Goin' Fer It In 2017 - The Online Edition

Posted 1 year ago

Having successfully completed my last journey - $5k Challenge I decided to do things a little differently this year and have 2 challenges/journey's running simultaneously. One for online poker and one for live poker. Both will be based around tournaments.

This will be the online challenge log, the live challenge is HERE

Once I've completed all the free content on the site, I will be joining Tournament Poker Edge, which I think will benefit both of these challenges. Online poker has been taking a back seat recently as I've been playing live more but will be aiming to play 2 full schedules of online tournaments a week. Going forward I may look at selling action weekly once I have a regular schedule set-up.

Across both challenges I will be running an overarching 12 month challenge, as well as 6x 2-monthly challenges. So the first for both journeys will be until the end of February.

The main sites I'll be playing on are Pokerstars, Party Poker and TonyBet.

Online 12 Month Challenge
- Exceed $10k in Cashes
- Cash for more than $2k in one tournament
- Keep a log of ALL profit and losses every time I play
- Complete the Tournament Poker Edge "University"
- Increase my average buy-in

Jan 6th - Feb 28th Monthly Challenge
- Complete all the free content on Tournament Poker Edge
- Win 1 Open Face Chinese tournament on TonyBet
- Post hands weekly on here and on the Facebook Hand Review Group
- Increase Pocket 5's Party Poker cashes to over $3k
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In the case that I qualify online for a live event, I will top-up the online balance with the amount it cost to qualify.

I hope it doesn't get too confusing running both journeys at the same time but we should be good! I will be posting hands, recording sessions, will be honest with myself and with you guys, asking for help. I will also screenshot every cash, and also log the profit/loss after every session


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Posted 1 year ago
So we started off in earnest with just a couple of comp's on TonyBet tonight.

€1 Daily Run It Twice = No Cash
€1 OFC Micro Turbo = No Cash
€3 OFC "Trike" Turbo = 3rd - €10

Total Buy-Ins = €5
Total Cashes = €10
Profit/Loss = +€5

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So cashes of €10 is $10.53, and the trusted thermometer is back!

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Posted 1 year ago
Hey dude GL in challenges. If you need to build roll, i recommend freezout tournaments on microgaming, they have nice slow tournaments with buy ins 5 and 10 e and blind level 15 min. also their rebuy slow tournaments are good, i usually only buy in and addon, and for buy in and addon you get 90 or 100 bb
Posted 1 year ago
Thanks @kuca86 , I've got accounts at a few Microgaming sites so will check that out!

Played a few satellites on Party Poker last night whilst playing live. A couple of $0.01 sats lol, a $2.20 and a $1.10 sat. "Won" the $1.10 for a $5.50 satellite seat so a small profit overall.

Going to be playing a schedule tonight on Tonybet, PartyPoker and Pokerstars. Will see how it goes to see if it works well for a regular schedule.

Comps as follows:


1800 - NLHE Daily "Run It Twice" - €1
1800 - OFC Daily Micro Turbo - €1
1830 - OFC "My 1st Trike" - €3
1830 - NLHE Super Knockout - €5

Total TonyBet Buy-ins = €10

Party Poker

1800 - NLHE Flyweight Bounty - $1.10
1800 - NLHE Super Knockout - $11
1900 - 5x $11seat Satellite - $2.20
1900 - NLHE "The Jab" - $5.50
2000 - NLHE Prog Knockout - $5.50
2000 - PLO8 6 Max - $5.50

Total PartyPoker Buy-ins = $30.80


2000 - Big $2.20 $6k GTD - $2.20
2030 - Bounty Builder - $7.50
2039 - PLO $500 GTD - $2.20
2105 - NLHE 6 Max - $1.10
2110 - NLHE Deep Stacks - $2.20
2130 - Bounty Builder - $2.20

Total Pokerstars Buy-ins = $17.40

Also got a few back up comps to join between 1900 and 2000 depending on how the earlier comps go and will probably late reg a few of the bigger comps.

Will report back later tonight!
Posted 1 year ago
One word to describe tonight would be Frustrating!

One of those nights where every call is a bad call, every fold is a bad fold etc

Also came so close to one of my monthly targets which is to win an OFC comp, but came second (again), after a heads-up which lasted over an hour!

Some small changes to the overall schedule, missed off the $7.50 bounty builder on 'Stars due to already having 7 or 8 comps on the go at the time, also just couldn't find the $2.20 PLO so replaced it with a $1.10 version

So buy-ins and cashes for tonight.


1800 - NLHE Daily "Run It Twice" - €1 - No Cash
1800 - OFC Daily Micro Turbo - €1 - No Cash
1830 - OFC "My 1st Trike" - €3 - 2nd for €16.50
1830 - NLHE Super Knockout - €5 - 1 bounty for €2.50

Total Buy-ins = €10
Total Cashes = €19
Profit/Loss = +€9

Party Poker

1800 - NLHE Flyweight Bounty - $1.10 - No Cash
1800 - NLHE Super Knockout - $11 - No Cash
1900 - 5x $11seat Satellite - $2.20 - 7th for $10 (Top 6 got $11 seats)
1900 - NLHE "The Jab" - $5.50 - No Cash
2000 - NLHE Prog Knockout - $5.50 - 2 bounties for $1.88
2000 - PLO8 6 Max - $5.50 - No cash
2200 - NLHE Flyweight - $1.10 - No cash

Total Buy-ins = $31.90
Total Cashes = $11.88
Profit/Loss = -$20.02


2000 - Big $2.20 $6k GTD - $2.20 - 336th for $5.86
2100 - PLO $400 GTD - $1.10 - No Cash
2105 - NLHE 6 Max - $1.10 - No Cash
2110 - NLHE Deep Stacks - $2.20 - No Cash
2130 - Bounty Builder - $2.20 - No Cash

Total Buy-ins = $8.80
Total Cashes = $5.86
Profit/Loss = -$2.94


Overall Total Buy-ins = $50.70
Overall Total Cashes = $36.74
Overall Profit/Loss = -$13.96


Pretty disappointing overall. Not a huge loss but just a frustrating night, but not too bad for the first time playing a full schedule for quite a while. I won't bother exchanging € into $ as it's pretty much the same nowadays

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Attached Image

$36+ in cashes is better than $0 though! And added to the previous $10.53 we are on our way!

Attached Image

Think I have another free night tomorrow, so may play just the 4 TonyBet tournaments plus a few satellites on PartyPoker and spend the rest of the time studying and making use of the content on Tournament Poker Edge, with a view to playing a similar schedule on Friday night

Posted 1 year ago
What is this evilness??!!

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Posted 1 year ago
Me and OFC

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Posted 1 year ago
Ha ha it really is a fun game!

That hand... basically I had him crushed all over the place. Getting dealt 3 aces like that was the only way I could have lost the hand!


Small update, played twice this week. Just the two €1 buy-ins on Tonybet twice, and cashes 2 times so a small amount just to keep this ticking over.

Attached Image

Attached Image

$9.90 added to $47

Attached Image


Think I might stay in tonight a play a full schedule of 16-20 comps. Or might head to the casino... will decide after I've had my tea!
Posted 1 year ago
Fairly decent night last night online.

Started off on Tonybet, though the €1 OFC Micro didn't run due to lack of players (minimum of 3 needed) SurprisedSad It usually gets around 20 so not sure what happened there.

Min-cashed in €5 NLHE Super-Knockout for €5 + 1 €2.50 bounty for total of €7.50. Stone cold bubbled a €3 OFC comp, wasn't even a short stack but the guy on my table hit some absolutely huge hands and just destroyed me (straight flush with a flush with queens on top decimated me, and in his fantasy land he hit 2 full houses... I had no chance). Busted early on in the €1 "Run-it-twice" NLHE comp so a small loss overall

Attached Image

Total Buy-ins = €9
Total Cashes = €7.50
Profit/Loss = -€1.50


Onto Party Poker, where I just couldn't get anything going, just 1 cash in a $1.10 bounty + 2x $0.20 bounties for a total of $1.98

Attached Image

Total Buy-ins = $12.10
Total Cashes = $1.98
Profit/Loss = -$10.12


Now to Pokerstars, where I actually had a decent run for the first time in a while! Played a total of 8 tournaments, mainly knockout comps, with a zoom comp, a "win the button" and also a Badugi bounty tournament as well. Cashed in 4 so a 50% strike rate which ain't too bad.

Went deepish in the $3.30 bounty builder finishing 395th out of 9000+ entries plus one bounty of $0.75

Attached Image

Doubled my buy-in in the Zoom comp

Attached Image

Min-cash plus a couple of bounties in the $2.20 bounty builder

Attached Image

Then onto the $1.10 Bounty Builder where I had my deepest run in these big field Pokerstars tournaments for quite a while, going on to the final table 6th out of 9 in chips from over 8,300 entries, and nearly $400 FTW (plus bounties of course)

Unfortunately it wasn't to be for me. One of the first hands on the final I 2.2x it with 66. Button calls. Flop was AA4 rainbow. I 1/2 pot, button calls. Turn is a Q. I continue and he calls again. River is another Q (ffs). I've got like a 1/2 pot bet behind. We both check and he's got K5... I don't think he's folding if I shove the river either.

Now down to 10BBs and I've got Kings. Shove and everyone folds. Couple hands later I'm in the big blind with a decent ace, praying for someone to raise, but no I get a walk! Little after I get AJ on the button, shove and the big blind has AK. Good game! Out in 8th Sad

Attached Image

Total Buy-ins = $20.35
Total Cashes = $75.05
Profit/Loss = $54.07


Overall Buy-ins = $41.45
Overall Bounty Wins = $18.27
Overall Cashes = $66.26
Total Cashes = $84.53
Total Profit/Loss = $43.08

Not too bad overall, just could have done with a little bit of luck on the final table to try and get a decent amount, but making a final table in those huge Pokerstars fields is always a good feeling.

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Posted 1 year ago
I got a free $2.20 satellite ticket in a "click and collect" from Party Poker for a tournament at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham.

I span this up into an $11 satellite ticket, and then a $55 ticket.

Attached Image

The $55 was the final stage into a £220 buy-in comp (£100,000 guaranteed).

It hurts Sad Especially when I was chip leader with 6 left!!

Attached Image


On a lighter note, had a small but profitable session a few nights ago. Playing the usual comps on Tonybet, Party Poker and Pokerstars, as well as adding in a couple on Natural8.

Played 3 comps on Pokerstars and cashed them all so that's not too bad.

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Total cashes plus a few bounties not listed is $45.64 (Just under $40 worth of buy-ins)

Attached Image

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