*~*PokerVIP Staking Journey Part 2*~*

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Ok so we are back and better than ever. Lets learn from the past and make a kick ass staking operation which both the players and ourselves will enjoy (oh and hopefully make some money from).

Today i have started going through the applications and have already got 4 sign ups who will be battling it out on the tables right now! If you want to apply please do so Here. People often ask how long the staking application time is open for and the answer is - for the foreseeable future! We want to take new players on every week for the next god knows how many years! So keep them coming in!

When applying try to include as much information as possible or at least have all your graphs, stats and any other useful information at the ready for when i add you on Skype to continue with your application process. Basically your aim is to impress us with your past play or enthusiasm going forward.

We are staking once again on BetVictor for many reasons such as soft games, solid traffic, awesome admin and beautiful software. Currently this is the only site we offer so when applying please don't ask for elsewhere :).

Going to use this as obviously a public journey for everyone to read and comment on but also to put up useful information for the players. A few Guidelines i need the players to follow are:

- Stick to the contract.

- If you hit your stop loss sign off, sign out and wait for the reload. Never tilt this opportunity away. We honestly don't grudge anyone losing 5bi in a day and remember a month is long so always time to win it back!

- Make sure HEM/PT is setup before you sit down for your first big grind.

- Take your time. Playing fewer tables and thinking about each decision will make you more money.

- Never opt in for the bad beat jackpot!!!


- We are here to help: Just ask!

I will do many updates on here including a monthly mega update with graphs, profit/loss and also a load of brags!

So we are ready to go! Get involved!


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OK so a question i think i will get asked a lot is how to import hands to our tracking softwares and how to get the HUD working so:

First of all make sure your hh are being saved. On the BV poker client lobby follow:

1. Preferences.
2. Hand History (bottom option)
3. Configuration tab.
4. Tick it like this:

Attached Image


Useful link :Here


Useful link: Here
Posted 5 years ago
Good luck guys!
Posted 5 years ago*
Let's goooo (cash)(flex)(punch)(dance)
Posted 5 years ago
Gl guys...
Posted 5 years ago
im coming home boys, 10k hands to go !

Pvip lets tear this thing up. one of the +ev players of phase 1 staking coming thou baby - New team im coming to join ya`ll
Posted 5 years ago

Gl everyone
Posted 5 years ago*

Dann, aka "iGoWeeWee" on BetVictor

Was part of the 1st staking troupe and looking forward to going you fellow crushers in taking all the moolah and adding Beibers to our stacks!!

Oh, and add us all on Skype....Dannythehair Smile
Posted 5 years ago
Exciting new journey from staked player Sam including pictures of some hottttttttttttt females. Follow him Here
Posted 5 years ago
GO GO GO Guys! good luck and success on your new journeys. Smile
Posted 5 years ago
Lopticus: GO GO GO Guys! good luck and success on your new journeys. :)

Thanks bro! Got a feeling we are going to see some sick forum action come from all of this.
Posted 5 years ago
iGoWeeWee: Brand New Journey Posted HERE

Damnnnnnnn son that is one hell of a post! Will reply later today. Guys you have to check this out.
Posted 5 years ago
Ok so a few people have instantly realize that the bet slider on BV is set at a raise by mode so often your bets doesn't go to the amount you want it to. You want to changes your settings to the raise to mode so that makes it the total size which you will want and find as default on almost all other sites.

Here is the 3 steps on how to do it.

Step 1:

When sat at a table hit menu:

Attached Image

Step 2:

Hit menu and select options:

Attached Image

Step 3:

Select the bet slider tab, tick the raise to mode box and tick the apply to all tables box

Attached Image
Posted 5 years ago
Also if you want to sort your auto top up follow steps 1 and 2 above and then :

Attached Image
Posted 5 years ago
Jon - how do we change the settings to get the tables looking like yours in pic above. I even installed the PVIP mods but im getting horrible, avatar based tables that look nothing like yours.

Posted 5 years ago
Hi iGoWeeWee, when seated at a table, click on 'Menu' and then 'Classic' view.

Once you have done that, click 'Menu' again and 'Use as default view'

Shaun BV
Posted 5 years ago
Thanks Shaun
Posted 5 years ago
going to apply Smile
Posted 5 years ago
Wow not often a manager comes from a client we use and just helps like that out of the blue! Really appreciate that Shaun.

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Posted 5 years ago
go on shaun Cheeky

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