Posted 3 years ago
Pfft even so he has zero blockers and I imagine if he has paid any attention to the game @Pwll will have rarely got out of line.

Just an epic blowup and gift. NH sir
Posted 3 years ago
Ye @Jon-PokerVIP he's got nothing going for him, a blowup seems to describe it best unless he was late for the bus!

I try to take advantage of them getting out of line a lot more these days, so I play nice and tight (surprise!) and then smash them when they do some weird shit. It seems to be going ok so far and I'm hardly bluffing there am I? Surprised

Yesterday's sess went tits up in the night, event he bad regs were taking me down and they're rubbish! Had a -$25 or so smackdown (see around 14K hands) and it didn't take long either! Didn't play well at the start even though I got it together later, so no moan this time ...

I only played as long because the mrs was watching some 3rd rate house buying in the sun crapshit prog.
Does anyone ever buy a house on those programmes at all anyway!?

Here's the graph for the last 6 days of the month, bit disappointing but not too bad I suppose:

Attached Image

GG March, bring it on April! Punch

Short session tonight as I've been a bit unwell since yesterday, then it's beer - o - clock time in an hour or so! Beer

... etc.
Posted 3 years ago
Congrats on a solid month! I'm really happy to see that you're doing well. April is just around the corner so onwards and upwards!
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you so much MattVIP, people on here are refreshingly encouraging and yes, let's try to make April fun. Nodding

I'm working hard at, and learning more and more about, exploiting every day. I did learn a lot of theory last month to and enjoyed it all frankly.

Managed to get onto the 55K leaderboard playing nl5! Woop! It updated on the 29th and shows $8 but I played a fair bit on the 30th so maybe, just maybe, I'll ladder up to $10!
Got to wait a while for that payout but the rakeback should arrive shortly. I haven't had proper tracked rakeback before, so don't know how long I'll need to wait.
I also made around 40BI for the pretty epic month of March to, so it's all quite exciting isn't it!?

Last month I won enough to get a mower, the goal this month is to win enough for a carpet for our bedroom, the one we have only has the pattern left! Next month will be work move up time but that's for later.

This is a busy 3betting reg IP and quite useful for the limit.

However, he doesn't cbet this small when he has it in 3bet pots, most don't. An overpair Adx/Kdx would bet at least 1/2 with a diamond and be dreaming about rubbing my deep stack on his titties ...

... I'd still rather he folded now though, so this play is a one and done.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG $208.2BB
UTG+1 $51BB
COHero $269.2BB
D $142.4BB
SB $100BB
BB 159 $100BB
6$1.4BBHero is CO88
2 folds, Hero raises to 2.4BB, BU raises to 9.6BB, 2 folds, Hero calls7.2BB
Hero checks, BU bets 9.8BB, Hero raises to 22.6BB, BU folds
Final Pot $53BB

I do lots of this stuff even with air, it's fun and yes it looks simple to you big guns I know, but when I read them wrong I get a 1K hands (-5)BI smackdown! Not as much fun then is it Mal! SurprisedSurprised

Have a fun day all. Hug
Posted 3 years ago*
April Fool's Day Mal? Nope, not me, not me.

Hand of the day:

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG ziggo55 $215BB
UTG+1 93060289 $225.2BB
CO tadpolefish $100.4BB
DHero $320.6BB
SB felix112h $153.2BB
BB NoDirtyNails $115.8BB
6$1.4BBHero is BTNQ9
ziggo55 calls 1BB, 93060289 calls 1BB, 1 fold, Hero raises to 4BB, 1 fold, NoDirtyNails calls 3BB, ziggo55 raises to 7BB, 93060289 calls 6BB, Hero calls3BB, NoDirtyNails calls 3BB
NoDirtyNails checks, ziggo55 bets 27BB, 1 fold, Hero calls27BB, NoDirtyNails folds
ziggo55 bets 78.4BB, Hero goes all-in286.6BB, ziggo55 goes all-in 102.6BB
2$550BB, 2 all-in 7
Final Pot $550BB
ziggo55 shows AA Hero shows Q9
Hero wins$635.6BB (net +$315BB)
93060289 lost $7BB
NoDirtyNails lost $7BB
ziggo55 lost $215BB

Of course I wont mention losing to the quad jacks and the ... meh, whatever. Yawn

Hit the ground running I say:

Attached Image

Have a fun weekend. Hug
Posted 3 years ago
Let's have a game of 'Rope A Dope' shall we? ...

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG Willi122991 $98.2BB
UTG+1 Allin11111 $131.2BB
CO abu0199 $31.6BB
D vayrixot $51.6BB
SBHero $105BB
BB $27.4BB
6$1.4BBHero is SB88
Willi122991 calls 1BB, 3 folds, Hero raises to 4.8BB, 1 fold, Willi122991 calls 3.8BB
Hero bets3.2BB, Willi122991 calls 3.2BB
Hero checks, Willi122991 bets 16.2BB, Hero calls16.2BB
Hero checks, Willi122991 goes all-in 74BB, Hero calls74BB
Final Pot $197.4BB
Willi122991 shows TK Hero shows 88
Hero wins$187.6BB (net +$89.4BB)
Willi122991 lost $98.2BB

It's a strange game when you can win 4BI+ and still feel a little 'meh, that could have gone better.'

Attached Image

So, I'm done with the 3betting stuff for now. I think it's time to play a session and concentrate on the basics like bet versus missed cbet, probe turn etc., and all that fun stuff, just to keep me on the straight and narrow y'know?

Have a fun sunny day.

Posted 3 years ago
It posted the names again ffs. Oh well, I didn't want to be liked by the villain's anyway! Giggle
Posted 3 years ago
I assume you had some info that the guy was stab-happy and on the aggressive side of the force? Still even if your line was correct (and it very well could be against someone who's very aggressive) I think you should still bet bigger on the flop given that you're not blocking top pairs and the texture is somewhat wet.
Posted 3 years ago*
Guy was aggrotard-fishy and would go nuts if saw weakness so I dont really think it would have mattered the bet size, although I was trying to induce by looking weak and giving up.

I play a lot by reads and less so on stats, works sometimes, sometimes it sucks when I get it wrong ... and sometimes I still fish-call when I read them right and am beat as well.

Today didn't go so well, just ran into a wall is all. Some iffy calls a few coolers and a couple of silly plays, just one of 'those days for -7BI.' Meh, whatever, go run the replayer and see how much I spewed/lost.

Have a nice evening all.
Posted 3 years ago
Very quick update becasue my beer will get warm.
Basically: Back. in. the. groove.

Attached Image

Games were really good (aren't they always?) but I'm getting a bit drunk now and mrs mal is bored. Blush

Have a fun day all. Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Right, so with me withdrawing to buy a mower (and some beers!), getting the -7bi smack around the kisser and yesterday's win, my br is now 50.42,

Attached Image

so it's start again from there time.

If I can actually get a straight flush this side of infinity I finish that mission and get $25 from Party into my account which would be a nice kickstart; maybe today yeh!? Yes

I'll play a short session this morning, then it's off to do some painting of doors. Oh the joy and merriment will be palpable, what fun. Yawn

Have a sunny day.

Posted 3 years ago*
Well no rakeback or race money so far but I guess it'll get here when it gets here.

I had some (for some, read; he did ot for me) help from the mighty and ever accommodating @fergrberger to get OBS working to some sort of basic level, so I made a vid of me not playing exactly my A-game and chillin' to DJ Mike Gano:

Feel free to laugh or make (er, clean please) suggestions.

No idea of how to get the vid here any other way except by uploading to YouTube.

Anyway, not a lot happening on the old pokeristic front, just bopping around trying OBS tbh. Did some bloody gardening again today, jeeze, give it a rest love! Shake
Meh, whatever, it's Bordeaux time anyhoo, pool is quite poor even though super passive for a Saturday night.

Have a nice weekend. (sun)(hug)
Posted 3 years ago
Think that link just goes to my videos, which are mine, not yours. The actual video should have a bunch of numbers and letters after the .com/

I think if you click the little boxey screen looking thingy (yes that was the technical term) below it should say insert media. With the right url I think you can just past the url into there and it will embed the video into the post. I could be wrong though.

Have a good weekend!!
Posted 3 years ago*
Success? Thank you @fawltyfelix that seems to have done the trick. I'm such a mdia fish I thought Twitch was a nervous complaint.

I also got a warning about the music being copyrighted which was scary but it seems it's ok if I don't 'monetise' the vid.

So, hardly played lately so sat in for a bit today. I posted a hand that was a 550bb pot so feel free to jump in.
I didn't play great yesterday as the vid shows and played the whole session bad today, so didn't make 1K hands and should have sat out before I did in hindsight.

Won't be bluffing this guy any time soon, whatya think? Thought he couldn't have much, hence my river bet, but he was already tagged as an spewy reg so I'm never folding and no need to get busy, he'll do that for me.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG $94.2BB
UTG+1Hero $201.8BB
CO $111.2BB
D $77.4BB
BB $270.4BB
6$1.4BBHero is UTG+1KK
1 fold, Hero raises to 3BB, 3 folds, BB raises to 8.8BB, Hero calls5.8BB
BB bets 8.6BB, Hero calls8.6BB
BB bets 25.2BB, Hero calls25.2BB
BB checks, Hero bets26.8BB, BB calls 26.8BB
Final Pot $139.2BB
BarronTrump shows QA Hero shows KK
Hero wins$132.4BB (net +$63BB)
BarronTrump collects $0BB (net -$69.4BB)

Going to fix the mrs' bike now so will post later maybe.

Have a sunny Sunday. Sun
Posted 3 years ago
I think you need to do one more thing. The video is showing unavailable which means it is probably set to private.
Posted 3 years ago*
Ok try again, still not my best but ok. I tried bigger table size to. Here's the link in case the youtube one doesn't show up, it didn't last time I tried. Sigh, such a fish.

Posted 3 years ago
...and now for something completely different!

Posted 3 years ago*
Probably won't play much tonight, bit tired now. It's been a no whinge day today for sure:

Attached Image

Feeling the love for April!

Laters, have a nice evening.
Posted 3 years ago
Day 4
What a difference a day makes, such a regfest this morning. Played 850-ish hands and got 3bet in what felt like oh, about 600 of them; Yawn

To get cbetting right is hard unles it's versus a limp/call/chk/fold-er, just love those peeps. Heart Just keep going over it till I get it down is all. Sigh Emo

Walk to town with the mrs to keep her company on the way to her work today, then it's clean those windows and walk the dog. Play will be after food tonight then maybe the regs wont be chipped up and playing the aggro-bully like they've suddenly grown a pair.

BR Start: £50.42
BR Currently: $116.47 = £94.20

Laters peeps.
Posted 3 years ago
The later it gets, the less they fold:

Attached Image

I think v a 60/0 I could nearly go value-broke here, but not a lot of info other than loose/passive,

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG+1 UTG+1 $314BB
COHero $106.4BB
D $98BB
SB $121.4BB
BB $100BB
6$1.4BBHero is COAJ
UTG raises to 2.4BB, UTG+1 calls 2.4BB, Hero raises to 9BB, 3 folds, UTG calls 6.6BB, UTG+1 calls 6.6BB
UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, Hero bets8.8BB, UTG calls 8.8BB, UTG+1 calls 8.8BB
UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, Hero bets17.2BB, UTG 15 folds, UTG+1 calls 17.2BB
UTG checks, Hero bets27.8BB, UTG+1 calls 27.8BB
Final Pot $144.8BB
UTG+1 shows A4 Hero shows AJ
Hero wins$137.6BB (net +$74.8BB)
UTG lost $17.8BB
UTG+1 lost $62.8BB

Have a nice evening peeps,I had to sit out, my beer was getting warm!

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