5NL - AQ (tough spot)

Posted 2 years ago

Anon, Zone, no reads.

Not sure about this hand and whether a b/f on the turn is the right line. Would anyone else play it differently?

UTG min opens, we 3Bet from BB and get 2 callers. We cbet the flop and get called by the SB. We decide to b/f on this turn to try to charge any remaining SD's, charge pairs. Anything bad with this line so far?

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Posted 2 years ago
No need to bet turn, you can call almost all rivers with AQ. if i bet turn i m calling all in
Posted 2 years ago
Agree. Don't see need to bet turn. What are you getting value or protection from? Not very many hands. JJ or some other PP with a worse FD. A passively play AK with Ah, KQ? Most 9x and Tx is going to fold, i believe. I think you are beat by a fair amount of hands right now. I don't think SB is a good reg and can have a lot of 99 TT,some flushes, although not a ton and KJs. Plus some 2 pair like T9 and QT. You do block some of that stuff, but I still think he can have you beat a fair amount. You are IP so you can make sure a second bet goes in on the river if he checks river Like Kuca said I think you can call a lot of river bets, unless he really puts you to the test and overbet jams river after you check back turn.. I think if you are betting with intention of folding it is pretty bad. You have quite a bit of equity with the pair + FD and having to fold that would be very sad. So I think checking back and playing rivers accordingly would be better.

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