2NL Zooming

Posted 4 years ago


I am creating a blog to keep a record of my poker journey.

I play 4 tables of 2nl Zoom 6max.

I've taken shots at 5nl in the past and each time I have failed.

So this time, I'm going to stay at 2nl for the time being and rebuild my bankroll so in the future I'll have enough buy-ins to be at 5nl.

During this time at 2nl, I also want to progress my strategy. I have many videos on my computer that I'll watch along with videos on here. Alongside this, I will post hands in the evaluation forum.

A little about me:

I'm 23 years old and I've been playing poker casually for the last 4 years.

I'm in University right now and work full time, so it goes without saying that my time for poker will be at most a maximum of 10 hrs/week.

I live in Canada and I reside in one of the best cities in the world! Toronto!

To help my progression, I will be recording my sessions and uploading them online.

So anyone who wants to comment on any hand can!


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Posted 4 years ago
hey! I see you've been a member for 2 years, you've taken your time to start this journey Smile

If you post a link here to any video i'm sure a few of us will take a look. Jon also does free video reviews for PokerVip members. Do /you use a HUD? Its always good to see graphs on peoples progress.

GL at the tables
Posted 4 years ago
University and work full time...wow man sounds like you are the definition of a grinder (hard worker).

What you studying and what is your job?

Question when you shot took at 5nl did you continue to play 4 tables?
Posted 4 years ago
Here is my 100k hands at 2nl.

Mostly zooming and I'm satisfied with my results.

Ran over ev Smile

Yeah doing university and work full time and doing other things is very stressful.

Time management and prioritizing tasks are both equally important if you want to be successful balancing this life.

I am studying business in Toronto, and I work at a vinyl manufacturing company. We produce exterior products for doors, windows, sheds, and many other things.

When I took shots at 5nl, I played 1 table for an hour and it was too boring so I opened up an extra 3.

So far, I have not been successful at beating 5nl.

I've been watching videos that I've stock piled and some on here too. I've also been posting hands every now and then here.

I'm going to put in another 100k hands at 2nl and by that time I believe I'll be competent enough to beat 5nl speed poker.

My plan is to move out of stars and into full tilt mainly because the games are looser (23%) compared to like 15% at 5nl stakes. I'm also moving because I'll receive a deposit bonus so that's a huge incentive for me.

I know I haven't posted much (really busy), and I don't see that changing much in the future.

I'll definitely post updates on my journey when events/milestones are achieved.


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Posted 4 years ago
DaysInTheNorth: I work at a vinyl manufacturing company. We produce exterior products for doors, windows, sheds, and many other things.

Lol, sorry. Straight away I thought of this.

Good luck with your journey. Yes

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Posted 4 years ago
Hey man! I'm 2nl zooming too, and have failed at 5nl shots a couple of times now. Variance kills my 5nl shots every time I give it a go. At the moment I'm trying to grind it up back to a roll where I can take another shot.

I noticed I don't make stupid moves and playing based on emotions after I've started my own journey here, as if I'm not only for myself anymore, I have a blog where people can see how I'm doing, and this kinda brings me to senses. I start thinking how I will post hands in the thread, get feedback, and get better. Gl with you next shots Wink
Posted 4 years ago
Wow, hey I'm from Toronto too !

I notice your winrate is wayyyy higher at the non-speed even though its a lol sample 400 hands or so. And that is an excellent winrate at zoom !
I've gone on and off zoom a large number of times, myself and I've found that my winrate is like 2 1/2 times higher at the non speed games at 2 NL.
Interesting to see how you progress with this, you probably have more patience than me at pursuing the proper style of play at zoom !

Posted 4 years ago
Thanks man!

It's pretty cool we both live in Toronto! I moved here 4 years ago and I absolutely love it here.

I also know for a fact my WR will be higher in non speed games, but I really hate closing games (when the table dies) and then searching for new tables. I'd rather just keep going and going.

With that being said, I'm sure you can achieve 10bb/100 for speed games over a large sample.

Right now I have enough buy-ins for 5nl (40+ buy-ins) which is sufficient enough for 5nl, but I'm choosing to stay longer at 2nl because of my leaks.

For example, I over-value overpairs and when they raise on the turn on a 5-6-2-10 rainbow board, it's most likely a set, but I always call and call off a big bet on the river and see a set.

I figured I'd stay at 2nl until I plug these leaks and become more mentally stronger too.

Anyways, I won't be playing poker much this week due to University exams which require my attention. Next week I'll be putting in more hours at the table, but right now it's about 500 hands a day for now.
Posted 4 years ago
All this talk of Toronto....SHOW US SOME PICSSSSSSS
Posted 4 years ago
Officially playing 5nl/10nl rush poker!
Posted 4 years ago
anyone know how to edit blog title?
Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem FullTiltPoker
6 Players

UTG metalblack666 $7.07
UTG+1 MishareN_1337 $4.29
CO marcpalm $8.01
D DevilsGates $6.74
SBHero $5.10
BB Mercurydoc $5.60
6$0.07Hero is SB55
1 fold, MishareN_1337 raises to $0.15, marcpalm calls $0.15, DevilsGates calls $0.15, Hero calls$0.13, Mercurydoc calls $0.10
Hero checks, Mercurydoc bets $0.37, MishareN_1337 calls $0.37, 1 fold, DevilsGates raises to $2.20, Hero goes all-in$4.95, Mercurydoc calls $4.58, MishareN_1337 goes all-in $3.77, DevilsGates calls $2.75
4$19.74, 2 all-in T
Mercurydoc goes all-in $0.50, DevilsGates calls $0.50
4$20.74, 3 all-in 9
Final Pot$20.74
Hero shows three of a kind, Fives 55
Mercurydoc shows Ace Queen high 4A
MishareN_1337 shows a pair of Fives A5
DevilsGates shows a pair of Queens Q7

Hero wins$18.58 (net +$13.48)
DevilsGates collects $0.94 (net -$4.66)
Mercurydoc collects $0.00 (net -$5.60)
MishareN_1337 lost $4.29
marcpalm lost $0.15

I believe I'll do well here Smile
Posted 4 years ago
So basically you quadrupled up in a cash game ! Wow !

Are you finding Tilt softer than Stars ?
Posted 4 years ago
yes tilt is softer than stars.

The average vpip at speed poker is like 25% at 5nl while it is around 15% at stars.

I don't mind the small traffic since I just play casually.

I'll probably go back to stars later in the future.

I think the deposit bonus and the softer competition is extremely +EV for me right now.
Posted 4 years ago
I might be wrong but isn't FTP measuring VPIP whereas stars measures the percentage of players seeing a flop?

That is why the numbers look so different. Rush is almost certainly softer but not as soft as it might appear if you're just using those raw numbers as a guideline.
Posted 4 years ago
Nice blog mate.

How come you decided to go straight into 5 / 10NL just a few days after you said you'd stay at 2NL for longer? Just wandering what changed, what thoughts you had?
Posted 4 years ago*
Regitime, you may be right...I never thought about that....

@killjoy1987, I wanted to stay at 2nl to build a bigger BR so when I deposit at FT, I can get near the maximum amount for depositors bonus. Another reason why I thought about staying was because of my leaks, but I still think it's +EV to be at 5nl despite some of my issues.

So I figured I probably would not have been able to clear 500+ in bonus in 60 days considering my stake so I decided to withdraw most of my money from stars and play at FT.

So far my graph is going in the right direction and I look forward to sharing it with you guys in the near future.


Posted 4 years ago
deposited some money onto an ipoker skin. Playing 5nl speed poker at that site too.

I noticed at FT that whatever the amount I leave the table is the same amount is have to buy in for unless it's over $10.

For example, if I leave the table at $9, I have to buy in for $9.

So playing 180bbs is a lot different than playing 100bbs and that's why I figured I'd have a second site to play at when I double my buy-in and leave.

Regarding ipoker speed. It's a very crispy software and based on what I read, they are good to Canadian players.
Posted 4 years ago
Nice move - is that really right with FT? Sure you don't just have that as a preset buy in preference somewhere?

AFAIK no matter what you leave a speed/rush table with it vanishes then you can re-sit with whatever?
Posted 4 years ago
Jon-PokerVIP: Nice move - is that really right with FT? Sure you don't just have that as a preset buy in preference somewhere?

AFAIK no matter what you leave a speed/rush table with it vanishes then you can re-sit with whatever?

I can confirm that, I played a little Rush lately, and you cannot rathole, not sure if it's an hour or whatever to wait.
Posted 4 years ago
yeah can't buy in for less than what you left with if it's more than the table max ($5).

I'm assuming it's a method to get in as much money as possible into the pot so they can earn more rake.

Can't blame them.

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