Sky's the No Limit

Posted 4 years ago

Hello guys

I made a quick introduction on the other thread and explained I would be making a journey.So this is my journey's beginning.

Brief History

I have been playing Poker for around 14 years on and off but never seriously,I have never entertained the idea of Rakeback and bonuses etc.I have always just deposited a worthwhile amount,run it up/Lost it and withdrawn.I would imagine I would be part of quite a few that have done that.Despite not always being in a position to play due to family committments financially the desire to play and learn has always been there. I adore the game and everything related to it.So when unable to play I have always been watching and reading and studying the game. At my highest I was playing $3/6 with my entire Bankroll spread across 3 tables.Needless to say I didn't last too long but it is an example of how bad I treated brm at times.I want to this time start at the bottom and do things properly,although I am comfortable within my game and Bankroll to be beating NL10 now as we stand, I am going to do things properly and start at NL4.

I have signed up to Sky Poker and hopefully according to live chat I am set up and tagged correctly.Despite it being an obvious choice for soft games I never had an account there so thats my choice.I will be playing NL4 untill I have beaten it comfortably over 25K hands.I will be playing the evening tournaments also.I am going to record all cashes from tournaments as well as an update on cash hands/winnings on a daily/bi daily basis. I am unsure as to how to that yet due to no HUDs but I think through PokerDominator I can record profits/loss etc in graph form.

So in short I will be starting properly tomorrow as it's late now in the UK,i have had a little play around for 20 minutes to familiarise myself with the software,made a cheeky buy in when a guy opened shove a flop of 34Q from the BB holding 88 and I'm sat with QQ.Hopefully I get him again tomorrow Smile

I will be posting hands if I can,reading and studying and just hoping to learn all the time. I want to be at NL10 by Xmas and NL20 by April.I dont think Im being unrealistic with them time frames.


25k hands by Xmas day.
Read 5 articles per week.
Develop some noting system
Post hands in the forum for discussion and help.

I hope to see you all around the forum

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Posted 4 years ago
Day 1

Well what do I say.Basically I'll start with anyone not on Sky Poker, get over there quickly.It is awful but in a really good way Smile

Cash Update : I managed to get around 2000 hands in today playing cash and made 19.31 without doing anything other than folding and raising strong hands.Has anyone else adjusted their preflop sizing due to THEM(Phil Hellmuth moment) just not folding? By the end of the session I was experimenting with 5X pre and getting called in 2 spots who then folded the flop.Every time Smile Brilliant place....I love it.I will post my cash graph weekly perhaps every sunday evening.

Tournament Update : I've only played the one and it followed the same vein as the cash.The standard is just daft.I managed to get 12th when running JJ into TT for an 93K Pot with 12 left and the chip lead.Chips went in on 992 flop and Villain turned a set.That left me with 0.5bb and game over unfortunately.Although disappointing way to go If I do the right things constantly and keep doing it,there is Final tables aplenty in the future on Sky.A bit of luck here and there.Anyway 12th is a decent start.Ended up cashing for 11.72 not much but promising signs.

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Good luck at the tables guys.
Posted 4 years ago
Welcomeeeeeeeee thanks for making a blog with us and also thanks very much for dropping by the Twitch stream. Was really cool to have the brief chat with you and i hope to see you there a little more often! Did you get set up for the future opl tournaments?

As for Sky it is super dope and i actually just started a series on there on how to crush the micros which i would love for you to check out. It is a 4 parter which shows how to develop reads, get the maximum value out of our opponents and how to basically crush! Check it out Here
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for having me Smile I'm not quite sure what I'm meant to write about so it could be pretty boring,but it gives me somewhere too keep track more than anything and see where I started.Yes I'll be there quite often now I've found it.Do you post everytime your going live?

Yes I did.I managed to get signed up to William Hill,ACR,Tiger Gaming and Bet365.So I'm good to go hopefully for at least 4 rooms which is plenty of games.I have emailed support actually about hopefully getting BWIN re tagged aswell as I have never used it but I have an account,I really want a Hoverboard Smile

I can't actually believe how soft Sky actually is. You hear rumours but then you sign up and its not that bad,definitely not the case with Sky.It has decent software too which is a bonus. Thanks I will watch them and try and pick up somethings.
Posted 4 years ago
Day 2

Not a great day volume wise,I woke up this morning on a day off planning to put some decent volume in.My girlfriend had other idea's.I got dragged to quite possibly the dodgiest place I have ever seen. If we have any police officers on VIP,I was at home all day really Smile No we ended up going to somewhere in Bury/Manchester where derelict abandoned shops have been turned into Knockoff City. Apart from looking over my shoulder all day and being locked in stores while the "coast was clear" it was pretty cool.Picked up some new Beats headphones and Pill,some clothes all for an absolute steal Smile

So Pokerwise not much got done,I managed to play around 1200 hands between 6-9 and made 14.39 so again another profitable day.I'm just about to start the tournaments but will be too late when I win it Smile to update as i'm shattered and will be going to straight to land of nod.

Posted 4 years ago
Haha tell us the story of this dodgy place bro! I don't think we have any coppers on here weirdly nor anyone in the emergency services as far as i can tell.

Yeh when i go live i post in Here. Also i stream every OPL tourni so just tune in when they start and i will be live!

Really looking forward to your review of my video Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Good title for your journey Smile GL and I'll be follwing
Posted 4 years ago
Oh Jon,its just ridiculous is the place. If you have never been its impossible to imagine.My girlfriend and friends have all talked about it,and you think they are talking about like a shopping centre or something. I drove up and on my left is strangeways prison. I'm thinking well at least I wont have far to go here! On the right is a row of derelict shops with shutters on.I park down the side street where again its like an estate of rundown buildings/shops all with shutters down. I begin looking in the boot for my stabvest Smile as it is THE worst looking place I have seen.I cant find it in the boot and have to make do with my Superdry jacket! We start to walk up the street and as we do no word of a lie,asian guys just pop out at you,god knows where they were hiding but the empty run down street suddenly was full with shop keepers. "You buying"? "Deals for you" Go on in.Up come the shutters and he unlocks the fort knox type door behind it. Im 6ft plenty and have to crouch down virtually on my knees to slide under the hatch as they darent take it too high. So im in my first shop. Well its like Alaadins cave. Row and shelves full of goods. Beats earphones,Pills,Aftershaves,perfumes,trainers,smart clothes,casual clothes,jewellery Tv's. It was incredible. My girlfriends there like just throwing things in left right and centre,get some of this get some of that.Now i was dubious thinking it was going to burn my skin for example the aftershave.Ah but no ill show you its crap i thought,downloaded the iphone bar scanner,low and behold the scanners flash up Boots 67.99 Chanel Allure.Sweet Ill have two for 15 pound. That was me sold,like i say i came home with god knows what,I am still going through bin bags of stuff we bought. I must have gone into 30 shops down them streets as well they might be offended if i went in one and not the others. Heading back to the car with my swag,i will be going back.Although upon googling it you have to be wary as its raided for counterfeiting clothes on a weekly basis. Oh well.

The electrical stuff is unreal. I sat and watched your sky review last night on my new earphones Smile I will leave a review as it was great to watch regarding th iso and pure aggression. So yes if you havent been get there Jon.I am all for savng money.Junction 17 of the M62 and drive down till strangeways Smile

Excellent i will tune in tonight
Posted 4 years ago
Haha mate know exactly where you mean! You're local to me then, do you play live anywhere in Manchester?

I actually saw a police / immigration operation there not too long ago when I was on my way to the G casino, not sure on the outcome but the "shops" are still as busy as ever. A lot of people and the police etc obviously know about it but don't seem to care except the above but was obviously immigration not like trading standards or anything. It is funny watching, just rows of what appears to be shut-up shops, as soon as you stop you get approached asking if you want to go shopping or to buy.
Posted 4 years ago
Ha I knew some people would know about it.

No we were visiting my girlfriends parents in Huddersfield and just ended up going so no I have never played in Manchester.Is that where your from?

I have been googling it,apparently obviously immigration have issues with it but also it says the major agencies whoever that is have clamped down due to them attempting to cross over into cheap tobacco. I kind of think the local police either aren't bothered or are paid off. I saw two drive through on bikes whilst we were there and did nothing,with a street full of shop keepers and an army of customers strewn across the streets.So they have to maybe be seen to be doing something but aren't too bothered.Its a dofferent kettle of fish with taxes and stuff on cigarettes,they wont allow it.

Yes one guy we were talking to says they get raided regularly and goods confiscated but it was open again the day after with refilled shelves. Crazy!

Posted 4 years ago
Ah fair enough, yeah I live not far from Manchester

It is funny, unbelievable when you just watch it all going on. It must all be knockoff or counterfeit stuff and like you say, the local police don't appear to do anything. It's busy most days and I think if they really wanted to shut it all down I'm sure it wouldn't take much but it probably comes down to money and if the council and/or police are making from it in one way or another
Posted 4 years ago
LOL we are talking about Bury new road right?

I used to buy and sell merch from those shops when i was like 15 years old haha and it is exactly as you describe!

It was actually on channel 5 once with Donal Mcintyre and was shut down for quite some time. So happy to know it is still up and running.
Posted 4 years ago
Hey Ive had a hectic few days so will update properly tomorrow.

Ha Im guessing that's the place,It is in Bury rather than Manchester.Did you really.Haha How did you do?Profitable? What were you doing at 15 Smile

Yes it was on TV,yep definitely still going now.

Posted 4 years ago
Day ?? I have lost track

Well like I said briefly yesterday,we have had a hectic few days with xmas shopping and a trip to the local German Market and Bier Tent. I love that place. So we didnt manage to get massive amounts in on the last few days but we what we did do turned out pretty well.

Cash Update

I guess I could be just running well,although personally I dont think i am particularly,I'm just finding really soft spots.It's too early to say I guess realistically and I'm sure I will update in the near future saying actually I was just running well. I managed to get around 3K hands in of Cash No Limit and ended up 13BI up so a nice increase of the roll.We also played slightly tipsy on saturday night against a guy called GlitterBabe who upon googling him thinks he's a professional Smile We took him on at the PLO HU I say i had been drinking so all inhibitions went and tricky spots where I'd fold normally I was calling and showing the best hands. We took him for 241 at PLO 0.25/0.50 So again a nice bankroll increase.

Tournament Update

I have only managed to play 2 since the last one I think. Again back to my point of not running particularly well but final 10 in both and looking good before in the 1st one running AQhh into JJ and the chip leader.No one is particularly deep in these come the end so I was 3rd in chips with 24K which equated to 10Bigs.

The second one was today and again crushing it 2nd in Chips w 29K. Again it equates to about 12BB so is pretty much shove/fold at these FT or late stages. AK UTG and ship it. Get snapped by the CL in the BB who only has 33K himself. Oh we are racing i'm thinking.....Nope K2 Brilliant. We see a flop of 77J Great. Turn 5 and the river 4. Thanks for that. Either way it is what it is and although this is 3 times Ive said it now,all I can do is keep getting it in like that,sooner or later luck has to desert them in these spots and i go into the FT with 60% of the chips in play. It has to.So we will play again tonight and hopefully tonights the night.

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Attached Image
Posted 4 years ago
Glitterbabe was a reg on Sky back in the day but i never see him on there anymore. He won some promo to be a sponsored sky player I think and played in their televised cash game. Think he lost a good chunk.

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