Posted 5 years ago
Hi everyone,

After discussions with Jon from PokerVIP, we thought it may be a good idea to start a thread in here detailing my poker journey. I am a cash game player with the odd Mtt thrown in for fun rather than expecting a return. Currently making a decent return from cash. We have unfortunately missed the beginning of the journey, grinding up from 0.02/0.05 and 0.05/0.10 etc, been trying to get my hud working on 888 but were all good now and fully functional. We are now playing various limits 0.25/0.50 0.50/1 with occasional stabs at 1/2NL. Although we are doing well at 1/2 I'm not adequately rolled yet for this so will only be occasional shots at this level if i'm feeling brave/suicidal!
I'm going to be posting weekly updates with graphs and video sessions along the way. I'm hoping by doing this it will keep me concentrated to keep grinding and move up stakes again shortly in the near future.Also I'm hoping to learn along the way so if any coaches/users have any advice along the way on anything,by all means that would be great.

We are going to be grinding 888 for now as its by far the softest IMO. Any Mtt FT,S&Gs will also be filmed/reviewed.

Thats enough for now, will post first graph update shortly so we have a starting point in which we can see where were going and where we started from.
Posted 5 years ago
GL man! Will be fun to follow you Smile

EDIT: video sessions sounds awesome Smile
Posted 5 years ago
Yeah mr nemo, sound like a fun trip.

Will be watching so please keep us updated!
Posted 5 years ago
Nemo bro where you at?

Dont tell me the shark finally caught you?

Attached Image
Posted 5 years ago
Hey apologies,
Been away playing live so haven't been able to update. Will update shortly.
Online sharks didn't get me Jon - Live ones may have done this past week though!!!
Posted 5 years ago
good to have you back buddy, need some more vids and to see some beast mode graphs
Posted 5 years ago
Hey everyone, I have deleted the graphs & updates from my 888 poker Grind as of today,

Thanks to PokerVip, Jon and others we are now going to update this thread regularly with my new Bet Victor Cash grind. So graphs and videos will hopefully follow on a regular basis.

Lets get going! Smile
Posted 5 years ago
A scammer who rly enjoyed doing it. After losing his bankroll he rubbed it in our faces that we could not get the money back. Classy guy! Beware of him Smile
Posted 3 years ago
I've actually been around the forums for years but only just seen this reply.

That wasn't the case in the slightest as I recall.

However I'm in a position to repay my debt having made serious strides in poker since. Reply here with your details Jon and I'll sort asap.

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