nl2zoom KJ turn bet

Posted 4 years ago

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$0.01/$0.02Zoom No Limit Holdem PokerStars
6 Players

UTG Ayohla $2.05
UTG+1 SendierPK $2.48
CO Mirpotolkov $4.13
D mr.Nurgaleev $1.67
SB Kenshiro*969 $2.01
BBHero $4.27
6$0.03Hero is BBKJ
2 folds, Mirpotolkov raises to $0.06, 2 folds, Hero calls$0.04
Hero checks, Mirpotolkov bets $0.10, Hero calls$0.10
Hero checks, Mirpotolkov bets $0.26, Hero folds
Final Pot$0.59

Mirpotolkov wins $0.58 (net +$0.16)
Hero lost$0.16

23/23 1.5agg 15 hands

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Posted 4 years ago
Pre: We can definitely consider using this had as a three bet from the blinds and I think my preference would be to do just that, calling won't be bad necessarily but I think we will have a higher EV by three betting here.

Flop: As played I like the check call, even if we had three bet I still think check calling her is going to be better than betting out.

Turn: I'm not a fan of folding this turn. I'm not in love with villains sizing here at all but I think we are far too strong to consider folding to two bets here. We can consider making the fold if villain fires three streets into us but I think folding on the turn here is too weak.
Posted 4 years ago
This is a 3bet hand for me over calling OOP, not strong enough to call and we can face trouble on Kxx and Jxx flops.

Turn fold is a little weak and I advise 3betting this hand if you're going to fold the hand on the turn if you hit top pair as you'll be leaking money. I'd be calling down and x-f folding river as I don't expect regs at this level 3 barrel as bluffs.
Posted 4 years ago
While this could be a fairly trivial call vs. button, CO ranges are different enough that this hand becomes either 3bet or fold in my mind.

Flop standard, don't really see a reason to do anything else.

Big bet on a blank is obviously not ideal, but I think your hand is too strong to fold here. I'd just call and reevaluate river (I'm folding if villain bombs again).
Posted 4 years ago
Villains stats don't really stand out. Unless he's playing something like 90/90 over 15 hands I would tend to ignore it those stats.

I think a call preflop does well here. I definitely wouldn't be folding unless villain is super tight. Against a reasonable CO range KJo has nearly 50% equity and even if you consider you'll only be able to realise something like 75% of that equity calling is still better than a fold.

Flop x/c looks good.

Turn fold seems too tight. There are straight draws and flush draws out there, plus you potentially beat some of villains value hands like KT, K9s.
Posted 4 years ago
Pre is standard against an unknown for me, but it's one of the first hands I chop out of my calling range if villain is confirmed tight.

Flop is standard, no reason to do anything different.

I really don't like the turn fold though. Villain has quite a few draw combos here plus KT K9s, not to mention that he can barrel second pair type hands if he's worried you're on a draw.

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