Chris "Jesus" Ferguson - WSOP Player of the Year 2017!

Posted 2 years ago

Kind of expected after his successful showing at the WSOP in Vegas, but with a bracelet win at the WSOPE in Prague this week as well, he is officially the Player of the Year!

Check out Doug Polks take on the guy HERE

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Posted 2 years ago
Black Friday happened way before I found my way into poker, so i do not really know alot about it. And i did not lose any mony there. So i dont hold any gruch against Ferguson.

Although I watch every clip by Doug Polk I do not like this one in particular. Yes his decisions as coowner (?) of full tilt were not the best. But after several years (and trials) I think you can let go of the past and aknowledge that he had a sensational year.

Posted 2 years ago*
If you weren't around for BF, it's extremely difficult for you to understand how devastating it was. I honestly can't come up with an analogy. Players basically had millions of dollars stolen from them, and for players in the USA, they also lost their livelihood overnight. If I was a pro and had anything from $50K+ stolen, idk when if ever I'd forgive the people I thought were responsible (Lederer) or were in a position to do something about it but didn't (Ferguson, if he wasn't in the first category already).

On top of that, Doug Polk and other poker celebs aren't hanging out with guys like me, who have never had more than 6K on a single site at one time. They know the people who were crushed by BF. So it's their friends who went through this, and that's why the high stakes community feels more strongly about this than recs like me, or younger grinders who didn't live through it.

My grandparents lived through the Depression, and it scarred their relationship to money for their entire lives. Some of this trauma was passed on to my mother, and some of it trickled down to me. Even though I wasn't affected by BF (I live in Canada, I hadn't played on FTP in a while and had no money there), between the scandals at UltimateBet, Absolute Poker, and Full Tilt, I still don't trust any for profit poker site. I think anyone who keeps more than a few BI on one is taking a risk. I'm sure for players who survived BF, which we should remember was just a couple of years ago, the pain is still raw. I don't really think it's our place to tell them when they should get over it.

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