Last Chance Saloon For This Epic Goon!

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So as the title suggests, I've been an idiot and its time for one last shot at making this work, only this time I'm willing to bring along whoever wants to follow for this inevitable bumpy ride!

I've been at this for the last 10 plus years trying to make the dream a reality but without ever really putting in the work and bringing the discipline required to succeed for long periods. I'm here to hold myself accountable, to keep myself honest, to make sure I stay away from the bad habits that have crippled my progress over the years, I have the knowledge now its time to apply it.

Quick backstory, I started out playing tournies back in the day, moved over to cash, was an epic tilt monkey then applied for a stake with @Prostaker where I played for ~ 5 years and had mixed results but ultimately leaving on good term in the hole at the end of 2017. This is no reflection on @Prostaker though, I learned all the tools needed to succeed with these guys, I had the best coach in Nicklas who runs the company, he was there for me no matter what, he taught me how to approach life from a different angle. I left that company a better human being never mind poker player. I had gotten quite depressed though, I was in a hole, I was having some anxiety issues, I was considering quitting poker for good, it was time for change. I decided to get back on the tourny grind with what little funds I had available, it went well, I span up a roll to ~ $5k within a 6 month period.

However, I did not continue to work on my game, I did not continue to work on staying fit and healthy off the felt, I did not manage my BR well, I did not know how to make steady progress and manage my finances well. I slipped back into old habits, lived like a slob, started smoking weed again and guess what the game punished me as it should. Granted, I did not lose a shit load but I did not win either, my roll slowly decimated due to lifestyle and bills and I found myself back to square one.

So here we are, I could not live with myself in 10 years time if I'm stuck working some shitty job not knowing if I could have made it because I never really gave it my best shot.

The time is now!

I'm going to post updates in here on Mondays and Thursdays. I'l be playing small stake tournies on Party and Stars trying to satty into some bigger events on a weekly basis. I'm not going to post bank roll updates just yet but I will do once I get some bills paid off. I will be posting results though, deep runs, interesting hands. You can check out my current progress that started in March of 2017 on Sharkscope here and here

I'm a strong believer in routine but that's going to be tough, I have a young family and a part time job with changin days so for now Il just be doing my best to work on my game regularly and playing as often as possible. I will be setting some personal goals though and the Raise Your Edge Experienced player programme is something I'm setting my sights on but that's going to cost upwards of $1k. They do however have some nice free content on Youtube. Upswing have some really good articles too, I'm going to work through those again and like I said I'l be talking through some hands with you guys.

I may also ramble a little bit about my lifestyle / health goals, the things I'm doing that I enjoy, that help me live a balanced lifestyle when I get it right. I'm going to be getting back into running and will post updates on PBs etc once I've stopped smoking ciggies this week and built up a little cardio on my exercise bike.

I also play division 1 table tennis in my local league but haven't really played or practised like I want to for a few months so I'l leave that until its fully back in my life again and I'm bringing my A game.

I'l be trying my best to eat clean with one cheat day a week and will let ya know if I fuck this up so I can give myself a bitch slap and get back on track!

Also wanna thank these guys for the support the last 12 months and for generally being good, like minded people that deserve success in the game one way or another. @killjoy1987@fergrberger@Jon-PokerVIP@Keri_PokerVIP@CrazyKeri anyone I've missed feel free to tag.

@Prostaker I loves you, anyone wanting to crush at PLO get at those guys.


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Posted 2 years ago
Aw shucks, getting all soppy at the end.
Posted 2 years ago
This will be nice to follow! Best of luck m8!
Posted 2 years ago
Sick man! You know you have the dedication to do this, and us guys are always there to bounce thoughts of! Subbed and following for sure. Do it man
Posted 2 years ago
I'm here, I'm ready, ARE YOU?!

First things first, get this watched, the first half at least, Joe Rogan has some very very valuable things to say that relate to poker but most of all life and attitude to find success.

Unfortunately I've been this guy that hes talking about, Nicklas will know this too well. The main thing though is realising that and making changes to your lifestyle and your circle of friends to rid yourself of that negative mentality, on wards and upwards I say!

On the poker front Monday we had some computer issues so just managed to play some satties on party late on, binked a $1099 ticket and busted 13th for a $1050 ticket with 6 tickets available, sigh!

Tuesday, Wednesday we had some shots / deep runs but ultimately fell short : First I played the $109 bounty builder on party with my ticket but busted earlyish in a spot that I would never usually take and I'm still totally sure I should have, we came 38th in the big $3.30 on Stars, 30th in the $5.50 Deep Stack, 19th in the $4.40 PKO Deep Stack all of which are huge fields so pretty disappointing. Last night 106th in the $11 Bounty builder losing a key flip for a top 10 stack.

Overall I'm playing some solid poker but the one thing I am doing wrong is missing value / thin value spots on the river. I've been guilty of this before but find that once I'm bringing the A game regularly this comes naturally, its just about confidence and leaving the fear of the dreaded river check raise when your holding 1 pair at the door.

Heres a few hands:
Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
No Limit Holdem Tournament PartyPoker
8 Players

UTG Excella 67,461
UTG+1 TopZoki77 77,267
MP1 cuficek 276,836
MP2 christian553 214,485
COHero 79,349
D ramonnce 97,434
SB xexe78 87,845
BB Deadlift91 273,700
85,402Hero is COAQ
4 folds, Hero raises to 3,960, 1 fold, xexe78 goes all-in 86,720, 1 fold, Hero goes all-in75,164
2171,246, 2 all-in 842
2171,246, 2 all-in J
2171,246, 2 all-in 7
Final Pot171,246
Hero shows AQ
xexe78 shows 33

xexe78 wins 178,840 (net +90,995)
Hero lost79,349

This was the $109BB, I had ~ 44bigs at this point and 2 players covered but we had this guy, the villain who had picked up 2 bounties already but had been spewing and was now pretty much playing bat shit crazy. Now I don't have him covered and I'm never calling off this deep with AQo usually but I just had to assume he would be super wide here, hed been alling and doubled then lost half his stack again in the last few orbits, we likely have plenty of hands crushed and if we have to take a flip then so be it, that was the mindset in game at least, maybe I'm supposed to wait for a better spot with bounties in play IDK.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
No Limit Holdem Tournament PokerStars
9 Players

UTG bigfatfat 3,251
UTG+1 Rognar161 2,655
MP1 gustavo0412 4,293
MP2 BjarturD 3,521
MP3Hero 3,087
CO mateuschwarz 2,812
D Pictito 3,639
SB doughbrum 2,851
BB xSophie78x 2,990
9129Hero is MP3AT
4 folds, Hero raises to 113, 1 fold, Pictito calls 113, 2 folds
Hero bets117, Pictito calls 117
Hero checks, Pictito bets 350, Hero calls350
Hero checks, Pictito bets 1,421, Hero calls1,421
Final Pot4,131
Hero shows a pair of Aces AT
Pictito shows high card Ace QJ

Hero wins4,131 (net +2,124)
Pictito lost 2,007

This was on stars and I had this guy noted as a Tag already but he did have some v loose 3b stats. I think the line with this particular hand and similar hands we can have in our range here is pretty good especially when the K turns and we check, villain is now going to give us lots of Kx that's cb and picked up showdown value so perfect to bluff catch the rest of the hand and pot control vs hands that have us crushed. His over bet on the river makes sense and did get me thinking because I'm now pretty capped at 1 pair hands, he very likely 3bs AJ AQ defo doesn't have AK though so I really just knew that he was over betting to get me to fold my 1 pair weak Ax or Kx rather than going this big for value with sets or 2 pair so we got him *pats himself on the back*

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
No Limit Holdem Tournament PartyPoker
6 Players

UTG zigzag75 292k
UTG+1 element14 423k
CO OhhMyDog 1,033k
D UntitledA 420k
SBHero 253k
BB ZePilintra23 337k
638kHero is SB68
4 folds, Hero calls5k, ZePilintra23 checks
Hero checks, ZePilintra23 checks
Hero bets13k, ZePilintra23 raises to 40k, Hero raises to 95k, ZePilintra23 folds
Final Pot178k

Hero wins218k (net +112k)
ZePilintra23 lost 51k

This one was in the $16.50 Wed 6 max on party which I shouldn't really be playing on my roll but I do a pretty good job of keeping my average stake overall where it needs to be relative to my roll. First thing I notice was the player level had definitely jumped a little, people were taking 3b and 4b spots and jam spots that they should, just generally playing poker that I enjoy playing, that I can relate too, the micros can be so painful at times but thats where I am because of my own mistakes so we'l grind it out!

Not too much to this, villain was aggressive, I had been limping a lot of small blinds because of his high 3b IP stats. I decided not to stab this flop with as he was kinda sticky too, once he checks back we can pretty much discount 9x probably even Jx, I stab turn now having picked up a little equity and get raised which just made no sense, IMO we have a range advantage here so we re pop it with our gut shot and take it down.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
No Limit Holdem Tournament PartyPoker
8 Players

UTG pdalrymple8227 449k
UTG+1 timaofafa 231k
MP1 HughWithmaite 215k
MP2 formanzone14 598k
COHero 903k
D PoorScouser96 743k
SB Party-pot 922k
BB vigei 388k
880kHero is CO98
4 folds, Hero raises to 44k, PoorScouser96 calls 44k, 2 folds
Hero checks, PoorScouser96 bets 76k, Hero calls76k
Hero checks, PoorScouser96 bets 80k, Hero calls80k
Hero checks, PoorScouser96 bets 180k, Hero folds
Final Pot660k

PoorScouser96 wins 810k (net +427k)
Hero lost202k

This hand we kinda butchered IMO, I think this is a perfect candidate to stick in our check raising range and barrel it off, we have a pair, gut shot, back door flush draw and blocker to the nuts aaaaaaaaaaaand we opt to take the passive line and play check call - IDIOT!

Health and Fitness

I've eaten well all week, been on the exercise bike yesterday banging out 5k and 6k which is kinda meh but as I said I've been a slob so were easing our way back into it, feel much better for it thats for sure.

As for the ciggies, I monkey tilted on Monday night with the computer issues, I've smoked the first 3 days of the week but not until I've started grinding at around 5-6pm, the main thing taking away is that I've cut them out of the morning and lunch time routine, well at least that's what I'm telling myself anyways. I'l give this another proper go on Monday, can never do it midweek, has to be monday and then get through the first week and ive cracked it.

Hope I've not rambled too much, I'l be grinding tonight, Friday and Sunday, Sunday we have a $109 ticket for the bounty builder again so looking forward to that, will update again on Monday.

Posted 2 years ago
I could smoke 140 hand rolled and 160 filters and I just stopped. Find the reason to stop, there are no benefits whatsoever to smoking, take it from a pro.

I do like your attitude so far, it's getting me all fired up.

Subbed; obviously.
Posted 2 years ago
Awesome, so glad to hear that your getting motivated to do the right things, makes me a happy man indeed!
Posted 2 years ago
The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly!

Having to get this post in today to cleanse my self of the filthy crimes I committed against poker yesterday. Don't get me wrong I believe I played some rather sexual hands in the sesh, I wont bother posting though because they could be those borderline spots that come off and make you think your a god dam genius whereas in reality your just a fucktard that got extremely lucky Smile

I will however post the hand that got me a stack and the chip lead in the $5.5 bounty builder on party and the hand that kind of lead to my demise not long after!

They don't get much sicker than this when it comes to cold decks, it was pretty sweet to be on the right end of this I can tell ya that for nothing!

So that left me here, I quickly posted this in my whatsapp group after I'd had a little moan about busting everything early doors. Now heres the thing, every time I've done this and have somewhat of a stack / shot at a reasonable bink I've managed to fuck it up somewhere along the way. I'm either really bad at playing the big stack which could very well be true or I just bottle it once I've added a little pressure by bragging. It could also just be as simple as being a distraction, anything that takes you away from thinking about the game is a distraction right, phones, web browser, eating, whatever. You might say well what about the guys streaming and I have given this some thought, they're constantly reading chat, interacting, eating etc The thing is, these guys, Lex, Spraggy, Tonk and the rest are always talking through hands which is just an awesome way to stay in the zone / game, Im 100% convinced these guys play better because of this..

Attached Image

Do what works for you! Going forward I'm not posting shit to nobody until I've got the result. I'm not even checking the lobby other than to see where the bubble is because I know for sure this is having some kind of negative affect on my game no matter how small that may be

Now hears the ugly hand that I couldn't move on from once I'd made the mistake, I mean WTF am I doing here, this guy had a $15 bounty on his head which was big at this stage, I'm sat with roughly 220 bigs villain starts with ~50 bigs and I manage to talk myself into check folding this flop, such a gimp play in a bounty builder it really is and I knew it instantly after making the fold!

So there it is, that's what I'm capable of, its not pretty but If I'm going to be sharing hands I've IMO played well then I'l be sharing this shit too!

We basically got involved in and lost most pots after this, ultimately busting with nut flush draw UTG on K36ss after I cb and get raised IP. I wasn't on monkey tilt but I was no longer bringing the A game which is whats its all about in order to succeed, bring the A game as often as possible, make better decisions than our opponents as often as possible and let the cards do the rest!

We did have another deep run on stars in the $3.3 bounty builder but no joy. The saving grace for the day was winning a $215 ticket for Sunday so were now in both the $109 and $215 bounty builder majors this week on Party. I really enjoy these, we can double / triple our roll no sweat, such a buzz when you go deep and the bounties get big.

Back on Monday ladies and gents, I'l leave you with another gem from Joe Rogan #conqueryourinnerbitch

Attached Image
Posted 2 years ago
Sunday shots

First off we've had a couple of tilty computer issue days, since one of the Windows 10 updates I've had monitor issues. Friday 9 hours troubleshooting, 4 of those with microsoft, Saturday another 5 hours with a microsoft dude with no joy, hopefully today we get that fixed.

Fortunately we were still able to grind Sunday fun day, albeit on one screen and we made out first FT of the blog Smile

Attached Image

I finished in 4th which was ok considering it was the last tourny of the night having had so much promise in some bigger buyins earlier on.

In the rest of my schedule we had a deep run in the $5.50 main on party but ultimately falling short, got a little something going in the $16.5 bounty builder picking up enough bounties to at least break even but losing a crucial flip before the money.

The 2 main ones though were the $215 and $109 bounty builders, well I ballsed up didn't I. Somehow I managed to reg for the $215 Super Sunday $500k gtd after I'd won my ticket which is nice but it aint no bounty builder. I didn't bloody realize I'd done that until the tourny started and I noticed there were no bounties on peoples heads, so that was tilting because I really need to play those given my current roll, a $50 bounty is just huge for me. Anyways that started well we ran 100k starting stack up to 300k after a couple hours but then just went absolutely card and spot dead, we SQZd AJo from sb vs a HJ open and BTN call got 2 callers and had to give up on the turn on a KQXK board. Other than that I 3b A5s off 37bbs from SB into CO open and got insta 4b so let that one go then basically blinded down to 6bb and got it in with A6ss losing to 8s finishing 505th of ~ 1900 with 250 paid, SIGH!

One hand I did play poorly though and its a mental game leak in these bigger buyins, the fear of busting when some what deep.

The guy opening was a semi fish and had not opened tonnes of hands from EP, he had a v low fold to flop cb.

My in game thinking was lets take a street of value out of this one, that board is scaaaaaaaaaaaaaary (not really though is it given what I've already said) check the flop then fire 2 on safe turn and rivers if he checks back and that's how it played out. I really don't like it though, we have this player type that will be calling flop so often that we just can not miss value here. First off if were going to take this line I think we should at least have the Ad but whats the plan if he starts betting as played, check calling just doesn't make too much sense for our range from these positions. As played Turn sizing I don't mind, river though I think we should have gone way way smaller looking to get value from his low pairs and also potetnially induce a spazzy raise from him that we can snap off. WUG think?

Much prefer bet bet bet here on safe run outs, get max value from weaker players, keep it simple.

The $109 bounty builder was turbulent to say the least, we did end up picking up 2.5 bounties for $68.5 I believe but we did not cash. I had a stack going after the 3rd break I think it was, I had ~67BBS which was big at this stage. I'd just doubled and picked up a booty flopping the nut straight with flush draw in the BB vs a UTG flopped set that got in on the turn so I was feeling a nice run coming. Then the hand straight after the break this happened:

Pre flop at the time I figured 99 was the cutoff point for me for 3bing for value into a 35bb stack, Ts+ I go with it, granted the guy had 2 bounties I don't think getting re jammed on here and having to call off is great, I may be wrong though.

Post flop I've talked this one over with a few people, its pretty standard, not really expecting him to have TJ too often although it can happen at higher stakes. It was just a sick one to lose, we have absolutely chunks and a hell of a lot of the field covered for bounties if we can win this one.

Ultimately we busted jamming 9s for 20bbs from the sb vs a BTN open, he called with 8s and turned the 8 Sad

Overall I'm feeling much better in terms of focus and decision making, were roughly $200 up on the week and we have a $109 ticket for tonight's bounty builder so we'l continue in good spirits. I do need to get some work in on the game this week though, watch some Raise Your edge videos and check out the new upswing content. I'l link anything decent I come across there on Thursday.


Giving the quit smoking another shot from today, getting on the sexercise bike and hopefully getting my monitor / computer issues fixed. Pic in coming if so because we'l have a sick setup.

Last thing, I'm all for chatting with any of you guys that view this thread, ideas, games you play or things you struggle with. Come at me I'm craving the interaction!

Posted 2 years ago
Good to see you on the grind. Not far from the big binks man! Just keep working on the game and putting in the hours and results will come.
The AA hand I like bet bet bet too. You come to the right conclusion at least after the game in all hands that you post Smile

Abut smoking you just have to do it. Like someone said above, it has zero upsides but massive downsides!

Great content, keep em coming!
Posted 2 years ago
Running Hills and Running Deep

So yesterday I managed to ' conquer my inner bitch' maaaaaaan I love that saying Smile I dragged my arse you for my first run of the year with intent, today Im paying for it, no pain no gain though right!

I'm going to waffle on about that then I've actually got a little poker content to discuss.

I literally live on a mountain, its the highest point above sea level in the country apparently so needless to say its hilly. However, this particular run isn't as tough as it could be but its easily my favourite, I've likely done it 50+ times in the 3 years that I've lived here. I'ts just enough for what I'm looking for to challenge myself and the views are unrivaled especially when you get the weather for it as your going to see.

The left hand pic is yesterdays run, nice and steady, the right thigh and knee felt a little tight so no need to push it. The right pic is the best time I've had for this run, the goal is and always has been to get under 7 minute miles for this 3 mile run, its tough, very tough, I almost managed it when I was at my fittest a couple of years ago.

I have done a few 10ks before and I will be implementing some proper hill runs to increase strength and cardio to try crack this 7 minute mile goal but as I said, really, the 3 miles is ideal, any more and I need to focus on nutrition and recovery because it whacks me big time.

Attached Image

This first pic is at around 1.2 miles and my first proper incline, before that is kinda flat and mostly descent.

Attached Image

Towards the top end we start to get the views

Attached Image

Then its nice and steady for a good half mile along this winding road.

Attached Image

Many times I've cleared my mind along here taking it all in, processed hands, even when Iv'e been quite depressed Iv'e sat up on this road on a bench with my dog in the pissing rain training my mind to appreciate everything that's good in my life. Unfortunately this pic doesn't do it justice, when its clear blue skies and the greenery is fully grown its amazing it really is

Attached Image

At the end of the second mile we turn a corner and start what I like to call the never ending road, it has just enough of an incline to punish you. When I'm trying to beat the 7 minute average this is really where Iv'e got to push myself / make sure I've left enough in the tank after the first 2 miles to do just that. Its a case of head down and focus on the breathing, if I keep looking up it aint happening Smile

Attached Image

As Joes Rogan says in that previous insert I added in the blog, I felt tonnes better once I got this done, running really is a great tool for improving you mental health. What I do struggle with once Iv'e done these runs is the mild head aches, I know its dehydration and always try to replenish ASAP but what I don't think I'm doing is hydrating properly beforehand on the day that I'm going for the run so I'l be trying that to see if it helps.

We do this ^^ to give us the best chance at succeeding at this.....

Pokers, I had a decent run in the $109 bounty builder on Monday night finishing 60th, kinda disappointing in the end up because after we cashed we trippled and had 30 bigs and started to feel like it might be our night for a very nice score indeed, it wasn't to be!

Attached Image

The only hand I want to discuss from that is this one.

First off this is not a results orientated discussion about this hand, if I call here and take a flop I likely get the full double + some dead money, a $220 bounty, have 2.3 million and a top 10 stack with a real shot at the FT. I'm really just interested in the bounty builder strategy, whether or not I should be peeling here with bounties that could be in play.

Iv'e watched Lex a fair bit in bounty tournaments and I have heard him say I should be in this pot with any A and a decent bounty potentially in play but Im not sure how deep hes been and obviously each situations different. The frustrating thing is there are so many different points of view and no clear cut answers when it comes to strategy in these things. I have ideas of what to do in certain spots and understand what some people are doing and therefore how to adjust my ranges but this is one I need to clear up.

In game I almost called the min raise but opted for the fold button because I didn't give myself the time to think it through properly.

Having now done that my thought process goes like this:

UTG can be opening fairly wide here being the big stack at the table and a guy with only 5bbs and a $220 bounty on his head, I can call this min raise knowing that the max I'm going to invest here is 5bb of my ~ 28bb stack unless I flop 2p +. I can be done with the hand if big stack in the BB re isos, if the bounty guy decides not to come along or if we simply hit a dry A high flop and face aggression without the bounty in play.

Bounties are half the prize pool in these things we need to make adjustments, surely this would be a fine way to approach this spot, WUG think?

I busted with AQo and 18bb in 3 way allin vs 6s and AK, overall I just played a tight solid game, nothing to write home about.

This is just a sexy hand from the $109 bounty builder on Sunday Smile

Other than that I bubbled a PLO FT on stars last night and have realized that these low stake PLO tournies on both Stars and Party could be my bread and butter, they're unbelievably soft, you can get away with murder so I'l be playing and trying my best to cash in as many of those on the side of my main NLH games.

I've spent to much of my life on this post so I'm leaving it there until Monday, as you can see its going well, I'm making progress and I'm happy with my life, I just need to get some work in on the game in this afternoon.

Ciao for now!
Posted 2 years ago
Seems incredibly unlikely you get to see a flop here with A2. I think flatting UTG from that position is pretty awful when there is not even an outrageously high probability that CO goes with his hand here, he has a few more hands to wait it out so it's not like he's just jamming any two in this spot. Then even if he does, there's a pretty high probability that UTG re-iso's anyway.
Posted 2 years ago
Seems incredibly unlikely I’m going over this in here again considering we half hashed it out in WhatsApp. Once I’ve got some advice on this spot from some kind of crusher il update for sure.

For anyone that’s bothered, blog update in coming tomorrow.
Posted 2 years ago
Sucking out on Bryn Kenney

Last Thursday I sattied into the $33 bounty builder on Stars, I usually do this quite often but of late had been running pretty awful in the actual satellite. It started pretty slow then before I knew it Id ran up a decent stack and picked up around $80 in bounties. Then, this confirmed BEAST pops up 2 seats to my left and Im thinking 'wait, what, the $33BB, really?''

Attached Image

At first I just wondered if it was actually him so I quickly checked his stats to confirm, for those of you that don't know who he is will have a better understanding when you see this shark scope:

Attached Image

He rarely plays online but when he does its usually for WCOOP and SCOOP and he absolutely crushes the high - high roller buyins, hes more well known for his live results where he takes down or final tables high rollers regularly. He was playing the $1k buyin Thursday Thrill along side this and lets face it it may not have actually been him it could have been a friend on his account but whatever, this had to be shared.

I'd played 1 hand with him up to this point and from what I could tell he wasn't doing anything too fancy just picking up pots that were there to be taken. Then this happened:

Attached Image

PFR shoved for 15 bigs and had a $50 bounty on his head I happily get in my 33 bigs with and $80 bounty on my own head then Bryn snap jams allin from the BB, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit were up against it here, I mean he can have 1 or 2 worse hands but its very likely were crushed or its AK, I'm praying for the latter of course. He had the Aces, we got there, it felt awesome!

We battled on from this point, I was starting to feel like I had a genuine shot at this tourny and the ~ $8k up top, Bryn busted with AKs vs Ts a little later then he must of had a word with the big guys at Pokerstars and made sure justice was served against me Smile

I lost a crucial pot with Js against ATs and a $90 bounty, villain hitting his trip Ts on the river, sigh! This left me pretty short 15 - 20bbs, I had another shot at another $90 bounty with KTs vs A7s flopping the flush draw but unfortunately fading, then ultimately busting with 11bb jamming KJs from the CO getting called by A8o in the SB and fading that one too.

This was the final result, pretty happy considering we satelited in for $3.3 and overall the bank roll is growing but I do have some bills to pay which is frustrating because I really do want to do regular bank roll updates to show you the progress. However, until I've had that $1k + score that will allow me to pay off what I need to I'l have to keep it like this, as I said at the beginning of the blog though you can track my progress through shark scope.

Attached Image

Life and work on the game

Other than Thursday night I've nothing to report other than 2 deepish runs on Sunday night in the $11 bounty builder and $7.50 deep stack on party.

I attended a funeral on Friday, it was one of those occasions that got out of hand on the drinking front, I paid for it for the rest of the weekend and in fact yesterday too. I did however manage to get in a little work in on the game, nothing amazing just watching a couple of videos and taking some notes. This is the one thing I need to approach better, I need to 'conquer my inner bitch' and do this more often, I always seem to find an excuse even if that excuse is actually grinding!

This is how I like to approach watching videos, taking notes, I feel its time wasted if you don't actually take notes and attempt to process the information your listening to / watching:

Attached Image

I took these watching a 57 minute Raise Your Edge video on Bounty Builders, nothing fancy just things I need to be thinking about my next sesh and how to approach my thought process in game.

I'm not sure if you guys follow the Staples brothers, you likely do, its no surprise that they're crushing lately, especially Matt. If you watched the weight loss vlogs, every other episode Matt was sat working on his game, putting in the hours. Just this weekend on Saturday he tweeted that he was spending all day in the lab, Sunday, he finishes 2nd in the $44 bounty builder for his biggest score yet of ~$8k!

Put in the work off the felt, reap the rewards on it!

Based on the above, I'm going to try get as much done as I can this week at and away from the tables in anticipation of the Monster Series starting on Party this Sunday.

I'l leave you with this.

Good diet + Exercise + Productive Days = Happiness!

Posted 2 years ago
Solid result in the 33BB for a $3 satty, keep up the good work!
Posted 2 years ago
Fire thread btw. Tons of info!

I personally don't care for hands and reviews and am in it for the glory of railing deep runs and seeing you crush!
Posted 2 years ago
Making changes.....

Its been a so so week this far but to be honest I've been in a bit of a funk!

Had a good chat with the man above this morning and the same with guys in my Whatsapp group yesterday, basically I'm killing my long progress playing in huge field tournaments regularly. As you can imagine the variance is huge, if you check my shark scope there are binks obviously but not knowing if that $1k+ score is coming tomorrow, next week or even next month is tough to handle, I'm doing it all wrong grinding micro / low stakes on Party and Stars.

So I'm making some changes, I'm withdrawing from Stars and half from Party and going to deposit on various smaller rooms with good value small field tournies. This way I'm pretty sure I'l be making final tables often and ultimately making regular income as a pose to dribs and drabs with a bink every now and then. Stars and Party are fine if your rolled to play that next level of low stakes and move to mid stakes then with good game selection you can be sub 1k fields and usually less than 500, still though the variance there is likely quite big and the player level is obviously tougher.

The plan is for May at least to grind out the Monster series on Party along with the Grovesnor Championship of online poker and the OPL, then this:

Its given me that fire in my belly that's for sure, sitting to play 1-10k fields on a daily basis aint so fun I can tell ya that for nothing! The first week of this blog was real good because I was getting satty tickets on party and got into some $109s and $215s and I always satty into the $33 or $44 bounty builders on stars so the money and challenge involved in those is enough to keep one motivated.

However, grinding out $5 - $10 small fields tournies that I know I can crush is giving me the same motivation, so lets do it, spread sheets and progress reports incoming!

Deep run and PLO

This was the closest I've come this week in NLH, I picked up $50 in bounties but as I said I was in a bit of a funk and was not playing my A game even at this stage and I think it cost me in the end. I'd short stack ninja'd my way through the last 100 but when you get to 15-30bb and your deep its crucial that you don't make mistakes even in small pots, which evidently I did not manage to do. After a couple of small pots going in the wrong direction I jammed my last 13 bigs with K8s from SB in to BB big stack who snapped with AQ, SIGH!

Attached Image

Other than this I bubbled another PLO FT and just have this one hand to ask @Prostaker about:

This was FT bubble and there was a guy with less than 5bb on the other table. First question though, in general, even 6 handed here facing a BTN open having 20bigs am I supposed to be 3b going with this type of hand strength? I really do not know what ranges to get in 5-30bigs in tournies, I'm assuming it's likely very tough to say?

In this particular spot with ICM considerations whats the play pre flop? What line should we take post flop? Given the action, as played were always going with it?

As it happened we had 44% vs flopped nuts Smile but we can be in horrible shape here quite often when villain shows up with nut flush draw to go with his straight or 2p +?

Food and Fitness

I'm definitely eating better / have cut out the shit, crisps, chocolate, pies, take aways all that junk food and I definitely feel better for it. I could be doing better though, more fruit required and more meal prep, I'm eating a lot of chicken based meals and some tuna pasta dishes mainly so were on the right track, believe it or not eating well can be pretty expensive if your not already stocked up on ingredients!

Still smoking Sad less said about that the better for now, will try again on Monday, main thing is I want to quit, I really do despite my progress with this saying otherwise.

Yesterday I was supposed to get out for a run but the weather was pants, not that that usually stops me, I've got all the gear I just wasn't feeling it sooo.........

Attached Image

I got in 25 mins on the old Roger Black for a pretty nice 9.5k, sweating my tittes off I was but it was worth it!

Considering I'd only done 5k and 6k in 15 and 20 minutes prior to this it shows progress!

So overall I'm feeling good again despite a minor blip this week on the mental front, I'm gonna get set up on these new rooms and I'l update with details next week.

For now I'l leave you with this because I absolutely love it!

Attached Image
Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago
Sunday FT

I played a small schedule this week having spent some time with the family and going to see the new Avengers Movie which was mega! Deposits were made on Betfair, Grovesnor, Sky bet and I already have Party up and running which is where I had a couple of runs. First off in the $7.50 50k gtd Monster series event that started at 6pm.

Attached Image

As you can see the $7.5k up top had my mouth watering, the confrontations I did get into when down to the last 100 players had my heart racing that's for sure! Unfortunately I busted in 23rd losing a big flip, UTG big stack opens, semi fish on BTN flats , I look down at Qs with 15bb, rip it and lose vs BTNs AKo, massive SIGH but a nice little score all the same!

While this was going on I was still in the 10k gtd $7.5 bounty builder, approaching the FT but short. We did some ninja work and got to the first decent FT of this blog.

Attached Image

However, this was the worst I'd done in terms of collecting bounties and going deep in a long time, I think I had $10 on my head but still the money up top was nice so I was more than read for the incoming battle.

2 players quickly busted, not too long after one of the middling stacks busted so that was sweet, now I was sat 4/5 knowing that 1 double had be back in contention.

The double didn't come but I picked up pots and we were down to 4 in no time. I feel like I played pretty well overall but I can definitely play better, I missed a couple of spots to 3b induce and collect decent bounties instead of just ripping pre. I did have a shot to get heads up at one point with 7s and I would have got there but it was by no means a spot worth taking with pay jumps and stack sizes taken into consideration. So we busted......

Attached Image

Attached Image

I jammed 8s with 15bigs vs big stack BTN open 3 handed, he had the old A A obviously.

A decent nights work on a short schedule, I'm happy but today I feel like shit, working on 3 hours sleep so I'm leaving it there. I do have some other stuff to go on about but I'l save it for later in the week.

Posted 2 years ago
Sweet sick Sunday mate!

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