QQ in NL4

Posted 1 year ago

Was my fold OK?

runout sucks obviously *grml*

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$0.02/$0.04 No Limit Holdem iPoker
6 Players

UTG Woody18Blue $6.68
UTG+1 Treffnix7 $5.91
CO Anvicition $6.02
DHero $4
SB saintaugust $4
BB bssc0011 $4.21
6$0.06Hero is BTNQQ
Woody18Blue calls $0.04, 1 fold, Anvicition raises to $0.20, Hero raises to $0.60, 2 folds, Woody18Blue calls $0.56, Anvicition raises to $1.20, Hero calls$0.60, Woody18Blue goes all-in $6.68, Anvicition goes all-in $4.82, Hero folds
2$13.96, 2 all-in 44J
2$13.96, 2 all-in T
2$13.96, 2 all-in Q
Final Pot$13.96
Woody18Blue shows A4
Anvicition shows KK

Woody18Blue wins $12.80 (net +$6.12)
Anvicition lost $6.02
Hero lost$1.20

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Posted 1 year ago
You can answer this question yourself. Just calculate the odds you are getting using your stack as the effective stack to calculate you odds to call off. I got ~24%, but I did it fast before I left this morning so it could be wrong.

Get out equilab, poker ranger can't do multiway equities, and put V1 and V2 on some ranges. Do a worse case. Then what you feel are real possiblilities for 2 ranges and see where you come out. As sick as it sounds, with it being MW, I doubt you will get up to 24%, but maybe you will. I don't know. I think the fold is reasonable personally

Post results Smile
Posted 1 year ago
I'd prefer the 4-bet jam rather than just calling pre, you then also don't get the difficult decision / fold.

I expected Anvicition to have the kings rather than A4 but you do get players that just spew like that. Personally I think queens are just too strong and I'd just take the cooler on the chin. Jacks I probably fold
Posted 1 year ago
Without further info, after Antiviction pops it up yet again I'd fold the QQ preflop(shock horror).
As an aside, I'd have made a larger 3bet to 80-90c but I expect that works out to be a minor point in this instance.
Posted 1 year ago
Tilting spot. I don't typically fold QQ pre for 100bb. This is a spot where I at least consider it, but will more often than not just jam it in over the raise to $1.20. I'm not happy about it thought for the record, it's an annoying spot for sure.

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