AllinAsia poker money was stolen!!!!

Posted 3 years ago

Hello, im long time member in pokervip. I used long time deals here, Last week I wanted to try allinasia. I deposited 1k. In 3days i win 1.7k(played mostly nl100 and some nl200) and decided to not play on weekend. Today in the morning i thought about playing my session and when i tried to login my password was incorrect. I thought ok, maybe im wrong or forget so i made password reset. When i logged in i saw that my funds are gone only left mondays rakeback which was 111 dollars. I was thinking wtf where is my money so i write to allinasia chat, that when u enter site. They said that on saturday my funds where transfered to IDN poker from my ip, which is strange because i wasnt on pc all weekend it was turned OFF and i only turned on today in the morning. I asked how is that possible to transfer money, change password and didnt get any email or something about that. Now they say i need to wait 3 days until security team will write something for me. I dont know what to do. Is it possible that i will get back my money ?

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Posted 3 years ago

Sorry to hear that...sounds very odd and the first of this we have ever heard .

I think AIA security will do a good job finding out what happened and where the money went and am hopeful they will do their very best in getting your money back.

Keep us updated!
Posted 3 years ago
Hi @kreatinas ,

I've replied to your e-mail as well.

Just as an aside, you say the money was transferred to IDN, what happened to it after that? Have you logged into IDN to see if the money is still there?
Posted 3 years ago
hello, I asked in allinasia website chat where is my money first of all they said u transfered money to IDN. I said how is that possible i only created GGpoker account. They say when u create allinasia u create account for all rooms. I said i didint even downloaded or do anything with IDN poker client. Then they said u can check on transfer history and it says it was 3 times transfered from GGpoker to IDN. And i dont know what is the last transaction.
I asked who send it, from what ip. It said it was from my ip, which is strange because i didnt even turned ON pc on saturday and sunday. My password I think is pretty strong and i checked my pc with antivirus if there is any virus or something there is none. I also asked log files, which games was played, where it was lost and they said u need to wait 3 days until security team will give answer.
Posted 3 years ago*
all my funds are left only 111.32 on GGpoker other money are gone. BTW. i tried to check IDN and the account name is some random numbers and all money are gone.
Posted 3 years ago
I guess that you just have to see what the Security team come back with, they will be able to see if someone was playing on your account and be able to identify any chip dumping etc and then they can take it from there. I'm sure it will be sorted, just got to wait for the security to do their investigations
Posted 3 years ago
I really hope so. I will update everything in this thread
Posted 3 years ago
Ok i get news from them and they give me this letter

. Hi XXXX,

My name is Justin, and I am from the All In Asia Security team. I have
personally reviewed your case and we are very sorry to hear about your
lost in funds.

We would like to inform you that we had investigated all game records of
the account that you had inquired about. However, the corresponding
user's game records were normal, and we were unable to find sufficient
evidence to verify any violation of our policy. In addition, All In Asia
Security has found no evidence of a hacking attempt or any similar signs
related to this nature. We have thoroughly searched all related
possibilities and situations in our servers, but have concluded that
there was no signs of hacking. Therefore, we have concluded that the
cause of the issue to be from the safekeeping of one's personal
information. It is a very important to note that a player must always be
responsible of managing one's personal information. We regret to inform
you that we will not be able to further provide assistance on this case.

We have reviewed your account issue and have concluded that loss
incurred on your AiA Account on the IDN Network are as follows. These
are concluded on the basis that :

Consistency during your IP request (please check logs)

Previous IP is logged in 4 time. Joined date (30-Aug) using
IP Used during play during loss of chips:

I have forwarded to you the report that we got from IDN on the date of

Having carefully analyzed all evidence, we must inform you that All In
Asia cannot offer reimbursement for the win/loss transaction. Whilst
we sympathize with your predicament and realize that our response is
likely to come as a disappointment to you, we hope you will understand
our position and accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We
are taking this opportunity to express our readiness to work with the
competent authorities as should we happen to receive an official police
request we will make sure to provide any and all relevant details which
would hopefully allow the authorities to identify the person who abused
your account and take further actions.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Head of Security Team
Posted 3 years ago
and they added to me this Attached Image
Attached Image
Posted 3 years ago
And my ip address is not that other ip which they give
Posted 3 years ago
they dont give full log for my playing they give only from september 2 till september 4 and my only time when i joined on my acc is september 4 which is showing !
Posted 3 years ago
if u are interested u can check everything in this thread
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
it appears that it is something wrong with allinasia and their security, because there are more people who lost money..
Posted 3 years ago
Not good to hear... we are trying to find out more also!
Posted 3 years ago
yes, time is running and from allinasia there is no any update about situation.
Posted 3 years ago
Ok there is more players who lost money. I dont know why but now i think allinasia really steal money. They just pretend that are doing investigation, but they dont send any handhistories, full login reports, anything, now its more than 2 weeks and i didnt get anything from them. There was no reply from security team...
Posted 3 years ago
Ok, so there is no updates after nearly 3 weeks. There is no updates, no logs or hh receivied yet and there is more players who got hacked. I don't know how u feel about this PokerVIP staff, but i feel terrible. Is there anything u can do about it ? Can u pressure allinasia to give me some information or review your deal with them to see if its worth keeping them? They clearly are having issues, and have no idea on how to handle it, or are trying to cover it up
Posted 3 years ago*
This is what I got from AIA today. This is absolutty ridiculous. They are now saying that they never had the hand histories, and that IDN only keep them for 2 weeks. wtf is this. They said that they are investigating the hands, meaning that they have them, going through them one by one, now all of a sudden they dont have them?? They lied to me many many times. This site should not be trusted. They have still not given me any log in report. I asked for it so long ago, and lots of times. Maybe they are changing the data on their end?

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Posted 3 years ago
I hope PokerVip u will do something about this, because they scammed me so fuckin ridicolously.. And I registered via your affiliate. I hope u will atleast remove affiliation with them.

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