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Hi guys

First things first,a bit about me.My name is Dusan.Im a 29yr old grinder from Serbia .I have a diploma in history and working in a library/teaching history is not very appealing to me.Im trying to make a living out of playing cash games (surprise) on Unibet.No HEM allowed there so there won't be any graphs and you will have to trust me when i say I won million or went busto Smile

Story so far:

I've been in poker waters for almost 3 years now and had some minor success,even played nl100-200 at one point during last year but now I'm nearly busto.How can someone go from nl200 to busto you ask?Huge monkey tilt issues and jumping stakes that I can't seem to resolve so far but Im not giving up.Poker is my journey and I will do everything to stay on the road and reach my destination.

My destination:

Average salary in Serbia is around 350-400euro a month,which you can earn autopiloting nl10 on softer sites.Im not content with average.My end goal is earning 50k a year and I'm aware that poker is getting tougher and edges are smaller but I'm also aware that I am my biggest obstacle in achieving this,because I know that my A game is very good but my C game is a total trainwreck.This is why I have decided to make a blog,as a way to keep me grounded,focused and on course.

I am starting with 60e on unibet nl4 tables,moving up with 20 buyins to next limit.I will update blog every couple of days with my progress.Links/blogs/suggestions of any kind about eliminating tilt and more specifically ''moving up to chase losses'' are most welcome Smile

Over and out

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Posted 3 years ago
Welcome! Good to see someone else in similar situation. I started my "pro journey" with 20$ and NL2 in a busto country. 50k is massive goal, and not realistic in near future if you don't risk your BR in aggro shots, especially if poker will be your main income. It's a tough ass grind ahead, if you're serious about it. GL!
Posted 3 years ago
Going bro has happened to the best of us buddy and is what makes us stronger. As long as you learn from the experience and don;t repeat it then it should be a lesson which takes you to better and bigger things.

Have we ever spoke before? I am sure i know another Dusan from Serbia....

Unibet is a dope choice as it's probably the softest site online and the traffic is super consistent. Do you find it easy to play without a HUD?
Posted 3 years ago*
Thanks for the support guys.

@Milfgrinder You are right,it will be one tough ass grind.I will have to withdraw minimum 150e a month for food/some bills but rakeback/rake race should cover that.Plan is to aggro shot micros up until 50 nl where i would move up with 30+ buyins.

@Jon Im not sure but I talked on vipchat with few guys year and a half ago when I was searching for a room.Yeah,I think Unibet is one of the best rooms for microstakes right now with solid traffic and loose games at most limits.I think there is one limper for every 2 raisers which seems insane to me.Poker is not dead just yet Laugh

This would sound stupid,but I actually prefer sites with no HUD because I can focus more on board textures and less on numbers and I have a tendency to level myself when using hud (I put too much value on numbers and less on gameflow) which is really bad.
Posted 3 years ago*
So,first update after 5 days...

Been feeling kinda weak,like I'm about to get sick for the past few days.Also messed up my circadian rhytm so grinding was a real struggle.Also,its tough for me to find motivation and focus for nl4 and I was maybe autopiloting 70+% of the time,watching tv shows,podcasts etc.Fortunately,you don't need to do that much to beat nl4 on unibet so it was enough,but I have to step up my game.I would rate my game B- for these past few days.

Won around 35 buyins and starting nl10 tomorrow.

BR: 201€
Posted 3 years ago
so games seem pretty soft at 4nl?
Posted 3 years ago
How many hands did you play? That's some winning there!
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks man.There is no tracking of hands on unibet so I can't really say.There is only ''flops seen'' statistic which doesn't say much.I guess you could double that statistic to get close to number of hands someone played but thats just my guess.I have around 2800 flops seen for that 5day period if that means anything.

I'm usually 8 tabling and maybe add 2 omaha tables from time to time.Omaha games are crazy soft here but traffic is pretty bad for them.8 tables is max for one stake but you can mix stakes and increase table amount that way...not sure if there is ''global'' restriction for amount of tables you can play.Im usually aiming for around 30hr week with one day off so thats 5 hours per day but I usually end up playing 1-2 hours some days and 8+ hours some other days Smirking
Posted 3 years ago
Sounds good mate, it does sound pretty soft! I've recently opened an account on Unibet just for the OPL but seeing as they've just announced a UK tour for next year may play on there more often to qualify into some of them
Posted 3 years ago*
Time for le update.Have been trying to put in some grind but it was difficult because there was a big slava.It's a nice serbian tradition but you are pretty much useless for the rest of the day after all the eating and drinking.I went twice so no poker for 2 days Beer .Also had to withdraw 120€ for some bills and stuff.

Grind went ok.Funniest moment was when I lost 2 stacks in 1 minute in basically same situation.Fullhouse on turn and I ship it vs trips and a guy fills up both times on river for biger boat.Loled there,had to take 15 mins off or I would go into shove rage mode Dull .Winrate is close to 4nl,maybe 1bb lower,not much to say there.

BR: 395€
Posted 3 years ago
Beeeeeeeeer! Enjoy the holiday season!

When withdrawing money see it as a positive....not many people have that secondary income so spend it wisely and enjoy.
Posted 3 years ago
Well,the thing is that its my primary income now.Im sharing most of my expenses at the moment and have a liferoll to last me 2 years or so but I don't want to spend that.Gonna grind this baby up Muscle
Posted 3 years ago
HellFire021: Well,the thing is that its my primary income now.Im sharing most of my expenses at the moment and have a liferoll to last me 2 years or so but I don't want to spend that.Gonna grind this baby up (flex)


Much play happening for these last few days or just taking it easy before a huge 2016?
Posted 3 years ago*
Ratio of playing vs getting wasted was 2:1 from my last update,and that is going to change heavily in favour of getting wasted for the next 10 days or so Drink

Swingy grind from my last update but managed to get on top at the end.1st shot @25nl failed but second went ok.Went from 4nl to 25nl in 2 and a half weeks which is ok,but I will have to put much more A game sessions in 2016 to crush it which im looking forward to.Most important thing this month for me is that I proved to myself that I can grind from nl4 double the average salary in my country by playing cash games.So...next step in my poker evolution is to try as hard as I can not to tilt spew 1/3 of my bankroll when that $%^&* hits his one outer on the river Laugh

Im going to chill now and maybe work on theory for a few days between being drunk/sleeping.Also will try to listen to whole audiobook of Excelling at no limit holdem (that will be a challenge...audiobook is like 19hrs Nerdy but seems worth it)


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Happy holidays.
Posted 3 years ago
Do you find the information goes in when listening to audio books?

Solid work on the BR and solid working on the partying front. Make the most of it......party hard then its grind timeeeee
Posted 3 years ago
I've only listened to 2 audiobooks so far and I guess its all a matter of preference.I personally prefer books because I can highlight some of the more important sections...with audiobooks you go through pages much faster but you can also miss some important info.I try to write down most important concepts/tips when learning from audiobooks.

Thanks Jon.2016 will be massive,I can feel it Smile

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