Getting Healthy and Winning Stacks!

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Hey folks,

I'm starting off a new thread to document my progress with Jaime Staples MyUltimateSweat challenge! For those unfamiliar with it - The basic premise is you can set whatever targets you wish over the next three months and document your progress. A winner will be chosen at the end of it all and they will be awarded a platinum pass which is buying to a $25k event along with $5k travel money, so the total package is worth $30k.

I've been on a bit of a health buzz the last few months already and this has given me the motivation to kick it up a gear. I've set out myself the following goals:

1) Lose 10kg. I'd lost around 5kg since May and I'm aiming to lose a further 10 on top of this to get my weight down to ~77kg. I will be aiming to go further that this long term, but this is within the three months.

2) 75 consecutive pressups

3) 200 consecutive situps

4) 5 consecutive pullups

5) Run 5km in

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Posted 1 month ago
6) Build BR up to €1500 to be rolled for 50NL again after having to withdraw most online funds to go towards a house we're buying

Some background about me: I used to be outrageously fit. I am now a fat, unfit mess of a man. That is going to change over the coming months and it will all be documented here, complete with half naked photos and everything! Laugh

Progress so far has been solid. Weight wise hasn't been amazing, but I've built up a ton of strength compared to a month ago and my fitness levels are substantially better also. I'll be posting regularly as I hit various milestones and keeping people updated with humorous hands from teh pokerz.

Drop a comment to sub if you wish!

Posted 1 month ago
Hope it goes well for you and cant wait to read your updates.
Posted 1 month ago
Go Ferg, look less like a potato and more like a french fry!
Posted 4 weeks ago
Love it!! I lost 20ish kilos not too long ago and it was awesome. I am routing for you and know you can do it!!
Posted 4 weeks ago
Will be going for my weekly benchmark run later this week. Stats from previous weeks so far:

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Attached Image

Attached Image

I’m hoping to get closer to 29m today, we shall see! As far as progress elsewhere goes, I’ve gotten to the point of being able to do 40 sit ups and 25 press-ups, the last week though I haven’t actually blasted out my max at any point. I’ve been in the gym focusing on different expertise’s to build up my overall strength, will be interesting to see if there’s any decent results from this!

Poker wise I’ve been ticking along, bankroll is up over €600 from starting the month at €500ish, volume has been poor though. Fun hand:

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Posted 4 weeks ago
Just back in, not quite the improvements I’ve seen in previous weeks but still very solid. One thing I found with this run is that I was way more balanced throughout in that I had much more gas left in the tank for the last lap which was nice to see.

I’ve been poor enough this week foodwise as it was my birthday and I was out for a couple of meals and had a few pints etc. which I’ll need to cut out going forward if I want to make sigfnificsnt progress with the weight. Today I rocked in at 85.9kg, after starting the month at 87.3kg. 100% not the progress I would expect to be at at this point, but still plenty of time to turn it around. Will be playing some poker this evening so hopefully we can make some headway with the bankroll as well.

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Posted 4 weeks ago
I realised two big things today!

1) I am officially no longer classed as obese according to my FitBit, just very overweight! We're counting it as a win!!!

2) As a general rule I never run for public transport as I would always end up as a complete sweaty mess afterwards, even running for a short distance. Today I was in a big rush so had to catch my bus, so I ran ~100m. Barely broke a sweat! I was absolutely thrilled! Massive difference compared to a few months back.
Posted 4 weeks ago
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Posted 2 weeks ago
So last week or so has been pretty stellar all round!

In terms of weight, results are starting to come through a bit more after they'd slowed down a bit. Today I weighed in at 85.3kg, so still not incredible progress, but that has brought me to >7kg lost since I started taking this journey seriously at the start of May. Still a long way to go of course but the progress has been very steady which I'm thrilled with.

I took a step backwards in terms of running last week, I made the mistake of going out for a run during my lunch break one of the days I was working from home. I was planning on having lunch when I got home so I was going on an empty stomach and I ran out of gas HARD at 4km. I ended up having to pack in the run as I was feeling pretty awful all round so I won't be making that mistake again.

For my other strength goals, I have been focusing on a fairly solid weights program that a trainer at my gym put together for me and I have been seeing a marked increase in my overall strength. I haven't blitzed out my max for pressups/situps in a while as I'm sticking to his program pretty rigidly but I expect to see some serious improvements here when I go for my PB's again. I still haven't attempted any chinups as I'm still a long way off being able to do any yet, but overall feeling great and very confident!

Poker has been going fine. I was HEARTBREAKINGLY close to winning a platinum pass package outright with Fintan and Spraggys freeroll last Sunday. I was entered in as a wildcard entry, there was 73 runners in total and the winner got a $30k platinum pass package, 2nd place got 23 Sunday Million Tickets and 3rd-8th got 1/2 Sunday million tickets. I took an early chip lead in the tournament with a double in the first level and was top 5 for the entire thing up until the final table, I was outrageously confident. Alas, it wasn't to be. I ran KK into AK and AA for a threeway all in pre that cost me a large chunk of my chips and busted shortly after, I finished 6th which netted me a free milly ticket though so I guess I'll just have to go and win that.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Here’s my weight graph porn since I started tracking it in May!

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Posted 2 days ago
Moving house helped you lose weight lol??
Posted 13 hours ago
Lol nah, Coventry didn’t help either Laugh

I’ll be postin a full update in the coming week when I get internet back at my desktop, posting from my phone isn’t ideal for a long update!

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