AQ SB 3bet 5nl (Video Analysis)

Posted 2 years ago

I'll be posting my hands via video so I can share my thoughts better.
I haven't included stats just yet because I want to build my database on these players a bit more first.
So I mainly want to talk about my line.


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Posted 2 years ago*
I like the line and the sizes. I do a SB 3b or fold and have a pretty standard 6bb flop(~1/3) 22bb(~75% psb) turn and jam river. If you are a bit deeper you can size up a bit to get all in by river.

That flop favors you imo. Like you said he has some mid pocket pairs and SCs and maybe some broadways, but in general he is capped. I feel like you have a lot of hands that are going to want to bet for value: KK,99, AA AK KQ KJs KTs maybe K9s due to the min raise. QQ JJ TT can all bet for a bit of protection as well. You need to have some bluffs to balance it out. I just feel like this is a flop that you can bet a huge portion of your range so doing 1/3 makes sense.

8 not a great card as it does hit his range a bit more than yours. I don't really feel like he has that many flushes. QJ, QT, JT. About it. 76 maybe, would be an ambitious overcall of a 3b, but I have seen it before. We pick up equity and have nut blocker so I am definitely barreling this. Don't think you can fold to min raise. If he doesn't have the flush you are getting direct odds. Like you said in vid if he has flush then you are a bit short on odds to call, but might have some implied. Hard to say whether he would put out that same bet if the 4th diamond comes. I think I would probably just donk the river if the 4th diamond came. Don't want him checking back a weaker flush. Still not folding turn. I don't think there is any merit to jamming the turn. I think you have zero FE. Just call and hope you bink.

River is an easy XF.

EDIT: I guess you guys were a decent bit deeper, so I think sizing up the flop and river are good options too
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks for your reply @fawltyfelix !
Posted 2 years ago
I agree with making it bigger pre and on the flop. CBetting to that size oop doesn't accomplish much in this situation a lot of the time imo and we get floated a lot. We do need to take into consideration the bb and the raiser might both call us and that would suck.

Turn I check quite often these days, even though it seems fashionable to barrel. Thing is, when they have me beat I get into this kind of sticky situation and have to fold if they raise too large. I'd fold because if the 4th flush card hits I'm just too unlikely to get paid off often enough.
Further, cbetting small only gives us the illusion of pot control in a situation where we don't have it, villain can always ship it in our face.
Also, I've found that checking get's them to bet their bluffs which might well fold out to another bet and I can call and evaluate rivers.
I would add that if the 4th flush card did hit here I would bet out in this case to get paid off by a set or a lesser flush.

For me it's 3b to 50c-55c and cbet more like 50%. I check/call turn and see what the dealer throws at me on the river but if villain hits the bet button hard I'd fold turn.

After being raised on the turn I wouldn't pay off with an A on the river.

Not advice, just how I see it. SB sucks.
Posted 2 years ago
Like this video format. Good analysis trough out the hand. You and the previous poster said it well too about the flop sizing, needs to be bigger so we can get stacks in by the river.

My only thought was that we could maybe jam the turn, thats an option but would like to have some read or feeling of the player that he could raise fold for me to do that, if he only raises flush and never bluff its an obv call.

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