Posted 2 years ago
2 sessions, 1200 hands +-0...

very frustrated... EV wise should have made a buy in...

mentally very difficult for me... I feel that I should be better but i am not...

agression is bad... red straight down again... frustrating stuff

Posted 2 years ago
I try to increase my volume... want to play poker for at least 3 hours a day. The study part comes in addition...

1st session of today

1,5 hours, 700 hands and +14,46bb/100

I think I might get the handle on a stable red line... but it is really hard work to maintain focus on this issue. For these 700 hands it stayed stable (slightly positive) for 500 hands... had rough 200 hands in the middle where it plummeted nearly 200bb.

will focus on improving my game. do some sweat sessions next week and try to max out the input from BTS.

keeping my head high and play good poker. success will come.
Posted 2 years ago
or maybe not

1 hour, 428 hands and -90bb/100

WOW just fucking WOW

an then this thoughts coming back ... maybe you will never be good in this... you just might be tooo stupid
Posted 2 years ago
Yesterdays session was a bitter pill to swallow...

I did some analysis today... Punted away half a stack needlesly (completly wrong decision) Punted away half a stack because of omg suited connectors have to call omg omg omg...

so 1 BI is totally mine...

agression was OK. So over all I can walk away with my head up high. Sessions like these happen all the time and I just have to work hard for another one were variance is in my favour!!

Played 10min of NL5 zoom today and got away with some money so this is a start.

I am now off to work and hope I can put in some time in the evening!
Posted 2 years ago
3 hours, 1223 hands -10bb/100

i battled and battled and battled... and when i nearly was break even... i get fucked again

really bad for my confidence...

i am in desperate need of an upswing...

at least i played this session OK
Posted 2 years ago
They come. Can't say mine has come, but had a good day today after a month or so of it being brutal. So we will see how things progress over the weekend. Won 7 buy ins today on about 1200 hands. Made Quads twice and got a full stack on one and half stack on other. Just try and be patient. Its hard sometimes, I know.
Posted 2 years ago
The downswing continues... and it continues haaaard

160 minutes, 1148 hands and -24bb/100

I play really good poker regarding the small pots... big pot poker is just killing me.... I had today QQvsAA, JJvsAA twice (all 3 or 4bet pots and all low boards... maybe i should be able to let go... but i was not) JT vs KT on a TT2 board and and OESD+NFD against AA and I did not get there...

downswings suck... but I play focusd and do not tilt... so thats something...

I hope this fucking may is over soon... the plan of NL25 in about 5 weeks seems to fail as right now I have to take care not to drop down to NL5 in the near future...

glgl you guys, hope you run better
Posted 2 years ago
Hey man, chin up.
-24bb/100 for 1100 hands seems about -2.5 or so buyins which is mega standard. I had 5 buyin down and upswings in one of my last sessions and a couple of ones similar to yours, these things you can’t help. But those QQ and JJ hands you lost... just post them up and see what people say about them, how you could play them differently or get away from spots. If you think you could get away then maybe the positions they 4 bet or 3 bet were super strong etc. Gl man
Posted 2 years ago
3 hours, 1267 hands +8bb/100

red bad, blue bad because i punted 2 stacks away and worst of all i ran 4bi above EV to make half a bi... I am just toooo bad
Posted 2 years ago
1 hour, -2bi... im tilting... so im off for some time
Posted 2 years ago
Hope you've had some time to recharge those batteries! Waiting for a nice positive update Smile
Posted 2 years ago
I am back Smile

Mental game was sooo tilted... obviously the partypoker network is not made for me...

so after a week I got back and registered at WinningPoker in my beloved Ipoker-Network... loads of fish, soooo few regs, tracked tables... i am sooo happy there...

I also tried to change my schedule a bit... I am going to try to be semi pro for the next 6 month... this means that per day I am spending about 6 hours on poker. I plan to play for 4 hours and study for 2. Girlfriend is not amused... but I really really want this to work. (at least 2 hours of study are blocked for mental game) I also have to admit, that if this fails and I do not reach at least NL50 by this time I have to focus on other things.

Had a 1:1 coaching (stats review) and my coach said that my stats should easily be good enough for NL25, maybe even NL50. I should not worry about my 25bi downswing and focus on the right decisions... results will come.

I am still thinking about starting streaming as well... I love the streams of @jongordon84 and @daveo and hope to catch @Grocker6 soon.

so for the weekend i am off to south france, so from monday on I will keep crushing.

@AshVIP hope this is as positive as expected Smile
Posted 2 years ago
Gl man, hope it works out!
Posted 2 years ago
Awesome to hear man. Still down for a sweat if you are. I think finding fish is key and it was something I was going to speak with you about in our sweat. I wanted to see you play first though. On about May 24th i started a little fish finding mission/system and I think since then I have played about 13K hands and I am up almost 35 buy ins, so I would have to say that it is pretty important. I won't go into all the numbers here but when you start comparing it to rake etc it's mind blowing.

If all the other regs want to sit around 3betting and 4betting each other, then have at it.
Posted 2 years ago
afternoon session was not to my taste...

2,5 780 hands -34,15bb/100

I played not my strongest poker, red abysmally ... too few cbets, too few 3bets...

mostly megagroce spots, so nothing i can do there...

1 pot not played well but other than that its fine i guess...

lets see what the night session brings

Posted 2 years ago
nothing works now for 6 weeks...

2 hours, 500 hands -53bb/100

Posted 2 years ago
Pokervariance... a thing to get used to...

today: nearly 4hours, 1311 hands and +46bb/100

most of yesterdays drama recovered...

Very strong poker, mostly good decisions!

Posted 2 years ago
When you loose all 3 flips in a session, you are not going to make moneys...

afternoon was ok... sucky spots...
evening was good... but within 3 hands everything gone...

849hands -35bb/100

Posted 2 years ago
A bit of a rollercoaster going on recently! How is it going with your coach?
Posted 2 years ago
Waiting for news Smile@FG_SpaceLord

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