Posted 1 month ago*
Keep in mind some of the previous graphs here... and then look at this. And I... believe it or not feel like I played very well through this sample. I can't even blame being below ev. I don't blame anything, I did my best and that's all.
Isn't it a weird phenomenon? I've not had a run like this for a while... but ah well, poker is what poker does Clap

A good 6k worth of losing blue line is a bit nuts.

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Posted 1 month ago*
Ok what can I say about today though? I ran into what seemed like infinite spots where villain showed up with hand that they should very rarely have. Spots where they would not raise their strong hands on the most wet boards, and as such I would assign a likely range and bluff and get called or have a strong hand and go for value and get nit called by a hand that should have already raised on previous street, with what seemed like endless frequency. Over and over. Hence why I got to showdown so often and lost. Usually my reads in so many of the spots I faced tonight have done me well. But it was a complete fruitless endeavour today. Ah... the beautiful game. At least I know what's going on these days to know I'm playing fine. This is what happens to us all. Embrace it, and then kick it up the ass and move on Laugh
Posted 1 month ago
Had a few like that at 20nl Speed, but as you say, just gotta suck it up sometimes.


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