My MTT journey

Posted 3 years ago

Hi there i am manos413 and i am a new member on pokervip. I've started a thread on 2+2 on January 2015 in order to set my goals and watch my progress. And since i intend to sell on marketplace action from my mtt schedule i think it's a good idea to share the link to get people to know me better.

Previous posts

I will keep updates from now on both sites.


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Posted 3 years ago
This makes me happy!

What are the 2016 goals?
Posted 3 years ago
Well i haven't sum up yet.

I ll make an extended post soon Maybe on Sunday
Posted 3 years ago
Good Morning to everyone and Happy New Year

When i started this posts on Jan 2015, my goal was to achieve to have 1k in my roll by June 2015.

My goal was succeed i had 1200$, but when the crisis on Greece started i needed money and i left about 500$ on my PS acount
since then i was struggling playing MTT's with Huge Guaranteed prize pool and with large number of players, i did some mistakes with BR management so
it seemed that my goal wasn't going to happen.

Hitting a score of 6k in December gives me the now the freedom to do some things in a more proper way and set my goals for this year.

So For 2016 my goals are :

1) Improve my Poker setup.

Currently i am playing on a laptop with a second 24' monitor. So far it was okay, but with all the 3rd party programs potentially streaming and 9-12 tables after
4-5 hours it's starts lagging.

So i've ordered an SSD Hard Disk Drive, and i will install my programs on this Drive. I will also buy more RAM and if needed a graphics card.
If things go well i intend to buy a Desktop with a 26' Monitor, Having the 24' monitor as my computers main screen.

2)Subscribe on poker sites

I've already Subscribed on ICMIZER 2, and playing the push/Folds on SNG Coach. I am thinking to buy a subscription on Tournament Edge and i will probably
do so on the following days, perhaps next week.

3) Be Active as possible on poker forums, and on poker related sites.

Well i intend to keep weekly reports of my post on 2+2 and on pokervip. Participate in strategy related threads. Knowing new people exchange skype id/social media etc
Meeting them if possibly.
My goal is to enlarge my poker circle. Streaming is a tool for this purpose, i do not intend to have some earnings in $ for this or i care if they follow me x numbers of
viewers as a part of $ winning, i want people to chat with me or talking about poker or anything else.
I will stream when i sell action giving the opportunity of investors seeing my decisions and my poker approach and on deep runs.
My stream will not be a strategy related stream as i am still learning. My twitch channel is

4)Increase my volume on MTT's & increase my ABI

On 2015 i've played on stars 1700 MTT's with an ABI of 2.51$ on 888 33 MTT's. I played 70 Sit n go 180 man of 2.5$.
My plan is to maintain the number on Stars and play more on 888 about 1000 MTT's there on an ABI 6$
I will play specificaly 2.5$ 180 man sit n go, i will be pleased on a number of 1000.

So it's almost double the Volume (from 1800 MTT's sit n go to almost 4000) i played for 2015 and Hoping to have a Good ROI.

5)Weekly program

On each Month i will make a weekly Schedule that it will have each day poker related what to do. From watching videos, playing poker, writing posts etc.

7)Play as much on series like Micro million etc,

6)Sell Action

My priority for now is to be a respectful and trustworthy seller (and good invest obviously ) and for now i will not mix games that i don't have experience at all.
My plan is to use the fundng action as a way to have shots on higher stakes that i ve never played untill now. I don't intend to sale all my schedules.
Only this that they have a big buy in's for me but also have huge guaranteed prize pools for investors. If thing woks out i will start selling action specifically
MTT's on High stakes like Warm up etc.

7) Cash Games

Partial on my MTT's journey not hoping to have much volume.

And finally LIVE Events

Well for now it's only a dream but u never know, dreams comes true sometimes. I 'll give shots through satellites for next EPT Prague. Depending on my results
and all the above factors who know it m8 be easier that it looks right now to do....

Hoping u guys the best for 2016.

Posted 3 years ago
Sick 2016 goals there and all seem to be in full swing anyways so its all just about being consistent and getting shit done.

How is the financial situation in Greece and how will this effect 2016?

As for selling i am 100% up for buying pieces of you in every package you sell with us. Just keep things simple, return money fast and just be reliable then you will create a nice following and be able to shot take and minimize variance consistently.

Posted 3 years ago
Well the economical market is down even on Christmas, as far for 2016 i believe if we keep things stable on politician level we have a chance. I don't see though the political parties to agree on a common plan, major mistake on my opinion. So if we don't go to elections, (on my opinion this will happen on spring) the olnly thing that it would give breath to the market would be the tourism on summer, especially after the relationship between Turkey and Russia, cause Turkey is the main competitor on this market.

Poker-wise though i have a separate wallet from my real life earnings and obligations and don't except to hit me so mush atm.

As for my goals of 2016 sure there are full of swings but i rather take my chances. Anyways i ll post tomorrow when i 'll start the stream.

As for the payments the only delay will be only transferring funds from site to site. You see the major problem from me is that i can't send through pokesrstars, and that's because of the recent developments on Greece. I ll keep posted every user on the time schedule when money should arrive on their accounts.

Thanks for your trust.

Posted 3 years ago*
The day came to an end with a sweet sense of victory at least.

As you know i started selling action on pokevip, so today was my first session that someone else had shares of my buy ins and i was a bit nervous.

Well nothing special happened min cashes to mtt's.


1) 8 x 2.5 180 man sitn go : 3 min cashes
2) Hot 4.4 : No Itm
3) Hot 1.1 No Itm
4) 1.35 turbo k.o :No itm
5) Bounty special 8.8 : 3$ Had a great start but somewhere something didn't go as planned.
6)5.4 Turbo k.o : No ITM
7) Big 5.5 : 700th place for 9$

That was the action i sold.

Other than that mainly because i was doing ok on big 5.5 i played a 3.5$ satelite for Saturday Super eliminator i made it to the next round and lost with aq vs a10 Sad on 3rd place giving 2 tickets!!!
I also played Saturday Splash Min cash for 17$ and finally got a ticket for Sunday Million through 1.65 R&A 3x Turbo.
I registered 1 min. before the registration expires and i did only 1r & 1A lol.

Anyway i don't intend to spent the t$ 215 on million but i will use them to play some MTT's on the level of 13.5, 22 $ etc.
Posted 3 years ago
Have you researched the top winners for MTTS? I am curious what a micro-low stakes grinders ROI is over a big sample and how much $$$ that equals in todays games.
Posted 3 years ago*
No i haven't saerch for any mtt player but for what i know for reading posts etc. it's on an average ROI 30% for good players on micro/low stakes.

As the stakes increases the %Roi decreases.

So i am mixing with sit n go to have a good ROI % and keep variance as low it's possible.

From my experience it's essential for mtt players to understand icm plays on the last 2 and 3 tables on a tourament. This will define eventually a player's ROI%

That's the big improvement i made comparison with the past( where i took wrongly risks -icm-wise), cause in a field of 3k people u don't have the chance to reach on the two last tables so often. So in order to succeed in this it's critical to be as aggressive it needs to be to hit the top of an mtt.
It's the same principal on Sit n go 180 man where the 10th place gives 3.69$ and 1st place 123$.

The icm concept is more serious on satelites, for example i won the ticket on sunday million for 215$, because two players do something wrong. What happened there surprised me : i was out of the payments for 1 or 2person when from nowhere a player with guaranteed ticket shoved and bb with an equal stack called. BB had aq and the player that jammed had a6. For sure a6 on that stage is a fold but thinking it more i think the bb did a wrong call. Had a ticket of 215$ and going at best on flip. Even aa is a fold when u have earned the ticket, u have on 80% winning the hand , why risk the ticket?

it's very complicated and still learning and my learning progress includes simulations on icmizer. So in several cases u adjust according to the opponent tendencies.

Posted 3 years ago
Well i had an awful session night yesterday.

I bust on any MTT's i tried to play.

I only run good on 888 , i played the Monday twin's challenge where i finished 45/650 for 50$ lost with 1010 vs AK

Vacations are off, so with work now i ll play a little bit during work days, and schedule my grind on Sunday.

A user suggested to sign in in on Runit once, and i will give it a try since is 10$/month.

On the following days i will receive my SSD Hard rive and install my software and programs there.

See u on the tables.

Posted 3 years ago
I don't believe those numbers are true tbh.

I ask as my friend was talking about some big names in the MTT world. Pocket 5's top cashers etc and i said to him "you know most of these guys are making no money right?" he just laughed in my face and said i was mad.

So for the sake of it i selected like 10 randomers or even people we are friends with and they had made little to no money that year. One guy had made $200k and was way ahead of everyone and i said "See he is the best and only makes $200k". Now 200k is a ton of money but HE IS THE BEST so it shows there was a serious cap on what an MTT grinder can make.

I think personally it comes down to game selection and often think people just play Stars because other people do - theres a ton of value elsewhere also or just better MTTs to play on Stars than you might already be playing. Smaller fields are often a win and also looking at the times you are playing helps too.
Posted 3 years ago
I totally agree for game selection and other sites. For sure u can find value on other sites MTT's , From me it's 888 poker., i will totally playing there this year more. It's my first site and it's there i did my first steps and scores on 2013

As for the dilemma MTT/cash game where i will earn more money? I believe you 'll earn more money in things you enjoy playing. I think good players can make money on cash games or even MTT's even spin go.

So if u play high stakes 200k/year he m8 be break even i understand your point. I believe that as the stakes increases the edge on other players, is very low.. But i think on micro/low mtt u can sustain a good %ROI.

Posted 3 years ago
It's been a week since i ve posted on my journey anything new. Poker-wise didn't happen anything serious min cashes only.

I received my SSD Drive and i will update my laptop, Probably i will buy a bigger monitor.

I ve started playing on 888 but for some reason 888 client can't open. It's always in Loading mode. I ve tried anything i could think of but nothing. Today it had an updated but still can't open the 888 client.

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