18 days in the Diary, Go big or go broke

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Merry xmas all

Day 18 and living the dream on unibet, playing 500/1000 hands per session playing between 2/6 tables at 4nl. Dreaming of the dizzy heights of 50nl standard stuff etc. Been playing a while and I also like to dabble in MTT's.

I cant track anything on Unibet so I have started my own diary which I have imaged below, its really good to look back on a session. (this does mean you have to remember hands etc).

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I seem to have better results when i 6 table rather then 4 table..I think its because I reduce my decisions and play a simple game and I dont tilt because there is no time for tilt. I cant watch the action so I probably miss vital info also.

My bankroll shows as £120 at the start but I took a bit out and put it in the savings account being a sensible 32 year old but part of me whats to take it out so I can play 10nl. I want to move to a bigger house next year but feels like I am holding myself back from moving up stakes.

Since Unibet has updated the software it has decided to crash on me a few times I am considering moving back to a micro-gaming site but I think the games on UB are better. Has anyone else had any random crashes or timeouts when you cant do anything?

General goals
Fold more
100k Hands
Reach 50NL (one day)
Bink a MTT (2nd place so far on 888)

Random Questions
Unibet or Microgaming?
How does everyone keep motivated to keep on grinding?
Is TIgergaming a no hud site? what are the games like?
Streaming setups - How do you have 4 tables up and can switch between the 4 etc to show the action.

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Posted 4 years ago
Hey Daveo,

I get motivated by setting monthly and weekly goals. For example, monthly goal is to play xx,xxx hands and the weekly goal is to play X hands to achieve the monthly goals.

As for UB and MG, I'd stay where the games are better and that sounds like UB, you'll make more money there. As for streaming setups, doesn't Unibet do that by default?
Posted 4 years ago*
Xmas was pretty good parents gave me a huge donation towards a house move so next year il be moving out of my flat to a house, quite excited about that.

The words mega tilt describe how I feel about unibet, I haven't been running well and I can get passed that and accept every session isnt going to be winner but when the software dies when your in a hand with 2 whales that just want to dump there stack in the middle and you have AQ on a 10J9 flop and we have 40bbs in the middle and you lose crazy value Sad

Took a few stabs at 10nl on unibet and very conveniently i ran into premium hands and sets in my first few hands so barely played 50/100 hands at 10nl. The play was also a lot tighter and more blind battles. The player pool at 10nl is also pretty small 130 right now and its 9pm. Il try again at 10NL when i get to 22 buyins.

Going to take a break tomorrow, gota work late fighting fraud tomorrow night. I would like a new site but tried most of them and never fallen in love with any of them. My home made graph is below its only one month of play.

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Posted 2 years ago
Its been a year...only feels like yesterday.

Poker hasn't been on my mind recently, nearly lost my job a few months ago and been seriously ill. I hate my job so I wouldn't have minded to much about that but the stress was insane. The illness was gross, having a needle put into the back of your throat a few times made the dentist chair feel like nothing.

So trying to sell my flat, I think I need the whole place re decorating....I hate DIY.

Been playing on Unibet and Tony bet recently, It has felt like people have been donating money at times but thats a good thing Laugh
Trying to do the missions on Unibet aswell for those VIP points which breaks up the grind. Just happy to be playing/streaming again and not on various tablets.

I still want to curl one out on my bosses desk though.

(My last couple of sessions below)

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Posted 2 years ago
Welcome back and I hope you're feeling a lot better.
You trying 10nl again yet, or getting back into the swing of it first?

DIY sucks and just interferes with my life.
Posted 2 years ago
yeah just chilling in 10nl and completing the challenges on unibet for the reward system.

Not sure if i wanna buy MTT tickets or just get the cash grind bonus.
Posted 2 years ago
Welcome back daveo!

Not fancy starting a new journey thread with this new comeback and looks like increased bankroll?

Post when you stream as well, will be sure to check in!
Posted 2 years ago
I didnt think starting a new Journey was worth it Wink

Been talking about trying mtt's and looking at being staked. I dont know if staking is for me.
Posted 2 years ago
Past 3 days played 8-10 hours in total and its went quite well. I should be attempting 25nl but the pool is half the size of the 10nl pool, should I expect the games to be tighter or should I be calling lighter as a population read?

Maybe I just need an adult Wink

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Posted 2 years ago
The stab at 25nl went well on day one and day 2 it turned into a car crash, but we got in good 3 out of 4 times. The worst was my AKs v pocket 55s for 90bbs effective.

I have to drop back down to 10nl. You can see by the image we lost 4 buyins at 25nl.

Attached Image

What I learnt from 25nl was that if they tank and then go all in on the Turn they have it 99% of the time. I dont understand the button V SB hands when the SB takes the lead post flop. Its usually nutted or ultra week, I dont know how to play against it.

Posted 2 years ago*
What do you think of unibet overall? Soft still these days? Also how’s the traffic there? Good luck mate!
Posted 2 years ago
Unibet is decent but you can identify the regulars even when they change there usernames sometimes just on some weird tendencies. Unibet offer cash game tickets for there vip points so you usually get on person trying to unlock the ticket value and playing to many hands.

At peak hours at
4nl 250-400
10nl 180-200 players
25nl 60-120.

The software has crashed on me once when I was streaming but its good value with the current flip promo they have. Going to be playing MTT's also to break up the cash grind.
Posted 2 years ago
Ah ok, I need a new pc. The graphics on Uni Bet have been glitching so I can't do that just yet. I've been playing on Microgaming but the traffic has been shit lately. The 20nl games right now aren't even running. Might have to bear with Stars until I get a new PC I think.
Posted 2 years ago*
Currently streaming for a few hours https://www.twitch.tv/daveouk
Posted 2 years ago
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/232792308 - pain

Treating you to a video this time its one hand about 2mins long and you get to watch me get value bet...

Attached Image

I talked about the promos above on Unibet, in the image is one of the 10NL tickets which is now at x3 the value just need to see 30 more flops with it and that goes into the account.

Feel like playing MTTS because the player pools above 25nl are very small and I cant see myself having much if any edge. Saying that I would probably be a awful MTT player.
Posted 2 years ago
Been playing alot of MTTS, the past week enjoying it more then the cash grind. I think i like to gamble for the bink.

Best result was 8th in the Bubble rush on stars, gutted I couldn't get to heads up but I was a mid stack going into the FT and there wasn't a huge pay jump until 4th. I got knocked out in a huge flip with AKs in the BB Vs JJ all in shove pre from the CO.

Unibet £5 bounty MTT is alot of fun, highly recommend this one if your looking to flip for bounties.

Mite do a small low risk package (10-20%) with no mark up for next weekend. My profile to pocketfives is here not a huge amount to look at I have been a very casual MTT player but think i mite be addicted to flipping.
Posted 2 years ago
Also want to look into OPL if my work schedule will allow it Wink

Just bought a 35inch monitor ultra wide.... Laugh
Posted 2 years ago
I'd deffo recommend having a go at the OPL for all the added money!!

Will buy a piece if you put a package up in the market place as well!
Posted 2 years ago*
Signed up to two of the OPL events, just cant get into the guts one the link on the OPL page takes you to Betfair's tourney details

If i can get a PM with the password to Saturdays MTT it would be appreciated.

In other news came 2nd in the $1 Goldfish for $130, up to 3am grinding this and then was in work for 8am.

No idea how to build a package, still thinking about what to include for saturday.
Posted 2 years ago
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