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I recently finished my Pokertracker trial and will soon do the Holdem Manager trial to compare. But what are some pros and cons you guys have gathered with both? Do you feel one is clearly better? Is there any other HUD I may not have known about/considered?

Note* I will soon start playing at Bovada and currently play on ACR, if this helps narrowing down the answers to pokerrooms that cater better to certain softwares.

Since pokertracker was my first time using a HUD my overall experience was positive. The setup wasn't too involved to be beyond my grasp of knowing what I was doing. As far as cons the fact the stats didn't follow me and the other players at the table was annoying (but really only for heads up play) but I've heard that is pretty standard.

I appreciate any and all input!!

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Posted 5 years ago
Most pros use PT4 now due to the vast stats available in the database, ease of setting up and it works easier and better for zoom games and even on anon tables.

Posted 5 years ago
I've never used PT4 so I can't compare but I really enjoy liked HEM2 and their support. Not used it for over a year so things may have changed since then.
Posted 5 years ago
I've no experience with PT4. I always thought it was more user-friendly than HEM2. I know some people who use PT4 and it looks like a cheap ripoff of HEM2 to me. I've personally always used HEM2 and am very pleased with it. The only downside I can think off is that it is quite resource heavy, it depends a lot (especially RAM) from your system. I've also used hold'em indicator for a while and think it's fine, but you're much better off with HEM2 if the site you're playing at allows you to use it atleast Smile
Posted 5 years ago
I use PT4 and it's great. HM2 is also great (I've heard). I don't know the technical stuff but they both provide very similar services and for most of the population you could swap them and nobody would notice (other than the looks). Good call doing both trials. When they finish then pick which one you like better and go with it, either choice will be a good choice.

I'm not sure if they work on Bovada, but you should find the list of supported sites somewhere on each website.

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