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Posted 3 years ago

Hello there VIP members, Flower
How is it going???!!!

It's been a while since I last posted in any journey or thread here on PokerVip but I just felt that it's time to come back here and do my microstakes thing. YES, I play only at microstakes because I obviously can't beat the higher limits but I do fucking enjoy this game.

In the last year or so I played 99.99% of my poker on UNIBET, and man, this site is great for me so far. I like almost everything here at the cash tables, the player pool, the possibility to change 3 of your usernames daily, to be able to play with 5 different usernames at the tables in the same time, not to be able to use any HUD or shit like that, the fact that there is no chat available at the tables and of course I like some of the monthly promotions.
I played there more than 200k hands at NL4 and I had a winrate of 14.65bb/100 while 8 tableing (max allowed for cash).
Attached Image

I withdrew most of my money but I managed to grow my bankroll this month up to 380 euros again. I will not withdraw anything until the end of the year, to be able to play some NL10 without the bankroll presure on my shoulders. Muscle

One of the big minuses here on UNIBET is security. I'm talking about the fact that they are still fighting with multiaccounting and chip dumping (at least at NL4). I reported alot of this situations, but there is no end to it. One time (2 weeks ago) one of those morons even dumped chips to me for no reason. I reported that aswell and asked for UNIBET support to take the 2 buy ins out of my account (8 euros) but in the end everything was ok.

BTW, that is my youtube channell where I upload from time to time my sessions of poker. Below are the links to my youtube channel and twitch. I didn't stream anything yet on twitch because I have to get a better internet connection. Until then there will be no streaming unfortunately.
YouTube Channel
Twitch Channel (in the near future)

Oh, one more thing, I hope that @AshVIP can retag my UNIBET account with PokerVIP. That would be awesome. Sun

I'll post my next update at the end of the week, and probably I'll upload on youtube a session that I'll play at NL10.
Good luck all! Cash


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Posted 3 years ago
Hey buddy! I am going to take a dip in the Unibet pool for the first time shortly! How on earth did you get that info on hands played etc? Did you do it yourself? If you wouldn't mind helping a noobie out that would be great!
Posted 3 years ago
This looks good! Such a nice intro as well, easy to read, and full of info!

Have you seen the video review offer HERE? Sounds like you'd be perfect for it! Will also let you know about your account ASAP

@Jef147 Do you have an account on Unibet already or opening a new one?
Posted 3 years ago
AshVIP: This looks good! Such a nice intro as well, easy to read, and full of info!

Have you seen the video review offer HERE? Sounds like you'd be perfect for it! Will also let you know about your account ASAP

@Jef147 Do you have an account on Unibet already or opening a new one?

It is the one I mentioned the other day that I have had for some time but never deposited! It was set up through here so I will PM you once I have deposited!
Posted 3 years ago*
@AshVIP Thank you! The review offer sounds great too.
@Jef147 The fastest way to get your results is to go to live chat and ask for it right there. Just say that you want your result from cash/tournaments or whatever in a certain period of time, or a year or who knows what you have in mind and they will provide you with the results. I requested so far only for cash so I don't know how it will look the one for the tournaments. They will send you an excel file on your email adress with the results from every day you played there and you can do whatever you want with it.
If you want a more detailed result sheet go to the official unibet community site and ask for it there but it might take some time until they'll send the results on your email. Poker results requests
If the link is not allowed, I'm sorry for that.
Posted 3 years ago*
Well, here it is my first session of the month. I have to say that my game wasn't to great, I made some bad sizeing 4bet right at the begining, misclicked pocket QQ (check instead of raiseing preflop) at around 18th minute of the game against whale and I think that I opened preflop a little bit to light and probably folded to much against 3bets.
Other than that it went OK since I was on the right side of the setups.
I wanted to play at 6 tables but after a few minutes I just played my standard number of tables (8).
Enjoy the video!

PS: next videos will have better quality, I just noticed that it was set just to 720 instead of 1080. My bad Sad
Posted 3 years ago*
Hello there,
I played my second session of poker of the month at NL10 end it went ok again. I lost a hole stack with a set vs set set up at minute 47 or so (second table) but other than that everything went ok I guess. An interesting pot was at the timeframe 1h:19m on the bottom right table where I got a stack from the villain.
It is a little bit hard to fire up all my tables since the player pool is not that good all over the day. For example in the afternoon when I recorded this session, there were only 60-65 players at NL10 so I had to struggle a little bit to open all my tables.
Anyway, so far I am in the green and I hope to run this way as long as possible. When I reach 500 euros bankroll I'll take a 4 buy in shot at the NL25 tables. Now my bankroll is at around 418 euros.
Enjoy my video!

PS: 1080 quality this one. Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Hello guys,
What's UP!?

I played yesterday and today some poker, and man I managed to tilt at some point of the sessions in each day. I think that I run through some bad run or something because I simply couldn't win any hand. I had a lot of flopped sets, rivered nut flushes on paired river and so on, but every time the villain managed to have better at the end of the hand. It was unbelievable.
Don't get me wrong, I don't monkey tilt or shit like that, I just start to play very loose for a couple of minutes, but after that things are getting back to normal (I think).
Anyway, yesterday after running like crap I just hit the mother fucker of hands of the month. Man the way the hand played preflop and on flop was just hilarious. I just felt like the biggest moron of the poker world. (rofl):@
Here it is:

I just hope to run better in the following days. I think that I am not playing that bad, still plenty of worse players out there.
Good luck all!
Posted 3 years ago
Hey @Balonas

thanks for the vids!

the last hand was soooo brutal but you played it fine... villain did not 3bet so why should you be afraid of AA? yes he could have A3 but he is more likely to have Ax...

I hope you run better next time Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Hey @FG_SpaceLord ,
I know there is nothing that I can do in that hand and it is never nice to be in my place, but that's the game. I think that I have a little tilt problem, I don't know the right word to name it, some sort of accumulated tilt or something like that. Somehow I began to doubt my actions at the tables and started to play with fear. I'm still in the green so far but I am not even satisfied with my game. I might be recording a small one hour session for the review playing at 4 tables. There are definitely huge leaks in my game since I have troubles playing poker on the softest European site.

My bankroll is now at 455 euros but 20 euros from this month are from rakeback and bonus points. I can't wait for a nice and relaxing session at the NL10 tables on UNIBET! Flower

Good luck all!
Posted 3 years ago*
Today I don't have time to play poker so I decided to post my results from November 2017 (so far):
Attached Image

I have around 8.50bb/100 so far but it will be very hard for me to keep it at this level.
I'm curious how it will look at the end of the month.
That's it for now.
Good luck all!;)
Posted 3 years ago
I just had the worst session of my life on UNIBET. I lost all my profit of the month at the NL10 tables, almost 9 buy ins. It was just that kind of session in which I couldn't win any hand. I admit that started to play bad after a while, but it was just disgusting.
I think that I will go back to NL4 for a few days to recover my confidence, or who knows, maybe I'll be destroyed there too.
Good luck all!
Posted 3 years ago
November Update:
Attached Image

NO COMMENT! Broken heartPunch
Posted 3 years ago
Arghhhh sessions like that are such a demotivating, frustrating, pain in the arse!

But, look at the rest of the results, lots of profit in there and you now you can easily bounce back and not let one session drag you down!
Posted 3 years ago*
@AshVIP Demotivating indeed. Smile
Any news about retaging my account?

I played a little bit at NL4 after that massive loss and it is still going bad there too.
Attached Image

I think that after this weekend I'll give an another try at NL10 with 5 buy ins and see how it goes.

Good luck all! Flower
Posted 2 years ago
Keep slogging Balonas. It doesn't look that bad, unless I'm reading that second table wrong, looks like you're winning!

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