66 SB vs 3bet 5nl (Video Analysis)

Posted 2 years ago

Post your views/advice below, cheers!


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Posted 2 years ago
I'd be re-raising pre, and definitely raising the flop. Hits our range more than his and don't like to hit shit turn cards like we do here. Still have a weakish hand and can also be betting for protection.

Love the little video hands though!
Posted 2 years ago*
@AshVIP I'm not sure about reraising preflop being as deep. I don't really use it as a 4bet bluff hand tbh.

Although if we did, then we'd fold to a 5 bet, and if flatted then on this flop we could...
bet small on flop and GII vs a raise which gets value from over cards bluffing but only gets called by better e.g. overpairs.

But most flops aren't going to be this nice if we get flatted preflop. However I guess that's normally a fairly rare spot but bvb can happen enough.
The BB is an awkward git at times, I'd like to hear a flow of thoughts from lots of people here as this spot interests me!

Also I'll post the hand history here for those that don't watch the vid. I'll do this under all future video hands.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05Zoom No Limit Holdem PokerStars
6 Players

UTG McCormack.I $7.76
UTG+1 Sral1900 $12.67
CO drk55 $26.57
D eurko6 $5.33
SBHero $6.96
BB AquaCycle911 $12.05
6$0.07Hero is SB66
4 folds, Hero raises to $0.15, AquaCycle911 raises to $0.45, Hero calls$0.30
Hero checks, AquaCycle911 bets $0.60, Hero calls$0.60
Hero checks, AquaCycle911 bets $1.35, Hero folds
Final Pot$3.45

AquaCycle911 wins $3.36 (net +$0.96)
Hero lost$1.05
Posted 2 years ago
I just never believe them when it's folded round to blind on blind, even deep I might just 4-bet rip it in Rolling on the floor laughing
Posted 2 years ago
I think I could get on board with a 4b if you were like 200bb deep and you thought this guy was just 3b a ton. Your implieds are massive if you can win a 200bb stack when you do hit a set. Still not sure I like it though. I get what Ash is saying though. He is a non-believer Cheeky

Wasn't sure I liked the idea of raising at first, just because the old addage we have SDV , however, I think Ash is right from protection standpoint and range. If this guy has a normal BvB 3betting range he has tons of overcards here. Like ATs-AKs AQo KJs KQs etc etc. If you think he is betting a huge chunk of those and by raising you either get him to call with them, extracting some thin value, or you get him to fold out his equity. Then can't be a bad outcome. Challenge is will he bet all of those, where you get him to bet/fold his equity and benefit from it or will he recognize this board is good for you and not bet all of those and just bet his value and some decent draws and then he doesn't bet fold much of anything and you are raising a really strong range.

I think XC is fine too, but you are going to run into spots like this one where the K comes and you are like crap. I still think I might XC turn. I know the K hits him, but he still has a fair amount of bluffs that he can be barreling. Ax in hearts that picked up FD, JT T9 if he 3bets those, which i think is reasonable. You still have pair + OESD. Its close. I put together a betting range and I think 66 has ~30% equity and on the vid your pt4 says you need 28%. Challenge is you won't realize 100% of that equity. You might only realize 75% of that equity being OOP and caller. Then its actually just a XF, but couldn't blame you for calling either. I think it depends on your villain.

Posted 2 years ago
I like to xr. I think both flop and turn is good spots to xr. Flop bc we have so good EQ and can easily just get it in if he back raises. Turn bc he needs to bf here a ton, esp if he thinly VB's and use the turn K to bluff on.
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks for your input @Prostaker , also what do you think about the preflop play? And how it might change with various stack sizes?
Posted 2 years ago
I think the preflop play is fine. As a rule of thumb im looking for 20x the implied odds on the preflop call when set mining. Like someone posted above @ 100bb we could go for 4bet get it in but then they need to 3bet over 20% for that to be profitable so ill only take that line vs very 3bet happy guys.

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