Deadpebble's Journey - Bore yourself rotten!

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Hello VIP

My name is Tom Livingstone aka Deadpebble, DP, Trap_Door, Beeens. I am starting this thread to help me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time poker player. My work ethic to improve and become the player I dream of being is my greatest strength and I am in a position now to become the best player and person I can be (blah blah blah) You hear the same thing all the time from people I know, but one day I will look back at this and think 'Wow look where I started and where I am now'. I cant wait for that day. There's A LOT of hard work to come first though that's for sure.

I have been playing poker for about 10 years. I first started out playing £10 - £50 games in the local casino in Newcastle (whilst being in the RAF) and then ventured to playing online at Party Poker and then Pokerstars whilst continuing to play in local games. I am an MTT player, I would attribute my style to being a nitty TAG, although I do spaz out a lot because of my biggest leak. My bankroll management. More on that in a bit. I have played live cash in the casinos but have never played cash online, apart from the odd flutter. I changed my career in 2010, relocated to Reading, and started off my career in digital marketing. I now work as an SEO consultant (£30k pa) in the Milton Keynes area and reside here. I am single, have an 11 year old daughter who lives in Germany at the moment, and have commitments to see her and 'pay the bills' as such which has hampered my game and my ability to correctly bankroll manage.

My poker statistics can be seen below. My pokerstars alias is Trap_Door04. I went to the WSOP in 2013 and 2014 and played the daily deep stacks without too much success. For the first 4 months of this year I was out of work after being made redundant and spent a lot of time studying and playing poker, on a minimal budget, but had some fairly good results. I felt like I was making progress but my intention was always to get back into full time work.

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The biggest 'leak' I have with my game is poor BRM. I have never really been in a position to properly use BRM principles. It has affected my progression because I have been too quick in the past to cash out any earnings after making various deposits and playing above the limits that I can afford within my bankroll. I have found it difficult to play 50c MTT's because I have always been chasing that big win. I realise this is negative EV and I won't ever win. This is something I can take care of with the help of a coach, a platform for learning and studying, and a routine for playing poker and progressing my game. The motivation I have for improving is unrivalled and I am willing to do anything in order to reach the highest level. Other leaks I am aware of is playing out of position, and playing when tired. I am actively working on plugging these links with working on my mental game.

I have been studying poker a lot more in recent years and have read various poker books including 'The Mental Game of Poker 1&2, Harrington on Hold'em 1/2/3, Let there be range by Tri Nguyen, and watched various training videos on Gripsed and Runitonce. I have a good understanding of EV, ICM, Hand Ranges, and I use Poker Tracker 4 to find leaks in my game, look at my post flop play and where I am losing chips, and use Pokerstove and Flopzilla.

At this stage, I am not beating mid stakes MTT’s according to OPR but I know I have it in me to beat this level and move up the stakes. I have worked on my mental game immensely over the last 6 months but because my bankroll has been so limited, I bust it regularly as I like to test myself at stakes similar to what I would play live.

On a monthly basis you can expect me to play 25 hours a week roughly, playing 6-8 MTT’s at a time. I don’t like to play more than 8 tables at once as I feel it harms my decision making. I would allow 5 hours a week study time officially, however I have time during my day job to keep in touch with the poker world. I am always on the forums trying to find insights from the best of the best and soaking up all the information I can.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much. I wanted to document where I am at not just as a potential winner, but also my capability and commitment. I am very serious about becoming a crusher. My love for the game is unquestionable. My goal is to become a professional player, but I can't do it on my own. I am not ready yet but I will be.

I will use this thread to post up hand histories, blog about my journey. Sell pieces of my action, look for backing and staking. One day I will beat this game. Poker has changed os much since I started playing. Adjusting is one of the key factors to success not just on the felts but off it as well. Aspiring to be the best player you can be will undoubtedly reap its benefits off the felts as well. I have a duty to my daughter to provide her and myself with a secure future and my god I will achieve it.

Things to do by start of January:

1. Update/Upgrade work station with new chair and Laptop.
2. More discipline, DO NOT play when tired as this creates a loss of around 20%. And does not work with the principal of win more lose less.
3. Open New bank account and deposit $3500 for bankroll
4. Set up studying and playing schedule
6. Review pokertracker and focus on the ones where I think I could of got away from it, and review decisions I made. This is for personal development, and something I will need to do more when I get higher up. As leaks in play with start costing A LOT more.
7. Plan objectives for 2015
8. Find out from pokertracker what my average profit is per week at the current level. So I can put together a projection of what my income will be.
9. Anything made in live casinos goes into my bankroll account with 20% kept for personal spending.

If I can think of anything else to add I will, otherwise good luck at the felts everyone!!

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Good luck on this journey. I always recommend people start one of these as it really does help to keep track of this. Plus it lets us nosey fuckers see how your doing Wink

We don't have many MTT journeys so its good to see a few coming through. Will you be playing cash, or any other verity during this time? I may have missed it, but are you playing mainly on Stars or over a couple of places?

If you haven't done already, you should check out The MarketPlace for selling some of your action. You can build up a good reputation over there in no time.

GL at the tables.
Posted 4 years ago
Cheers @BarraBod ! Mostly MTT's across Stars, Party, Will Hill and Sky. I am definitely going to be playing cash, but not online, only live. I still have a lot to learn to beat online cash, but the local 1/2, 2/5 games in Luton are full of really bad fish so I will continuet to play live cash whilst grinding out MTT's.

I am selling this weekend. I have sold before and will continue to do so! Just putting a package together.
Posted 4 years ago
Buzzing you have decided to make a journey and apologies for my late response....i decided to drink and eat myself into multiple comas this weekend lol.

Ok so currently on £30k a year and want to become a full time poker player..SO....How much would you sacrifice to become a pro? Would you need to be earning £30k or more per year to do it or if someone said "listen you can be a pro forever and never earn more than £25k a year" would you do it due to maybe the freedom of the game or would you need to earn more? Also what scope is there on your current job? Could one day you be getting £50k just by doing what you do and slowly working your way up? Then how does poker income relate to that if you went pro?

The reason i ask is some people want to be a poker pro and just earn as much as possible, some want to become a pro just to get out of the 9-5 and would take a pay cut to do so.
Posted 4 years ago
@Jon-PokerVIP Awesome questions! And no need to apologise haha I would take a pay-cut to play full-time, but always want to work my way up. if soemone said you won't ever earn more than $25K a year, I would still do it. It's not just the playing poker which I love, it's also the social elements of it. if I was full time, my 9-5 routine wouldn't change. Maybe slightly to accomodate the best value in tournaments online, but my working day I would try to keep the same if I could.

My current job, I could be earning more than poker from if I apply myself, which I intend to do. I enjoy that I can always fall back on my career if poker didn't go to plan. But over all it's not about the money. It's about doing something which I truly love. I want to become pro not because of the money, and not because I want out of the 9-5, but because I love the game and want to be the best I can possibly be. If I am doing what I want, and what I love, then essentially I am winning at life which makes me happy.

Do you play full time @Jon-PokerVIP ? Or do you have other forms of income not poker related? If you do play full time, what level do you hope to get to?
Posted 4 years ago
That's a good answer and it is interesting you say that you like the social side of the game. I actually feel this leads to a leak of money as well travelling, drinking, eating, hotels and everything ain't cheap and if you like being social then the nights out will add up and you will perform worse in game. I also feel live games are not that social anymore as people are just quiet, waste time over decisions and can be often rude. But sometimes when you get a good table yes it is the best thing in the world!

I played pro for 9 years and now work with VIP where i run the forum, social media, coaching, staking and so on so i receive an income from that. As a pro the highest cash game i played was 100/200 heads up but my average level over the years was probably 500nl.
Posted 4 years ago
It leads to massive leaks without a doubt.Sometimes the travel and digs costs more than the bloody entry fee for me haha

I took a few pics of the Grand Prix on Sat but they are too big to upload. Played really well but busted QQ vs JJ on Jack high flop against an aggro fish for 60 bigs. Would have made day 2 if I win that pot but we soldier on!

Posted 4 years ago
I'm going to try and post in here at least once a week to keep myself updated as well as anyone interested.

Quite frankly I have had an awful few months on the felts. I have taken a severe dent in my life roll after busting my poker roll. Playing on tilt hasn't helped, but I also am aware I am running quite badly as well. I was doing very nicely in the big 55, not far from the money with a better than avg stack. Then I ran QQ into Q9, 1010 into 99, then QQ into 1010. It happened 3 hands in a row super quickly. I was left dumbfounded so pulled up the hand replayer after exciting the table to see if I could have done anything any differently. I still had the table open though and noticed a few regs were chatting about my exit so I had a read. Turns out one of them was holding A9 when 2 9's dropped on the flop against my QQ in the first hand, then the next hand he had 910 in the hold when the case 9 dropped from the 2nd hand. And lastly another guy who was also talking said he had A10 when a case 10 dropped against my QQ to knock me out! I don't get angry when I run bad, I get angry when I play bad, so found this quite amusing! In 10 years of playing, the only other run of beats I can remember like this is when I was holding AK on a AK7 flop, got bluff raised all in by 34, turn and river 44. That was for a huge pot on cash like £800 or something.

I love poker, but it's a bloody brutal game!!! haha
Posted 4 years ago
It is a brutal game and there may be a more brutal way to look at the downswing rather than just a bad run.

Bad runs happen to us all and a lot of MTT grinders have no money and are just spewing it all away. As they never look at ROI's in specific games and just play everything. They also play when tired, don't focus in early stage spots and yeh just have no plan.

Also to play a $55 tournament that can get expensive especially when it is just part of a daily grind. A few $200 per night grinds can quickly become a $5k loss even for very good players. Its just the reality of online tournaments.
Posted 4 years ago
Binked a Sunday Milly seat and busted 13th in a $51 hyper after being 1/18 Sad Love this game and feel I am improving slowly. Just bought Gripsed MTT Video Strategy bundle see how I get on with that. One area of my game I am trying to improve is my reshoving staregy. I always seem to get it in during the wrong moments so will report back of hopw this improves. I am about top start coaching with Jareth East. Can't wait for the fun to start!
Posted 4 years ago
Iyaaaaa unlucky in the hyper bro....couple losing hands in those and its game over innit.

How much was the pack and what is inside it?

What's the 2016 goals?

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