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Posted 1 week ago

Hi I dont know if I will get any replies as it doesnt seem as though anyone is around, but as a long time losing player I am desperate. I have dropped to 10NL after losing forever at 25NL, still losing at 10NL too, so I need help to at least do better. I have read extensively about this game and watch all the videos I can but still losing all the time.

Here is a hand, please tell me how bad I played this
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$0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
4 Players

CO Player4 $14.74
D Player5 $12.08
SB Player6 $6.22
BBHero $11.04
4$0.15Hero is BBJA
2 folds, Player6 raises to $0.30, Hero calls$0.20
Player6 bets $0.39, Hero calls$0.39
Player6 bets $0.85, Hero calls$0.85
Player6 bets $1.25, Hero raises to $7
Final Pot$11.33


Here are my thoughts in game to show where I am at thinking.
Firstly there are no HUDs at Party and I have only seen villain once before and seemed to be loose and bet any part of the board, villain also doesnt reload so that mostly marks him/her down as a weaker player.

So I normally 3 bet this hand bvb but as villain only has 60bb I felt better to call, I dont want to get 4 bet with AJo for 60bb, so thought l calling was the better option to get some value verses what he might bet with.
So I hit trips with top kicker, couldnt ask for more. So I just call flop, did I not raise because I wanted to get paid off as so often when I get the goods as it were they immediately fold. Same on turn once villain bet again. Should I have raised either flop or turn because of the flush draw? Should I shove turn?
When river came and he bet again I raised him allin, is this bad? I ask my self what worse hands he can call with and feel that he will call with A Jack like KJ, QJ etc so didnt feel this was a bad raise as I can get called by worse.
Thats basically it so any comments please will be appreciated.

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Posted 1 week ago
Personally, I think it's fine as played. Typically I'd prefer to raise less on the river to get paid by 2 pair but in this case with him only having c. $4 behind I would put him in as well. If I'm raising I'd prefer it to be the flop not the turn as a turn raise looks stronger and will just fold out all his air
Posted 1 week ago
I would be trying to get stacks in here and raising the flop, it doesn't need to be huge, just a cse of calculating how to get the money in, I prefer over three streets this time but I doubt it matters a great deal versus this particular stack. however you do it.

People tend to be non-beliebers on the flop more often than the turn or river is my opinion.

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