9To 5nl Straight Draw Spot (Video Analysis)

Posted 2 years ago

My main question here is about handling the turn. A good draw turns into a spot which seems not so profitable.
I'm looking for better ways to handle this semi-frequent spot. Do we bet the turn? I can't see what my bet achieves. And yet x/f seems a little annoying here, so are we just building a pot and letting the cards do the talking? I don't like that.

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$0.02/$0.05Zoom No Limit Holdem PokerStars
6 Players

UTG Goosich $5.40
UTG+1 wahnsinn64 $10.96
COHero $5
D RealityJump $6.04
SB lzoflamingo $5.92
BB Adeptofp $5
6$0.07Hero is CO9T
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.12, RealityJump calls $0.12, lzoflamingo calls $0.10, 1 fold
lzoflamingo checks, Hero bets$0.26, RealityJump calls $0.26, lzoflamingo folds
Hero bets$0.65, RealityJump calls $0.65
Hero checks, RealityJump checks
Final Pot$2.23
RealityJump shows a pair of Queens KQ
Hero shows high card Queen 9T

RealityJump wins $2.14 (net +$1.11)
lzoflamingo collects $0.00 (net -$0.12)
Hero lost$1.03

Video analysis


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Posted 2 years ago
I think you should be pulling the trigger on the river, it's fairly wet and will get most 7s and 8s to fold. By checking we win 0% of the time (maybe 5% of the time if he has 56 suited maybe)
Posted 2 years ago
Talk to Dan about this hand for quite a time. This hand was MW on flop and I think the flop bet is going to fold out a lot of the hands that will fold. I don't think you are getting enough folds already on turn. By the time you get to river this guy almost always has Qx or better. I don't think he gets to the river with a 7 or 8. He was monkey in the middle on the flop and had SB behind, who has a fairly narrow and strong preflop calling range. I don't think he is or even should be calling the flop bet that wide. He can, but shouldn't be. If he did than he would probably fold that stuff on the turn. So if you are tripling here, you need to get a Q or better to fold.

I think, after talking to him about this, I would bet flop and then give up on turn. Hand looks good, but MW its not great. J isn't even to the nuts
Posted 2 years ago
What is MW? and Monkey? Laugh and a Jack would be the nuts
Posted 2 years ago

monkey in the middle means SB checked dan bet and now he is in the middle and has SB to act behind.

You are right it is. misread board, was thinking K9 was straight but its not

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