Posted 3 years ago
Hi @kreatinas

We are currently talking with AIA, and we will update you as soon as we can

Posted 3 years ago
Greetings from All In Asia,

We at All In Asia have gotten a recent complaint regarding a breach of
security in regards to their account being compromised. During this
time, we have investigated the matter and have found it to be that the
account breach was due to the players account having their account
hacked or accessed by another person. We have checked and found that the
unauthorized access of the account was due to not a password change but
via the knowledge of the player's password. This means that a third
party personnel might have had access to the players' account via
knowing their password.

In light with this, we at All In Asia takes this case very seriously and
has stepped up our efforts in ensuring privacy and security of players
are at the utmost importance. With this being said; in our next update
(Early October), we will be improving our security protocol by adding

Security Steps to be Implemented
1. Captcha code
Including a basic anti-bot system that denies any form of Trojan access
to your account.

2. Failed password lock and mailer
Password attempts that fail consecutively will have their accounts
locked and players will be notified via email.

3. Password change notification mailer
Any attempt to change your password from within your account will need
to be acknowledged by email.

4. Withdrawal/Deposit Email
Whenever a request for a withdrawal is made; a mail will be sent to your
registered email.

Requesting for Password Change
Also, it came to our attention and is highlighted that whom might have
access to your password. Your password is encrypted and cannot be viewed
by All In Asia customer service staffs nor at any point in time
accessible by All In Asia management. We do however are able to send you
a password change request to your registered email. All In Asia support
team and system can only give an account a default password only if the
owner request via livechat and on the sole condition that the account
has not performed a deposit. This request is usually performed when
players have signed up with an unauthenticated email.

Agency Password Change
As we have an agency system; where agents are allowed to credit and
debit their respective players with credit, DIRECT UPLINES are also able
to change your password. This is off course for the convenience of the
agent and player. Only agency created accounts have this feature and
accounts created via promotional links and direct signups do not have
this feature. It is imperative that agents and players have a bond of
trust so that this feature might not be abused.

We understand the importance of security and in ensuring players get to
play in a safe and comfortable environment, we also ensure that within
24 hours if a report is filed of an account being compromised, we will
look into the case right away and reply within 24 hours while doing all
the necessary steps to ensure that your account is safe with us.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience regarding this
matter. If you have any inquiries or output to contribute to us in
making All In Asia a safer and enjoyable place to play, please do not
hesitate to contact us at All In Asia or talk to our account managers.

All In Asia
Posted 3 years ago
Nice post! Good to see a room is pro-active and trying to sort such things!
Posted 3 years ago
Sounds like they're on top of it, good news
Posted 3 years ago
Wow very nice solved problem... u and pokervip are so pathetic telling me this.. how the fuck is that very good news foe me?? I asked all month for handhistories login reports didnt get anything. That shit asian site delayed everything. I wrote them dont know how many times for login reports, handhistories. They said we will send, we will give... and it was all bullshit.I didbt get anything No any proof, no answers... Just now u say like its my problem I can say same. U are thieves and scammers. Someone stole money and u tryed to delay and hide as much as u can. Until there will be no more handhistories and i cant ask anymore... Pokervip is also similar i asked your help and u just sit here and replied" oh u need wait" and so on. U fuckin give this deal and u should work with them and try to solve that. Why i didnt get anything. Why they lied to me, where is proofs and answers, but it looks like u dont give a fuck about this. They need to write only 1 reply with their upcoming soft security updates and now its verything Ok. So fuckin pathetic.. I hope all people will not play there anymore.
Posted 3 years ago*
I am also a AIA user, microstakes, i was recently subjected to a login via someone accessing my account illegally, and then chip dumping all my funds (see attached images) - see attached image link here:
Chip dumping email transcript
Posted 3 years ago
I would not encourage anyone to play there, anyone who promotes it is just plain immoral! My affiliate immediately informed me he would drop all promotions with AiA - that is called doing the right thing and creating trust, something people more worried about lining their own pockets wouldn't do Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Hi guys,

Just to keep you in the loop, we are still in discussion with All In Asia regarding these recent issues. The comments above are in reply to the site being proactive in security and making it safer for players going forward. We haven't forgotten you @kreatinas
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
All of the new security measures from AiA are nice, but don't really solve the problem. In all cases the hacker knew the password, and a lot of people think that there is a chance that someone from AiA might be involved.

Easiest way to solve the problem for good is to offer 2-way authentication to log in. Google Authenticator is free to use, and Skrill is using that now instead of their own token. I am not a coder but if that solution can bring few players back to AiA, it is worth the work. That way no one can log in with just a password, they need the code from Authenticator (you can run it in your mobile).

I find it really strange that as far as I have seen, PokerStars is the only site that offers 2-way authentication. Most easiest way to ensure protection.
Posted 3 years ago*
Yeh from what I've seen from the 2+2 thread this sin't an isolated instance, if the worst happens and @kreatinas doesn't get his money back, which based on the timeframe elapsed, does seem likely, where does that leave All In Asia??

From an outsider looking in, it no longer looks like a safe site to play on???
Posted 3 years ago
We have another member @MagicNinja who is having an issue but for some reason is having troubles posting in this thread. Trying to help the best I can.

In regards to AIA it comes down to what you want/believe in terms of should you play there or not.

If we gain any information we will post it but they seem to be actively replying and commenting in forums which is good.

Posted 2 years ago
AiA is no longer a partner room?
Posted 2 years ago
Kyyberi: AiA is no longer a partner room?

Correct, however we are waiting on a new GG room who have more licenses in place, well known support channels and about to make a huge impression on the poker world so hang tight a week or so and we should have them listed!

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