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Posted 3 years ago


I am looking for a new provider that has decent action at low stakes PLO ... I prefer to play 8 - 10 tables but having difficultly finding this kind of action outside of the bigger sites.

Any suggestions?

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Posted 3 years ago
Hey @Joshk81 what country are you in? Let me know and I will make you some recommendations Smile
Posted 3 years ago*
Actually don't worry, I have just seen on another post of yours that you are in Australia! OK I would recommend that you check out Microgaming for PLO action. You will find some decent traffic there at microstakes PLO these days. We have a very good deal there for Guts which I believe you can play on from Aus. Total there you will get 60%+ rakeback.

- 30% rakeback
- 100% up to €1000 first deposit bonus clearing at 20% rakeback
- MPN points chase (10% rakeback)
- €1000 reload bonuses clearing at 20%
- Extra returns from Guts & PokerVIP promos

Just create your account here and then PM me your screen name + email and I will get your account upgraded!
Posted 3 years ago
@CrazyKeri microgaming https://www.pokervip.com/deals/microgaming

the link you posted above takes me to https://www.houseofjack.com/?btag=a_9959b_1237c_ which doesnt look to host poker games

I do not think I can play on Guts without a VPN
Posted 3 years ago
MPN have the lowest rake but what about Betfair?
Posted 3 years ago
Ah yes seems you are being redirected then, sorry about that I thought they accepted players from Aus!

Betfair is a a good shout! Party also has decent traffic for PLO. They changed their VIP system there just recently and you can now get up to 40% rakeback paid weekly there + they are in our $55,000 rake race so returns are good there. We can get retags on old accounts too if you need.
Posted 3 years ago
Put $s on party today for some PLO. Ty.

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