas!! Bucket list item right there!

Overall I played around 7 hours 30 mins from 10:15pm to 5:45am at the Venetian. The games are amazing!! Here are a few hands of note:

KQo open utg +1 btn & bb call both fish.
Flop AJ8 I cbet 16 into 25 both call
Turn k checks through
River 2 checks through again and I win lol gives you an idea how soft the games are!!

I open QJs utg $8 hj (reg) calls an sb (fish) call.
Flop Q9x check check, reg bet $12 sb call I call.
Turn x checks through.
River K checks to reg who bets $50 into $62 fish folds I tank call not able to out him on JT or Kx as he surely bets turn with those. He shows 33.

This one was on my final orbit Laugh

AA on btn, straddle and call I raise to 12... Three cold calls behind + straddle + pfr!
Five to flop AT9, initial pfr donka $20 I raise to $70 cold call from SB everyone elss folds.
Turn T I bet 100 villain fold. I think checking here or betting $50 with $200 behind is way better but oh well.

Overall +$270 from the first night. Could have been a lot better but happy enough with how I played.

Heading off again tonight Laugh
Posted 2 years ago


Played at Ceasears Palace last night, was a lot less eventful but ended up $55. I was down almost $100 at one point then had one big hand to get me +$180 or so then chipped away for the next three hours.

Only real interesting hand I wrote down:

A4s bb, limps through 7 to flop.
Ah4h5 SB (think he is a reg) bets 12$ into $14 I raise to $30. Utg cold calls sb calls.
Turn blank I bet $80 utg calls all in for 60ish SB calls
River T check check. Could bet otr? As SB looked reggy I figured he isn't calling with Ax much and probably has missed draws so thin value wasn't worth it, but certainly could make a case for betting $100.
Posted 2 years ago
Sounds like you are holding your own out there! What's the general vibe like over there? Full of obvious tourists or?
Posted 2 years ago
AshVIP: Sounds like you are holding your own out there! What's the general vibe like over there? Full of obvious tourists or?

Yeah definitely, like they all play poker back home locally as well I reckon at least some of the time, it's not quite people sitting down asking why the dealer gets 5 cards when they only get two 😂 but the games are definitely softer than London casinos, I reckon 10bb/hour is possible at $1/2 here back home maybe only 5-7, but could also be running good Cheeky
Posted 2 years ago
So back home now in the UK Laugh I finished up around $325 on the tables in Vegas but only $200 of that was mine and I might have bought an upgrade for my flight at the airport so I came home with a little less than I really should have oops lol.

My plan now is to study pretty hard for a few weeks then hit the online felts over at GG with around a 400-500 Bankroll and try and spin it up a bit Laugh

My goals for the coming 9 months for just poker are to try and get back to playing 50nl online and play 2/5 live... if I achieve those before June I will be super happy and I think both are definitely possible!
Posted 2 years ago
Welcome home! Don't blame you at all for the upgrade, the worst thing about America is getting there! Laugh

Looking forward to updates, some nice goals there!
Posted 1 year ago*
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Just going to put this here lol 10nl on poker stars is ridiculously soft and easy

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