KK 5nl Facing Turn Raise (Video Analysis)

Posted 2 years ago

So here is the hand for those who don't want to watch the video.

Basically I'm wondering what people think of my turn decision. In short I think I could have made my turn size a little smaller as I can save a few more pennies whenever I get raised and yet still get stacks in easily on river if I get called on turn. I think opponent has all the sets and even the draw. And his raise is too nutted for me too call with specifically KK here.

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$0.02/$0.05Zoom No Limit Holdem PokerStars
6 Players

UTG ibara000 $5
UTG+1 ThiagooPaiva $5
CO @bob1977503 $5
D josekpoker $19.36
SB jo duhamel $9.86
BBHero $5.30
6$0.07Hero is BBKK
ibara000 raises to $0.13, 4 folds, Hero raises to $0.50, ibara000 calls $0.37
Hero bets$0.70, ibara000 calls $0.70
Hero bets$1.75, ibara000 goes all-in $3.80, Hero folds
Final Pot$7.97

ibara000 wins $7.72 (net +$2.72)
Hero lost$2.95

Video analysis


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Posted 2 years ago
Don't think I'm folding. We're getting 3-1 and he can easily have A10, K10, even jacks or 88/99 which now picks up the straight draw and he doesn't believe you have a 10 or better.
Posted 2 years ago*
People generally don't tend to just not believe you if you take my line here after raising the BB vs UTG, trust me, more people take a nitty thought process than just not thinking at all in these zoom games. There's no evidence to suggest my hand is weaker than a T as played. I don't think 88 or 99 would go crazy on a turn like this because they are only crushed when they get action. In fact picking up the straight draw on top of their occasional SD value might invite them to just call being IP. Also I've no idea why AT or KT would ever want to raise the turn in this scenario. It just doesn't happen in these games unless you have special info that villain is prone to overplaying or just crazy.
The only real combos of SC's that reach turn and raise are really 89dd or 76hh. 9Tdd wouldn't really need to raise turn. 78hh I think is the only bluff combo that turns into a bluff, and vs my perceived strength taking into account positions and my line etc, I think it's just too creative for people to go for at 5nl, even when people do bluff, they have to fear that too many people won't fold KK/AA enough to get it through.
Also getting 3 to 1 when my outs may only be a K isn't that meaningful vs a set, and no good if 89s spikes the turn.
Posted 2 years ago
I see what your saying but I cannot see any scenario where it is correct to put in over 60% of your stack and fold! If you intend to bet fold I think you need to bet half pot at the most! Once you bet 1.75 I think you just have to sigh call! He can have A10dd, JJ, QQ and AA is very unlikely!
Posted 2 years ago*
I've looked at this again after 2 days of not being able to play. I think it's just a sigh call. Maybe having to not play for 2 days gives me a clearer head. But seems like a semi silly fold now because if villain wants to continue, he might just feel it's GII or nothing given my bet size.

Derp confirmed, time to move on haha.

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