20nl Speed - Turn 2 pair

Posted 2 years ago

Villain is typical nitty euro rakeback grinder!

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$0.10/$0.20 No Limit Holdem iPoker
4 Players

CO dolphix $40.68
D skirunner $34.43
SB magic0range $20
BBHero $27.31
4$0.30Hero is BBA5
1 fold, skirunner raises to $0.50, 1 fold, Hero calls$0.30
Hero checks, skirunner bets $0.60, Hero calls$0.60
Hero checks, skirunner bets $1.60, Hero raises to $4.80, skirunner goes all-in $33.33,


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Posted 2 years ago
snippity snoppity snap
Posted 2 years ago
We are only really beating AK, AQ and does he not just flat those on turn??
Posted 2 years ago
My thoughts are A) standard 2.5xbutton raise, so he's wide. Cool He's probably thinking that if you've got an Ace you re-raise him pre so he's trying to represent one
Posted 2 years ago*
Just a final call spot. Calculate pot odds. Calculate equity. Equity>Pot Odds=Call Equity
Posted 2 years ago*
I wrote way more than above, but not posting my entire message. Oh well
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks guys! I did call and was OBVIOUSLY shown A10! Just wasn't sure if I had overvalued my hand against a nitreg!
Posted 2 years ago
Yeah I did some equity work and it gets really difficult to get to the 39% you need to BE. You need him to be YOLO jamming a lot of heart combos like pair+FD and GS+FD and I doubt he is doing it enough for call to be profitable. Like I say I probably snap it off too and get shown a better hand and kick myself.
Posted 2 years ago*
Apart from that you think the rest is fine? Like play it the same then raise fold the turn the only other option?
Posted 2 years ago*
i would raise bigger something like 6e. Question here is what you do with hands like 77 or a7 or a10 on flop if you are raising most of them on flop that it is call on turn with a5, but also this isn't bad hand to have i check call range on turn and raise fold some weaker hands like 75.
Posted 2 years ago
Vs this player we should absolutely be folding here. He's a reg in the games and plays absolutely tons so I know you are familiar with his game, he isn't overly aggressive and is at least relatively competent. He's incredibly unlikely to be stacking off here when relatively deep with many worse hands, and has us absolutely screwed a lot of the time. It sucks, but it's a fold.

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